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Wingnut Wrapup

 Yeah, I'm back.  Let's just start out here with a wonderful picture, which I have seen multiple times in the last few days, just to get us off in the right mood: Because we can all imagine Trump getting his suit wet to save a couple of babies.  My opinion is that they are babies with cancer, and he is taking them into the water to drown them so he can steal the money people donated for their health care. And on we go.  Let's just start with one of those guys with a broken caps lock key.  Wingnuts never replace broken keyboards because even the cheap ones cost as much as a whole bunch of Oxycontin. "MATT GAETZ ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT, SMALL HELOS ALL OVER THE LA AREA, CARGO SHIP CRISIS A MILITARY OP, MILITARY OP IN SAN FRANCISCO, ADRENOCHROME FACTORIES SHUT DOWN, CLOSER TO BIG WAKE UP EVENT, RED OCTOBER, HUNTERS MOON, ALEC BALDWIN RITUAL KILLING ON SET, JAB VICTIM TELLS HER STORY, GOV TRYING TO GENOCIDE AMERICAN CHILDREN, MASSIVE STORM HEADING TO NE, BIDEN STATES HES NOT


 I am going to do something generally unforgivable in the blogging world.  I am going to repeat an entire post from Daily Kos.  The post concerns the Rasmussen Report, treated like a serious Republican leaning polling organization over and over again in the mainstream media.  Anyway, here is the post, by Kos community member Gary Hurd: "I just had a revealing phone call from RASMUSSEN REPORT (732) 776-9777. They first bragged about how important Rasumssen report was. Then came the first question; "Generally speaking do you think that the country is on the right path, or on the wrong path? If the right path press 1, If in the wrong path press 2, If unsure press 3." I pressed 1. Rasmussen's AI replied, "That is an invalid response. We will repeat the question; Generally speaking do you think that the country is on the right path, or on the wrong path? If the right path press 1, If in the wrong path press 2, If unsure press 3." I pressed 1. Rasmussen's AI


 Another brief post with a probably impossible to enact idea about how to deal with people like Joe Manchin. In the judiciary, we have the well established notion of recusal- a judge is expected to remove himself from any case in which he has a vested interest.  Well, here we have Joe Manchin, who personally makes half a million dollars a year from his family's business, which is coal mining, insisting that all clean energy legislation be gutted from any pending legislation.  In any sane government that would be immediately recognized as nothing but cheap self-dealing and corruption.  Why can there not be a Congressional recusal rule requiring that no member of Congress can vote on a bill in which he has a significant financial interest?  I mean, is it really okay for this one person to endanger the continued existence of the human race, just to line his own pockets for a few more years in a business that is vanishing anyway? Oh, how stupid of me- We can't have that rule for th

Here's an Idea for Joe Biden

 How about telling Manchin that if the Democrats lose their majority in the Senate next year because Manchin sunk their chance to deliver on their promises, it will be a minority without Manchin- that he will never get one penny from the party ever again, and will have his position in the Senate diminished to the point of irrelevancy.  If they are going to lose, they might as well do it with dignity, and that means without Manchin.

Maybe Moscow Mitch was Right

About Merrick Garland, I mean.  Maybe the guy is a weak little parody Democrat who is too afraid of his own shadow to use his position to do what we all know is right.  Quite a contrast there to good old William Barr, who wasn't afraid to prostitute his office to do anything bad, including covering up clear treason on the part of his buddy Trump, and using the justice system to persecute Trump's enemies in a manner reminiscent of Joe Stalin.   Well, I guess Trump had the kind of attorney general he wanted, and sad to say, maybe Biden has his too. Barr did Trump's dirty work.  Biden seems to want to do next to nothing about the threat to our government, and Garland seems to be helping him to do just that.   Now about the aforementioned Joe Biden.  I remember back in the Clinton and Bush administrations, feeling that there were three people in the Senate who were the weakest Democrats of all in standing up to Republican corruption- Dick Gephart, Tom Daschle and Joe Biden.  Wh

Wingnut Wrapup

 What, back already?  I tell you, I could do this three times a day if either I or you had the patience for it.   Anyway, off we go, right over the cliff: “Tomorrow you will find out the truth!” …Melania Trump on Fri. 8 Oct. 2021 Whoops, didn't happen.  Quel Surprise. "Judy Note: Late Wed. evening 6 Oct. Global Currency Reset codes were delivered to the higher Tiers – to be made liquid on Thurs. morning 7 Oct. according to a reliable Source." Higher tiers...whatever that is.  I guess it is a good thing. "It was not known when the monies would filter down to us in the Internet Group, Tier 4B." Never.  How about never, Jackass.  Can you really be so stupid as to think after all that has happened that Donald Trump would spend one penny for anyone but himself? "Boom! Trump Decapitates The Snake= Trump Prepares Australia for Martial Law" Boom!  It would be interesting to know exactly what gave Trump the authority to "prepare" Australia for martial

The Press Has Learned Absolutely Nothing

 Despite its willing collaboration in nearly turning the country into a dictatorship, they go blithely on their way, refusing to distinguish truth from falsity, at least when the falsity is on the side of the Republicans. Today's case in point- this miserable excuse for journalism from the Washington Post: "A Senate report on President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election offers new details about an Oval Office confrontation between Trump and the Justice Department, revealing the extent to which government lawyers threatened to resign en masse if the president removed his attorney general. Democrats charge Trump nearly provoked a constitutional crisis, but for the steady hands of senior Justice Department officials; Republicans say Trump was “faithful” to his sworn duty as president in seeking assurances about voter integrity." No way of knowing which side is telling the truth and which side is spreading malignant lies.  No way of determining whether the

Manchin and Sinema

Green Eagle, with his inevitable inability to keep his mouth shut, has some things to say about the issues with Sinema and Manchin. First of all, let me make it clear that I loathe both of them and would be happy to hear that they had been run down on a gravel road in Texas by a teenager rolling coal in a pickup.  Anyway, on with my comment. Let's just get one thing straight before I continue.  It is absolutely standard practice for all reporting, both on the left and right, to refer to this country's political differences as between liberals and conservatives.  That is completely false.  Real Conservatives from the past, like Benjamin Disraeli or Winston Churchill would hate these people who are cozying up to fascists and even out and out Nazis.  In fact, the struggle in this country is between vaguely honest politicians and a pack of corrupt criminals who will do any despicable thing to keep rich sociopaths financing their careers. So, that is pretty much what we have with Ma

Wingnut Wrapup

 About time for a real Wingnut Wrapup.  They have pretty much run out of new ideas and are just recycling the old ones from the glory days of The Greatest President Ever, but it would still be a good idea to remind ourselves how literally psychotic they are these days. "The New York Stock Exchange aka WALL STREET which has AUSTRALIA listed has been seized under Executive Order 13818 is now property of Donald J Trump." Not quite sure how that worked, but it's on the internet, so it must be true.  I guess he can put up toll booths on it, and charge admission to anyone who wants to get into the stock exchanges.  "Things are heating up, 23 Quadrillions earmarked cleared and set aside to start the release of working capital for yet undecided and cleared pending transactions." Keep this in mind, from an actual source:  "The world's total net wealth has hit $431 trillion"  (real source) Boy, it will take a while to pay that off.  And they are having strok