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Wingnut Wrapup

Yeah, it's back.  Green Eagle obviously has too much time on his hands. Let's start the new year off with ...well, with a useless pile of right wing garbage.  What else would you expect from Green Eagle? Timothy Meads, Town Hall:  "Ted Cruz Calls Out CNN's 'Iranian Pravda' Managing in two words to accuse the media of being both Communists and Islamists, without having a shred of meaning or evidence.  Perfect right wing speech, and a perfect reason that Ted Cruz is the ideal right wing leader. Arthur Schaper, Town Hall:  "Mr. President: No DACA, Build The Wall, or No Deal at All!" No deal at all...evil or nothing.  Should be the Republican motto. Jeff Crouere, Town Hall:  "Trump Still Standing Despite Media Onslaught" Republicans are actually proud of the fact that their party, which is the only thing that can do anything about Trump, is just as corrupt as he is.  And what are you going to do about it, huh, buddy? Katie Pavl

The Press...Still At It After All These Years

Here are some excerpts from a study of media attitudes in the last Presidential election, produced by Harvard*, which is a perfect example of the refusal of liberals to state the obvious truth.  Sorry to beat away again at this subject, but it is killing the country. "the majority of mainstream media coverage...largely followed Donald Trump’s agenda: when reporting on Hillary Clinton, coverage primarily focused on the various scandals related to the Clinton Foundation and emails. When focused on Trump, major substantive issues, primarily immigration, were prominent. Indeed, immigration emerged as a central issue in the campaign and served as a defining issue for the Trump campaign." Do I need to say that both the Republican stories of Clinton "scandals" and the allegedly "substantive issues" of the Trump campaign were all a pack of right wing lies?  Here is how that comment should have read, in a fair world: "the majority of mainstream media

A Year End Thanks

My output of posts has decreased markedly the last year.  As I have mentioned, this is largely because I try to say things that are not what everyone else is saying, and the evils of the last year have been so blatant that you have to be massively adept at lying to yourself not to see what is going on.  At least I can take whatever satisfaction comes from seeing other voices, one by one, making the case that I have tried to make for many years. Nevertheless, I want to thank those of my readers who have stuck with me during these bleak days.  I really appreciate it. I am afraid that, in the coming year or two, when the inevitable results of Republican tampering with the economy and foreign affairs begin to present themselves, there will be lots more to say that most people will just be afraid to state openly.  At that point, Green Eagle will undoubtedly be there, for whatever good it does.

Harry and Barry and Trump

So the "news" today is filled with speculation about how Prince Harry is going to deal with his totally understandable desire to have Barack Obama at his wedding, while excluding the narcissist maniac Trump.  Here is what I think will happen.  On his own initiative, Obama will decide that he and Michelle cannot attend the wedding, while at the same time Prince Harry will announce a visit of the Obamas to England and to Harry and Meghan to take place in the very near future.  We know that this is the way Obama, who will always avoid a confrontation when it serves no purpose but to agitate the wingnuts, would handle things, and it enables the wedding to take place with what every sane person would want: a wedding without the presence of one of the most malignant people in the world. Me personally, I would invite the Obamas and the Clintons, and Colin Kaepernick too.  But then, if you haven't noticed, Green Eagle is not the head of any countries, and this is one of the rea

And He Makes His Annual Appearance at Green Eagle

What would the season be without a visit from old uncle Cthulhu?  I mean, even Cthulhu deserves a day off at the end of the year, and particularly this time around, when his monstrous plans aren't even as bad as the ones currently being brought to us by our own government.  Cthulhu is planning on being out in the streets immediately if Trump tries to fire Mueller, and so is Green Eagle and all his friends.  I hope you will be too.  You can find the location of an event near you here.   If you run into someone green at your event, you will know it is one of the two of us, Green Eagle or Cthulhu.  Green Eagle is the one with the feathers, Cthulhu is the one with the tentacles.  If it's Cthulhu, try not to stand in the same place for too long; Cthulhu gets hungry later in the afternoon.

Roy Moore Sinks Further

The Alabama Attorney General has declared that it is now mathematically impossible for Roy Moore to win the Alabama Senate race, but Moore, who is still refusing to concede, hasn't finished sinking further into the moral cesspool where he has lived for decades.  Today, Moore placed the following on his website: Moore stooped to an evil attack on the son of the man who beat him.  Needless to say, this act could not help Moore in any way, but it did serve as an outlet for Moore's hateful, vindictive character, and leave us with one more reason why even the lunatic voters in Alabama could not stomach him representing them in the Senate.  And please remember that my comments are not directed merely at Moore, but at a political party that has degenerated to the point where characters like Moore are considered perfectly acceptable leaders.  The country dodged a bullet when Moore was, hopefully, sent into oblivion, but unfortunately it is just one in a hail of bullets being direc

The Biggest Theft

So, the Senate has now passed the Republican "tax reform" bill along a strict party line vote, with every single Republican voting for it (except for John McCain, who was hiding under a rock somewhere, too cowardly to vote one way or the other) and every single Democrat voting against it.  In the House, all but 13 Republicans voted for it, while again, every single Democrat voted against it. Let me make clear what just about everyone else is apparently too afraid or dazed to say:  This six trillion dollar bill represents the largest theft in the history of the world.  Any Berniebots or Jill Stein suckers out there still want to spin their yarn about how both parties are the same?

Green Eagle's Culture Corner

Green Eagle, crass bird that he is, just realized how long it's been since he took a few minutes to bring you the best in American art.  Well, it's Christmas time, and what better time to be uplifted by the work of a great artist. The last time Green Eagle thought to do this, was to bring you the magnificent art of one Jon McNaughton, who you may remember from such wonders as the following painting, featuring Barack Obama crushing the Constitution with his foot, while George Washington seems to be busy trying to catch his cat: Beautiful, and so uplifting. But apparently, according to Before It's News, McNaughton has been superseded: "David Dees… The Most Important Artist Of Our Time...David woke up to the matrix and decided to use his talents to free humanity one image at a time… and thank God for that… imagine how his talent could have been used against us had he sold out.  David Dees has had the courage to take on the controling elite and their New World Or

Wingnut Wrapup- You and the Horse You Rode In On Edition

And for the record, a collection of the excuses and whining from the right after their beloved child molesting criminal and bad horse rider Roy Moore lost his Senatorial race in Alabama (!) where Reinhard Heydrich could have won if he had been against abortion.  Really, pretty much exactly what you would expect, but here it is: Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "GAME OVER: Democrat Doug Jones Defeats Republican Roy Moore In Alabama; UPDATE: DRUDGE Says Luther Strange Would Have Won In A Landslide" So would have George Washington, or since this is Alabama, the dug-up corpse of Lester Maddox.  Too bad the Republicans didn't run one of them instead of a child raping right wing racist.  But I guess Moore was their choice. Brad Slager, Red State:  "Wolf Blitzer and CNN Throw a Rave for the Doug Jones Victory" So did every decent person in the country, Brad.  With you guys in charge, decent people don't get much chance to be happy. Jon Street, Red State:  &quo

I Don't Get It

Well, I was clearly dead wrong about the Alabama election.  I have to say, I don't get it; this was an absolute must win for the Republicans.  Alabama is one of the most Republican States in the country- if Dems can win there, they can win anywhere, and we all know it.  After the recent string of Democratic victories in other State elections, this represents a blast of momentum going into next year's election that the Republicans should find terrifying.  Republicans have always counted on leaving so many liberal voters so discouraged that they just don't vote because they think the system is so rigged against them that it is useless.  Well, they know that isn't true any more, and I think you are going to see people turning out all over the country because of this election that would have just stayed home otherwise. And the Republicans know this perfectly well.  Of course, the Alabama voting commission hasn't certified the results yet, so who knows what dirty trick

Still Think Doug Jones Has a Chance to Beat Roy Moore?

Well, read this story: "State Supreme Court stays order directing Alabama not to destroy voting records... Digital ballot images are essentially digitized versions of the paper ballots Alabamians fill out in the voting booth. In Alabama, these digital images are destroyed once an election has passed, according to Duncan. "People think that when they mark the ballots and they go into the machine that that's what counted," she said. "But it's not, the paper ballot is not what's counted. That ballot is scanned and they destroy [the ballots] after the election ... If there's ever an election challenge you need to have what was actually counted." I have believed for some time that there is not a chance in hell that Doug Jones will be declared the winner in Alabama, no matter what the real outcome of the vote is.  The Republicans have experienced an unprecedented series of defeats in recent elections, and they absolutely have to stop the


Something that just occurred to me yesterday:  You know how they say bullies are all cowards inside?  Well, here is the perfect example. So, we know that this sick son of a bitch has been fomenting a war against North Korea for months, presumably because starting a war would be the biggest distraction possible when the irrefutable truth of his treason sinks in to the American people (if it ever does.) Well, as I am sure you saw, a couple of weeks ago, North Korea launched a missile which is said to be capable of reaching Washington, DC. Trump did not care a shred, of course, that if he started his war, hundreds of thousands of Koreans and Japanese citizens could die to provide a distraction from his crimes, but God forbid that there should be one thousandth of a percent chance that a missile might fall on him personally. Yes, folks, the Most Powerful Man On Earth has been beaten down and made to run for cover by a fat thirty year old punk with one of the most obsolescent armie

Low Class

"Trump Says Owning Pets Is ‘Low-Class’ I hear Trump is planning on a trip to England soon.  I would love to hear him explain that theory to this lady:

Dead to Me

Kirsten Gillibrand, Mazie Hirono, Claire McCaskill, Maggie Hassan, Kamala Harris, Patty Murray, Tammy Baldwin, Bob Casey, Sherrod Brown, Joe Donnelly, Debbie Stabenow,  Heidi Heitkamp , and  Ed Markey . What do these people have in common?  They are all wasting the public's time and what little power the Democrats have left in trying to destroy Al Franken over the most minor abuses, while the Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump openly work to turn this country into a fascist dictatorship.  Apparently, whether Franken touched some woman's butt is more important than the destruction of everything that it was supposed to mean to be an American. How does this witch hunt do one thing to protect Americans from the greatest internal threat that has ever faced this country?  And how does proving, once again, that they will collapse in the face of even a half-hearted display of Republican outrage, show that they have the strength of character necessary to stand up to the Republ

The Official Roy Moore Campaign Song


McCain Does the Inevitable

The same behavior which the Maverick has engaged in for decades, while the press carefully averts its eyes- talk a great game in front of adoring "reporters," collect all the honors for what a noble, free thinking man he is, and then in the end vote with all the other pig Republicans to pass their corrupt, hateful legislation.  And here he is again, on board with the unbelievably monstrous Republican tax theft. But really, why not?  He'll be dead before the depression that this bill is going to cause actually happens, so what does he care?  Well, thanks a lot, John, for going out showing your true character.  Don't bother inviting us to the funeral- we can stop by later to spit on your grave.

Mount Agung At Last

So, whatever happened to the eruption of Mount Agung, which I reported on a couple of months ago.  It looked like despite predictions, the residents of Bali had dodged a bullet and things had returned to normal.  Then, a few days ago, things changed: This is already a fairly substantial eruption, and we have no idea what will happen next.  I'll keep watching over the next few days.

Melania's Christmas

Maybe I'm an idiot, but Melania, I love your Christmas decorations.  They're the best thing I've seen you do since you've been in the White House.

Roy Moore- The Other Side of the Story

I have read so much about Roy Moore lately, and there is no question that he is one of the lowest people you will ever come across.  And yet none of his loathsome acts over the years seems to be deterring any significant number of Republicans in Alabama from voting for him.  It's pretty clear what that says about him and his supporters, but I want to take a minute to talk about why Alabama voters might be voting against his opponent, Doug Jones. As we all know, Jones' most famous act, and the one that forms a centerpiece of his campaign, is when he won a conviction against several Ku Klux Klan members who burned down a church, killing four little black girls in the process.  To any sane person, that was the act of a hero, particularly in a place like Alabama.  But I would like to suggest what I have not seen one single person have the temerity to mention:  To the kind of ugly, hate filled people who fill the voting rolls in Alabama, this act may be seen as a supreme betray

Headline Today

"Mugabe resigns under military pressure after 37 years as Zimbabwe’s leader" I just wonder if we will be reading a similar headline about Donald Trump in another 36 years. In the meantime, stories that don't deserve much coverage, I guess: Trump collected $107 million for his inauguration, more than twice the amount ever collected before, even though it was run with a very small number of people.  Where is the rest of the money?  People are asking, but no one will tell. Trump is planning to appoint a lawyer with a long history of working for vote suppression to run the 2020 census. The FCC is set to do away with net neutrality rules as early as next week, allowing internet service providers to decide which sites they want to carry, and which they want to ban. Fox News legal expert Jeannine Piro caught driving 119 miles an hour in a 65 mile zone.  She says that she was going to see her mother and didn't realize that she was driving over the speed limit.  I


So, Charlie Manson finally kicked the bucket. Charlie had sort of loomed over us for most of our lives, an infamous, creepy, horrible and yet somehow attractive figure who etched himself permanently into American culture by acts he incited over two days in the sixties. What has occurred to me in thinking about it is how Charlie, in a strange way, was a symbol of a much more innocent time.  These days, we have people in this country committing atrocities far worse that Charlie did, on a weekly basis, only for them to be virtually forgotten about as the next monster heaves into view.  The Las Vegas shooter, the Texas Church shooting, the Northern California guy spraying fire at a random elementary school- all in the last month or so.  And we just move on, while Charlie managed to frighten us for forty years.  Mass murder isn't what it used to be, and in this Republican age, when the dominant political party deliberately stokes the kind of rage and hatred that produces these a

Wingnut Wrapup

I know I more or less promised to cool it with the wingnuts, but they have reached such a climax of screeching lies lately, due to the simultaneous unraveling of Trump, Jeff Sessions and their poster boy, Roy Moore, that they are really on a tear these days.  I can't even begin to get to it all.  The following is too much for a sane society, but I am really only scratching the surface here. Angry Patriot:  "Clinton Foundation Taxes Reveal Just How Little They Give To Charity" The Clinton Foundation is a charity, dumbass. "In its IRS filings, the Clinton Foundation paid out over $91 million, but only roughly $5 million of that actually went to charitable grants!" The Clinton Foudation runs its own programs.  It doesn't pay other groups to do its work, except where it cannot provide the services; thus the $5 million paid to others.  Anyone with even the most superficial knowledge of the Clinton foundation knows this, including, I am sure, the anony

An Ignored Warning

I was reading a discussion at Crooks and Liars, and came across a reference to a comment made by William Tecumseh Sherman in 1860, which I had never seen before.  It was so prescient and to the point that I could not help but share some of it with you: "...where are your men and appliances of war to contend against them? The Northern people not only greatly outnumber the whites at the South, but they are a mechanical people with manufactures of every kind, while you are only agriculturists--a sparse population covering a large extent of territory, and in all history no nation of mere agriculturists ever made successful war against a nation of mechanics. ... "The North can make a steam-engine, locomotive or railway car; hardly a yard of cloth or shoes can you make. You are rushing into war with one of the most powerful, ingeniously mechanical and determined people on earth--right at your doors. You are bound to fail. Only in your spirit and determination are you p