Low Class

"Trump Says Owning Pets Is ‘Low-Class’

I hear Trump is planning on a trip to England soon.  I would love to hear him explain that theory to this lady:


Magpie said…
You forget, GE... he's Trump and to him she's just a woman.

If it's not a phobia then it's a probable indicator of psychopathy to be indifferent to animals.
However we have some 'nice' critters here we can introduce him to, after which he wouldn't bother anyone again.
Zog said…
Those "nice" critters won't go after Trump. Professional courtesy.

As usual, Trump's doing this out of spite. It's very clear that Trump doesn't have the capability of taking care of pets, and can easily be outsmarted by them. This is true even in the case of Pet Rocks.

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