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God, Make It Stop

Lindsay Graham, announcing how he intends to rectify the government's inability to accomplish anything: "GRAHAM: So I am calling for a joint select committee. But for God’s sake, let the House have a select committee where you get three or four committees together to look at this situation as one unit rather than stove piping. And where are the survivors? 14 months later, Steve, the survivors, the people who survived the attack in Benghazi, have not been made available to the U.S. congress for oversight purposes. I’m going to block every appointment in the United States Senate until the survivors are being made available to the Congress. I’m tired of hearing from people on TV and reading about stuff in books.  We need to get to the bottom of this and to my house colleagues, Darrell Issa has done great job.” BENGHAZI!  We're back to this malicious lie, because they don't have anything else.  And rather than give up and help to straighten the country out, Lind

More of the Same (Or Worse) from Fukushima

Here , and here are a couple of articles from the last couple of days regarding the "cleanup" efforts at the Fukushima nuclear plant.They reveal the utter indifference for public safety which has characterized the efforts both of TEPCO and the Japanese government since this monstrous, ongoing disaster started.  It is clear that TEPCO is interested in nothing but surviving with as much of its profits intact, and the Japanese government is intent on nothing but minimizing public knowledge of the extent of the massive damage which this disaster continues to create. Cleanup efforts are now estimated to cost in the area of a staggering $150 billion, and that is if the spent fuel rods can be removed from the area of reactor 4.  Several hundred of these rods are jumbled together in a pile in a damaged cooling tank near reactor 4.  In normal circumstances, when they need to be handled, they are moved by robotic arms which operate with an accuracy of a small fraction of a millimete

Wingnut Wrapup

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Rubio:  Let's Face It, Obamacare's Individual Mandate Must Be Delayed" Oh, it must be- it MUST be!  Because just a week ago the American people stood together behind the Republicans when they demanded that this happen!  And what is the reasoning behind all of this? "If Dems oppose Rubio's plan while explaining (correctly) that provisions like guaranteed issue and community rating would also have to be pushed back to avoid an even worse disaster...then, great. Republicans will say, "we agree, let's delay the whole damn thing -- which, by the way, we've been advising for months now. And the White House compared us to terrorists for even suggesting it. In fact, Democrats chose to keep the government shut down in order to block the very thing they now realize must be done." Democrats shut the government!  And we are going to keep screaming this lie until you people out there believe it!  And by the way, Marco, Democrats

Where Are They Now?

Big news this last week about two past visitors to Green Eagle's pages. First, we hear that two members of one of the far right's premier families have been (once again) arrested.  Cheyne Kehoe and his father Kirby, both members of the Christian Identity movement and (of course) violent Aryan supremacists, were held on charges that they were felons in possession of a large quantity of guns.  Cheyne and his brother Chevie have been implicated in a number of murders and other crimes in connection with their plan to establish an Aryan homeland in the northwest.  Chevie, the worst of the lot, is where he belongs, safely ensconced in prison, where he will soon be joined (again) by his brother and father.  Here, if you are interested, is a bit of history of this miserable family. Chevie in all his glory. And also, news of Phill Kline, the former attorney general of Kansas, and one of the nation's most vicious persecutors of abortion providers: "Citing “clear

A Little History Concerning Right Wing Marches

I've spent some time lately documenting the ludicrous "marches on Washington" which seem to be on the agenda of right wingers every few weeks now.  The phenomenon seems strange to us, because these events seem to inevitably fall laughably short of what we imagine it would take to alter the government's actions. This is because of our perspective.  When liberals, or even moderates, think of large antigovernment demonstrations, what we inevitably remember are the marches on Washington of the civil rights era, and the anti-Vietnam protests of the late sixties.  These marches mobilized massive numbers of people, unprecedented in our nation's history, and did in fact contribute to reforming civil rights laws and ending our disastrous involvement in Vietnam.  When we compare the minuscule crowds attracted by the teabagger marches of late to these events, it seems preposterous that the wingnuts think they are going to change anything. What we do not realize is that,

They Are Incapable of Facing Reality

And a good thing too.  We all know that all the right would have to do is show about five percent of sanity, and the mainstream press would fall all over itself praising how wise and reasonable and bipartisan they were.  Look how they have tried to make principled intellectuals out of the lying scum Paul Ryan and the corrupt Antonin Scalia. Well, we know that the right will not turn its back on Ted Cruz, no matter how much damage he does, and here is a perfect example from the allegedly religious Bryan Fischer, one of the right's standby commenters: "The silver lining: conservative movement now has a leader in Ted Cruz" This is the one silver lining in the dark and gloomy budget-debt ceiling showdown cloud. A clear and universally recognized leader of the conservative movement has emerged, and his name is Ted Cruz." He sure has emerged- a leader who just led them to their biggest humiliation in a couple of decades.  But apparently, that is what passes for su

Insurrection Watch Part 4

A really short one today.  Some of you may remember that there was supposed to be another teabag march on Washington yesterday.  I can understand them not being in the best of moods to go off on an adventure, what with their plan to destroy democracy being temporarily put on hold and all, but really...I can't find a single article about this march, pro or con.  I guess absolutely no one showed up, which truly represents a new low for these miserable, America-hating lunatics, and one that they (for obvious reasons) are going to have trouble topping.  Obvious, that is, if you know enough arithmetic to understand that the concept of "less than zero" has little application when it comes to counting demonstrations.  Most of the teabaggers don't seem to possess much skill in arithmetic, however, so the joke may be lost on them. Well, we'll just have to wait a whole month now, for Larry Klayman to bring the United States to an abrupt end.  Green Eagle will be all ove


I hope you are able to spare about eight minutes of your lives to watch the following speech made by Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate today.  It is one of the most deranged things I have ever heard in my life, and if this man believes even a small part of what he is saying, he is truly in need of psychiatric care. Chances are good that this man is just a sociopathic liar who doesn't give a God damn for the truth,, as long as he can feed his delusion that he is the new Messiah, sent to rescue the world from Satanic demons.  But if he does believe any of this, he is a very disturbed individual. I guess sociopaths are disturbed too, so he is deeply dysfunctional, regardless of how much he believes what he is saying- I can't even decide what would be worse- if he is a true believer or if he is a demagogue.  Whatever he is, we can be thankful that he has scared off the leaders of his own party, because this is the material out of which tyrants are made.

Another Liberal Starts To Face Reality

John Aravosis, at Americablog, had this to say today: "I’ve been trying to figure out why so many of the Tea Partyers who now run the Republican party are so convinced that there won’t be dire consequences to not raising the debt ceiling, and it finally hit me. Conservatives think that, come Thursday, we can service the debt by “simply” not paying any more Social Security checks. Conservative thinker George Will yesterday walked Fox News through how “easily” we can pay our debt by simply cutting all other spending. Note that Will’s intent, and the intent of the conservative site that posted the dialogue, is to prove how “silly” it is that anyone is talking about an imminent default. It’s easy to avoid default, they argue – just stop issuing Social Security checks to seniors" It's funny that, even the most cynical left wingers are still hardly able to accept the malignant evil which has infected the Republican party.  It takes near-catastrophe for them to face how ba

Enough Already

Green Eagle has been very depressing today, so nothing will do but this: Well, it was worth a try.

The Very Depressing Truth

I found t his article by "Partisan Hack" at Daily Kos .  I want to quote a couple of lengthy segments from it, because it encapsulates much of what I have been saying on this blog, and for many years before.  When I first began telling this story, most everyone thought I was crazy, but now, finally, some others are starting to see the ugly truth.  Is it too late?  Maybe it is.  I think we are going to find out soon.  Anyway, here goes: "...we are in the middle of what Tea Party advocates seem to hope is nothing less than the destruction of The United States of America itself...The Tea Party draws on white supremacist sentiment that has been a part of U.S. history since its beginnings, augmenting it with pro-Nazi sentiments fueled by the so-called Fellowship Foundation of "key men" (and, sometimes, women) starting in the mid-20th century. Their purpose is completely clear; split the U.S. so that it can be destroyed, and replaced with a far right police state

Insurrection Watch- Part Three

Well, things are moving fast and furious now!  Not content to sit silent between now and Larry Klayman's overthrow of the government on November 19th, Conservatives are intent on capitalizing on their recent "success" by keeping up the pressure on Obama.  Here's an exclusive from World Net Daily: "5.5 million vets get behind newest rally...Veterans have rallied against the federal government’s actions in Washington several times lately, including over the weekend when they carried barricades – some called them “barrycades” – over to the White House lawn where they dumped them.  So have bikers.  So have truckers.  But now, according to a report in the Army Times, a group representing about 5.5 million Americans – service members, veterans, retirees and their families – will be rallying on Tuesday." Bikers- a total failure.  The Truckers- even worse.  The veterans on Sunday- they got about 250 people to come to their "million man march."  So, he

Headlines Aren't Upsetting You Enough These Days?

Try this one on for size: "Powerful Typhoon Wipha heads for Fukushima...Huge flood potential for area around plant — Forecast to grow and strengthen, up to 40-foot waves off Japan coast" Have a nice day.

Mark Kessler Still Fighting for LIBERTY!

Mark Kessler may be just about out (of his erstwhile police chief job) but he's not down: "As he waits for his termination as Gilberton Police Chief to be official, Mark Kessler is starting a militia. "were going to create a nation wide militia...we are going to need people ready willing and able.... (s--t) talkers need not apply !!! I RECALL SOMEONE STATING ( WE NEED A CIVILIAN DEFENSE FORCE JUST AS STRONG, JUST AS POWERFUL AS OUR MILITARY, well we got the DHS!!!! NOW IT'S OUR TIME TO BE JUST AS STRONG , JUST AS POWERFUL" JUST AS POWERFUL AS OUR MILITARY!!!! Any day now, he's going to be placing an order for a few of these: What a dickhead.

Where We Are Today

Well, I think this is what is clear about the Republicans' current behavior: Their entire plan was to shut the government down and blame the whole thing on the Democrats.  That's it- there was no more to it than that.  You can see this in the way that, every time one of them got near a microphone, all they have wanted to do for weeks was to claim that the shutdown was all the Democrats' fault.  But they ran into a slight hitch.  They counted on the compliant mainstream press to carry water for them, and by and large the press came through.  The problem was that this time around, their fairy tales were so utterly preposterous that they haven't been able to sell people on them. Well, now they are facing an economic apocalypse, and they are such a belligerent, hostile bunch of people that they can't find a way to walk back from the edge of the cliff.  So, what is going to be their strategy if they do send the world economy into chaos?  I believe they have two trick

Wingnut Wrapup

Delusion of the month! Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "In the current fight over the government shutdown, Republicans are simply representing the views of the American people. " Oh, excuse me...did I say delusion?  I meant to say lie. Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Town Hall:  "The current budget impasse might have made you a bit blue. Ups and downs are normal in life, but when the potential of a debt default is the news, it's easy to forget the ups. In "Learned Optimism, How to Change Your Mind and Your Life," Martin Seligman provides a map to a more optimistic outlook.  As a graduate student in experimental psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Seligman studied dogs ..." "A more optimistic outlook"- i.e. lying to yourself.  Go for it, Jackie.  It's the only optimism you're going to get. John Ransom, Town Hall:  "Not all conservatives are uber-rich, mansion-living, jet-setters like Al Gore and John Kerry." No, of cou

Where Do These People Come From?

Ever wonder how a malicious lunatic like Ted Cruz materializes out of seemingly nowhere, and all of a sudden he seems to be pulling the strings of half the members of Congress? Ted Cruz has a wife.  Her name is Heidi.  She is an executive with Goldman Sachs, and is a former economic policy adviser to the George W. Bush administration, dating back to 2000. Does it make any more sense now?

Insurrection Watch 2013- Part Two

Oh, did I mention that the Truckers for the Constitution event in Washington D.C. this weekend was an unmitigated failure?  I didn't?  Well, then, it seems that, from the entire country, 30 big rigs showed up and about 15 jerks in pickups trying to get in on the fun.  Or, to put it another way, just about exactly what you would expect from one of these massively promoted and publicized right wing events, since they all turn out that way.  Funny thing, up until Friday, the wingnut blogosphere was full of stories about what a massive event this was going to be.  Now...nothing.  They have not a word to say about their latest failure. That doesn't mean that these neo-Confederate insurrectionists are quiet...oh no!  Yesterday and this morning, they were full of predictions of the massive, life-changing event that was going to occur in Washington today- one that Green Eagle hasn't even mentioned yet, absorbed as he was with Constitution-loving truckers and all.  This is the Mil

The Most Preposterous Republican Insanity Yet

How many times have we seen headlines like that?  This time, unfortunately, I think they've really set a new mark in delusion.  From one of the widest read Conservative websites in existence, Town Hall, comes this masterpiece of paranoia and willful self delusion: "Obama Ready to Terminate 16 U.S. States   If we have insufficient cash on hand, it would be impossible for the United States of America to meet all of its obligations," said Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, on Wednesday.    There simply isn't enough cash on hand to pay the country's bills. And without Congress' approval to raise the debt ceiling, the Treasury will write its first-ever bad check... Americans, however, remain totally in the dark to the reality of what's coming. In fact, a controversial, just-released investigation details exactly what history says is certain to happen." Let me make it clear here that the "just-released investigation" is by who knows whom; and

Insurrection Watch 2013

These things are coming so fast and furious now, that Green Eagle feels the need to start a new series to deal with them. As is becoming increasingly clear even to some members of the mainstream press, such as Bill Moyers, the right in this country is currently in the process of fomenting an insurrection designed to destroy whatever semblance of democratic rule is left in the United States.  They are still in a stage where they are attempting to accomplish this through bullying and economic sabotage, but the threat of violence always lurks in the background.  A perfect example was the gun-owners' march on Washington promoted by a (now-former) police chief from Pennsylvania, who insisted that his plan to have a million armed right wingers show up in Washington was entirely peaceful, and any trouble that resulted would be solely the fault of Obama and the government.  Of course, up to now, these events have been colossal failures, producing little more than the few laughs that Gree