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The Hopelessness of It All

So the nation was treated yesterday to nine hours of evidence that Donald Trump is nothing but a cheap, brazen criminal.  But of course, sad to say, every sentient person in the country already knew that; there has never in our whole history been anyone more manifestly guilty that Trump.  So will this further round of national humiliation and disgrace be the tipping point that we have waited so long for, the point at which we all understand how much we degrade and disgrace ourselves by allowing it to go on for another day? Forget it.  Regardless of how incontrovertible the signs of Trumps guilt are, the Republicans will go right on denying the truth until their dying days. I have no intention of resurrecting Wingnut Wrapup at this time, but I did look briefly at a few of the biggest right wing sites to see how they were reporting yesterday's Congressional hearings.  Here is a brief sample: Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "Reps. Jordan, Meadows Believe Cohen Committed Perjury

Supernegotiator Strikes Again

Remember this picture? This is a photo of a Republican President doing what was unthinkable just months before- meeting face to face with a dictator who had engineered the most massive Communist takeover in world history.  This dictator was the head of the largest country on earth, which was a potential threat to any other nation, including ours.  This President went on to become the most disgraced President in our history, but in this act of diplomacy he managed to utterly and permanently change our relation to China forever, and pave the way for a land which is still under authoritarian rule, but which has joined the general community of nations, and is now tied to us by a web of common interests. Now, let's move forward to yesterday: No, this is not a sick parody of the above picture, but it might as well be.  Here we have an American President meeting with a vicious dictator of a pathetic, backward country whose population is less than one tenth the size of ours, and be

Both Sides

It will never stop.  From a Washington Post article today about the Republican electoral fraud in North Carolina: "Republicans, led by President Trump, have alleged widespread voter fraud, particularly among noncitizens, and have advocated strict ID laws and criminal prosecutions. Democrats have argued that the kind of in-person fraud Republicans have targeted is rare — and have accused their opponents of ignoring actual evidence of campaign-driven fraud in Bladen and Robeson counties because it benefited them." "Republicans alleged...Democrats argued..."  Impossible, of course for the reporters to discover which one of the two parties was telling the truth.  Impossible for them to say that in-person voter fraud is almost unknown in this country, and is as likely to come from Republican voters as Democrats.  And just beyond the pale for them to notice that the Democratic accusations against Republicans, who have constantly resorted to a whole host of crooked

Fascism Comes to America

And it is in the process of making another big march toward victory, with the ignorant traitor President deciding he can steal money to do whatever he wants. First, let me remind you of what the Constitution has to say about appropriating money:  "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives...   The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States...    No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law" There is absolutely no question that the Constitution forbids what Donald Trump is doing in declaring a state of emergency for the sole purpose of spending money on something which Congress will not approve.  What he is doing is quintessential behavior of dictators, and if his party allows this action to stand, it will have dealt a near death blow to American democra

The Most Abominable Thing Republicans Ever Did

“Do not call up that which you cannot put down.”- Howard Phillips Lovecraft And as you know, there's a lot of competition for that honor from a party that caused a worldwide depression and was well on their way to causing another, fought to leave Hitler alone in World War II, but was all for the criminal aggressions in Vietnam and Iraq, in which we killed millions of innocent civilians, worked for a hundred years to impoverish the American people in order to enrich their true base of rich sociopaths, fought and continues to fight the equality that is supposed to be a central value of our country, works to deprive people of health care and basic economic security in order to enrich the owners of corporations, openly corrupts our electoral process without a concern, and on and on. But there is one Republican scheme, and an almost unbelievably successful one, which is in a way the mother of all of these horrors, and which is proving the most irreversible: the deliberate moral per

Green Eagle's Review of the State of the Union Address

Trump started out with some meaningless platitudes about bipartisanship, delivered in a listless manner which made it perfectly obvious that he was forced to say them.  He then reverted to a half hour or forty minutes of his absolutely standard bragging and lies.  Finally, he finished with what was supposed to be an uplifting conclusion, written by someone else, which again he clearly did not believe in any way. Just to be clear, Green Eagle did not listen to one word of this speech.  I'm still willing to place a pretty large bet that this is what happened. I have heard virtually not a word from the mainstream press about Stacy Abrams' response, which leaves me pretty sure that it was quite good and on point. Now, back to the same old bullshit.