Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Green Eagle's Review of the State of the Union Address

Trump started out with some meaningless platitudes about bipartisanship, delivered in a listless manner which made it perfectly obvious that he was forced to say them.  He then reverted to a half hour or forty minutes of his absolutely standard bragging and lies.  Finally, he finished with what was supposed to be an uplifting conclusion, written by someone else, which again he clearly did not believe in any way.

Just to be clear, Green Eagle did not listen to one word of this speech.  I'm still willing to place a pretty large bet that this is what happened.

I have heard virtually not a word from the mainstream press about Stacy Abrams' response, which leaves me pretty sure that it was quite good and on point.

Now, back to the same old bullshit.


Poll P. said...

I fell asleep during her response, but what I saw was pro, friendly, but had no 'hooky' quality, imho. She no AOC, or Nancy P.

Professor Chaos said...

I don't k ow why the networks even bother to carry the SOTU. It's all just bland platitudes and self-promotion. Even before Trump.