Thursday, February 21, 2019

Both Sides

It will never stop.  From a Washington Post article today about the Republican electoral fraud in North Carolina:

"Republicans, led by President Trump, have alleged widespread voter fraud, particularly among noncitizens, and have advocated strict ID laws and criminal prosecutions. Democrats have argued that the kind of in-person fraud Republicans have targeted is rare — and have accused their opponents of ignoring actual evidence of campaign-driven fraud in Bladen and Robeson counties because it benefited them."

"Republicans alleged...Democrats argued..."  Impossible, of course for the reporters to discover which one of the two parties was telling the truth.  Impossible for them to say that in-person voter fraud is almost unknown in this country, and is as likely to come from Republican voters as Democrats.  And just beyond the pale for them to notice that the Democratic accusations against Republicans, who have constantly resorted to a whole host of crooked electoral schemes, over and over again, which have resulted in at least one stolen Presidency in 2000, in countless rigged House elections, and in two stolen governorships this year alone, are true.

We report-You's not just for Fox News any more.


Magpie said...

It's not really even both sides.
The Republican lies are in the first sentence, which might be as far as some people read, and the bit about the Democrats is phrased to sound like a weak objection.
"widespread voter fraud" "particularly" "advocated strict..."
"kind of in-person..." "rare" "ignoring"
It's like the author's voice drops to a whisper for the fine print of facts after the loudspeaker bellowing of total propaganda.

Green Eagle said...

Well, you are right there. But this is still being misrepresented even by such a normally insightful blog as No More Mister Nice Guy, which had this to say today:

"JARED KUSHNER GOT AN UNDESERVED SECURITY CLEARANCE AND I BET THE PUBLIC DOESN'T CARE...But the sleaziness of Trump's business career has never seemed to bother the public."

It is not that the public doesn't care. It is just that our "liberal" press spends all of its time telling them, one way or another, not to care, while obsessing over Hillary's e-mails, Benghazi and other Republican lies. Like the Republicans themselves, the mainstream press in this country are servants of their rich masters, and at the risk of inciting terminal boredom, I will repeat one of Green Eagle's prime maxims: The Democrats could crush the Republicans into oblivion without hardly trying; what they cannot do is beat the Republicans and the press working together.