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A Mistake About Campaign Finance

I have seen a number of posts and articles lately expressing a considerable degree of satisfaction over the fact that Democrats seem to be outraising Republicans by a considerable margin in the funding race for the 2024 election. All of these self-satisfied comments ignore one fact that should be obvious to anyone who has followed American elections for any length of time:  Republican campaigns are largely financed by the avalanche of dark money that is poured into our elections by billionaires and their corporations; overwhelmingly so for the mountain of negative ads which are the main feature of the last month or so of the campaign, and which, sad to say, are a major factor in getting the stupid "undecided" voters to go one way or another in November.   This has been true for decades, but has been a primary feature of American elections since five corrupt Republican Supreme Court Justices rendered their "decision" in the Citizens United case, making the collaborat

Open Judicial Corruption

 Well, here is the sorry state to which our justice system has declined, from the Washington Post today: "U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon heard two hours of legal jousting between prosecutor Jay Bratt and defense lawyer Emil Bove, who argued the language of the World War I-era Espionage Act that Trump is charged with breaking is too unclear to be the basis of an indictment against the 45th president of the United States. For most of the morning session, Cannon seemed to take the argument seriously... Cannon is set to hold the second part of the hearing Thursday afternoon, to discuss Trump’s claim that the Presidential Records Act should be grounds for the dismissal of charges that he mishandled national defense information. Trump insists that the law, which governs historical papers, means that he can declare even highly classified documents to be his own personal property." You do not have to be a lawyer to see that this claim is utter rubbish: "The 1978 Presiden

Our Miserable Mainstream Press- Chapter about one million and ten: "...did not exonerate..."

So the corrupt Republicans in the house today put together another sham "hearing" designed to damage Democrats, in this case, President Biden.   The sole witness" today was a dishonest Republican hatchet man named Robert Hur, a former Trump stooge who was unforgivably appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to manufacture a smear against Biden. Now, it is tempting at this point to dwell on the single worst mistake Biden has made in his time as President: the appointment of the hapless coward Garland to safeguard this country against the Republican assault on popular government.  Let us just note that Hur is only the latest in a long history of Republican  attempts to fabricate a phony case against Democrats.  These include, in reverse order, the criminal attempt by John Durham to  accuse Biden of taking foreign bribes, which took three years and cost untold tens of millions of dollars, resulting in absolutely no charges but fueled an unending campaign of smears and

What Can an 81 Year Old Man Do?