A Mistake About Campaign Finance

I have seen a number of posts and articles lately expressing a considerable degree of satisfaction over the fact that Democrats seem to be outraising Republicans by a considerable margin in the funding race for the 2024 election.

All of these self-satisfied comments ignore one fact that should be obvious to anyone who has followed American elections for any length of time:  Republican campaigns are largely financed by the avalanche of dark money that is poured into our elections by billionaires and their corporations; overwhelmingly so for the mountain of negative ads which are the main feature of the last month or so of the campaign, and which, sad to say, are a major factor in getting the stupid "undecided" voters to go one way or another in November.  

This has been true for decades, but has been a primary feature of American elections since five corrupt Republican Supreme Court Justices rendered their "decision" in the Citizens United case, making the collaboration of the hyper-rich and the Republican party the central feature of our electoral system.

That dark money is what fuels the Republican party these days; the funds collected from ordinary people out in the open are merely window dressing to obscure that fact.


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