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Wingnut Wrapup

 President of the United States Donald J. Trump:  “Every day it’s something else, who cares”     And yes, that is a real quotation.  I must say that it is getting hard to write these wrapups lately, because the stupid jackassery that I report on here is coming directly from the President and the Republican party these days, and it is only going to get worse between now and November.   I want to dedicate this edition of Wingnut Wrapup to Donald Trump and the Republican party for telling one of the most malicious yet ludicrous lies ever, in their claim that the Democrats left the words "under God" out of the pledge of allegiance during their convention.  At this point, anyone who claims that devout Catholic Joe Biden hates God, but Donald Trump, who has shown complete contempt for anything Christ ever said is a good Christian, is a very sick human being. Donald Trump:  "We achieved together and what we’re doing together is nothing short of an economic miracle and now we’re

Green Eagle's Exhaustive Report on Nights Three and Four of the Republican Convention

Or, as Green Eagle calls it, Celebrity Sturmbannfuhrer. Night Three I didn't watch.  I hear there were a lot of lies, and that Mike Pence was, as expected, almost lethally boring.  Night Four Somehow, I made it as far as Ben Carson's speech, which was perhaps the most extreme example of groveling toadyism I have ever heard.  As for the rest, I hear there were a lot of lies, and Donnie tried and failed to match Fidel Castro or Kim Jong Un for unendurably prolonged recitation of meaningless garbage, and that was about it.  However, he does get an A for effort, as neither of the other two ever managed to deliver their diatribes to an unprotected crowd during a pandemic.  Heck, even Hitler never achieved that memorable feat in the history of oratory, so Donnie at least gets a footnote in the record books. In the end, Cthulhu decided he had better things to do with his time, and cancelled his scheduled appearance. Well, that's it, or at least all it deserves.  Thank heaven that&

Republican Convention- Day 2

 I couldn't take it.  And this is from someone with the stubbornness to have memorialized over ten thousand specimens of wingnut lunacy at my blog.  But this was too much. Every Republican lie ever heard, just repeated more often.  I lasted about half an hour and gave up.  Well, there was a TV going in another room and I happened to walk in on Melania's speech, which I tolerated for exactly eight seconds before switching to the newest episode of Capitaine Marleau. Anyway, I know this graphic from Daily Kos comes from yesterday, but it so perfectly expresses everything about the Republican convention in one glance, that I can't resist stealing it: Infidel, I know that you in particular will understand what I am saying here.  Or at least what she is saying.  Thank heaven she apparently didn't get the pronunciation quite right, so we won't have to bear with Cthulhu actually appearing until day four of the convention. And let me just end by adding that the greatest thin

Green Eagle's Republican Convention Review

 Green Eagle, who is toughened up to this sort of thing, listened to day one of the Republican Convention so you don't have to. So, what was it like?  If you took the last ten Wingnut Wrapups and read them out loud, you'd have it.  Every Republican lie you ever heard in one gigantic heap. At least I think I can predict that this turgid crap is not going to swing a single vote.  That's the best thing that can be said about it.  

Statements We Never Thought We Would See in the News

 " Giancarlo had a relationship with the couple in which he and Becki Falwell had sex while Jerry Falwell watched."

A Brief Poll Note

 Green Eagle is not one to obsess over polls, but the following seemed significant today, from ABC and the University of Chicago: "The president heads into his four-night nominating convention with an overall approval rating of 35%." 35%.  Boy, those are numbers to be entering into a re-election campaign with.  Of course, ABC has to try to deny the significance of this result: "That’s down from 43% in March but still within range of where Trump has been for much of his presidency." Still within range?  I don't think so.  As you can see here, Trump's approval rating has (unbelievably) been essentially above 40% since February of 2018. 538 is showing today Biden with an 11% lead.  These are not numbers that result in a win for an incumbent. And yet, let me add my usual caveat:  As I stated months ago, it is impossible for Donald Trump to be re-elected in a fair contest.  The entire outcome of the election will be determined by the success of the usual Republ

What Happens If Two Hurricanes Hit Each Other?

 We don't know, really, because it has never happened before, but it looks like we may be about to find out: Grab your gumbo and head for the hills! In further news, global warming is a vicious conspiracy on the part of ten thousand climate scientists.

It Was Collusion, and Treason Too

 The following consists of some excerpts from the part of the Republican Led Senate Intelligence Committee's recent report that I have read at this point.   REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE UNITED STATES SENATE ON RUSSIAN ACTIVE MEASURES CAMPAIGNS AND INTERFERENCE IN THE 2016 U.S. ELECTION  _________________________________________________________________________________ The Committee found that the Russian government engaged in an aggressive, multifaceted effort to influence, or attempt to influence, the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Parts of this effort are outlined in the Committee's earlier volumes on election security, social media, the Obama Administration's response to the threat, and the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA).  In this volume the Committee lays out its findings in detail by looking at many aspects of the counterintelligence threat posed by the Russian influence operation. For example, the Committee examined P

Wingnut Wrapup

 A lot piled up here, as of course the liars are going to be out in force for the next couple of months.  Let's just get through this batch of lies, so we can move on to the next batch. I thought I would begin today with a bit of the self-delusion the wingnuts are dishing out concerning Trump's treachery with the Post Office.  There wasn't as much as I expected- I think even wingnuts know it's a lost cause to explain that away- but here is what I found: Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "WATCH: CNN's Latest Spin Over Mail-Ballots Takes a Ridiculous Nosedive...The Republican National Committee's Communications Director, Michael Ahrens, on Friday highlighted CNN's blatant media bias when it comes to mail-in voting. The left-wing news organization had an article about New Jersey's decision to utilize voting by mail. Conveniently, CNN left out the fact four men – one of which is a sitting councilman and one that is a councilman-elect – had charges pressed again

Because Of Course He Was

  We hear today that Steve Bannon was just arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering, in connection with a multimillion dollar extortion of wingnut suckers who contributed money to supposedly build Trump's wall, but instead contributed to Steve and his friends. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I think it's pretty safe. From Daily Kos, the following amusing story: " The indictment  is in conjunction with “We Build the Wall,” a private organization supposedly raising donations to build Donald Trump’s wall along the southern border. Also indicted were We Build the Wall frontman Brian Kolfage, serial fraudster  Andrew Badolato , and real estate broker Timothy Shea." And just to compound the fun, there's this, which I learned from Atrios: "Kris Kobach is the general counsel of the Build the Wall PAC that Steve Bannon was just arrested for being involved in as chairman. The advisory board includes Erik Prince, f

Is Nobody Going to Even Ask This Question?

 What in the entire earth leads people to think that, because Trump and his stooge at the head of the Post Office said they are going to stop rigging the mails to get him re-elected, he actually has a shred of intention to keep his promise? This is a criminal deviant who has ignored multiple actual court orders on things as malignant as throwing children in concentration camps to hurt their parents- surely a sign of end-stage dictatorship if ever there was one.  This is someone who has told over 20,000 documented lies over his time in office.  How could anyone believe that he is going to do what he promises? And how beaten down by some sort of political Stockholm Syndrome do people have to be to believe for a second that he will give up anything that he thinks will help him stay in office? Maybe a minor issue, as a thousand die every day thanks entirely to his deliberate, self serving malfeasance, but a sign of how impossible it still is for the majority of even informed Americans to f

Play List

 I just saw a post featuring Barack Obama's summer 2020 play list, so I thought I would publish Green Eagle's own summer play list: Buddy Guy Things pretty much just like Buddy Guy.

Bad Convention Timing

 At least three important stories are getting stepped on by the Democratic convention this year. First, coverage of the convention is giving the press a great chance to let the postal service scandal, potentially the worst received of all of Trump's corrupt activities, to recede in to the past. Second, it has virtually disappeared the latest example of Trump's lunatic corruption, advocating the deadly chemical oleandrin as a cure for the Corona virus.  He did this out of a mixture of greed, enabling a company in which his friend had millions invested, self service, as he is desperate to tell the American people that the Corona Virus problem has been solved, whether true or false, and grotesque stupidity.   And now we hear the following story: "President Trump’s 2016 campaign chairman posed a “grave counterintelligence threat” due to his interaction with people close to the Kremlin, according to a bipartisan Senate report released Tuesday that found extensive contacts betwe

The Evidence

 A map of places where mail sorting machines are being removed, overlaid on a map of where Hillary had a lead in the 2016 election.  Solid blue dots are where Hillary was ahead, solid red dots are where Trump was ahead: I think this makes things pretty obvious.  Impeach the bastard.

The Idiot Bastard Is At It Again

  Some more news from Doctor Trump: "To the alarm of some government health officials, President Trump has expressed enthusiasm for the Food and Drug Administration to permit an extract from the oleander plant to be marketed as a dietary supplement or, alternatively, approved as a drug to cure COVID-19, despite lack of proof that it works.   The experimental botanical extract, oleandrin, was promoted to Trump during an Oval Office meeting in July. It's embraced by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell, a big Trump backer, who recently took a financial stake in the company that develops the product." To the alarm of some government officials? "Oleandrin is a toxic cardiac glycoside found in oleander... Symptoms of oleandrin poisoning can cause both gastrointestinal and cardiac effects. The gastrointestinal effects can consist of nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting, as well as higher salivation and diarrhea (wh

A Note About What Is To Come

 A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that every time a mainstream news outlet did a story about Joe Biden's strong lead in the polls, the writers had to add the obligatory observation that "there is still plenty of time for Trump to turn things around." What none of them seemed to even be able to imagine is that there was an equal amount of time left for Trump to make things even worse.  And really, which one of those is more likely, given his record so far? Now we have seen the next move in Trump's charge over the cliff- the totally unforced Postal Service debacle- something which he thought he could easily get away with, but which has backfired on him as badly as anything in his Presidency. We still have about 80 days left, and Trump's polling doesn't seem to be improving to any significant degree.  You know that this means that he will be boiling toward panic more and more as the days go by.  I think that there is a strong chance that we will see more self-inf

Huge Storm Destroys Grain Silos in Iowa

  And when I saw this picture I thought it was the newest Frank Gehry building.

Impeach the Bastard, Already

John Lewis: "When you see something that is not right, not just, not fair, you have a moral obligation to say something, to do something.”  Donald Trump, by his own admission, is engaging in open, pervasive and deliberate attempts on every front to rig the 2020 election. This is by any definition a high crime against the United States.  His individual actions, such as deliberately wrecking the post office to limit Democratic votes, are also crimes, and an existential threat to what is left of democratic government in the United States.   It is Congress' responsibility to the nation, not an optional exercise, to do what it can to remove this person from his position, regardless of whether his corrupt party can frustrate that action.  It is not an optional choice; it is their duty.   So, do your duty and get on with Trump's second impeachment.  The nation's survival is at risk.

They're All Nazis, yeah, That's the Ticket!

 Here is a distilled form of a Covid delusion that has taken crystal clear shape over the last few days.  Many of its elements (Soros, Fauci, Bill Gates, for example) have floated around the Republican world for months, but it is nice to have it put together in all its devious glory.  No link, of course; you will just have to take Green Eagle's word for it that I have seen all the elements together several places today in my perusal of right wing "thought." "The vaccine that is coming… As many of you heard Moderna is in stage 3 of their vaccine testing. If all goes well it’ll become federal law to get the vaccine. Here’s something many of you don’t know," "guess who the first CEO of Moderna was? A Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci, who was a roommate with none other than Bill Gates. Are you paying attention?" I am.  Bill Gates went to Harvard, and is fourteen years younger than Fauci, who went to Cornell, and graduated when Gates was still