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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go to Cancun

 Just sayin'

Good Riddance, You Bastard

  Rot in hell, you malignant son of a bitch.  I hope you suffered a thousand deaths before you were gone.  Nobody could deserve it more.

What This Date Should Be Remembered For

 Trump? Fuck Trump.  Do you know what this is? I imagine some of you do.  This little device, measuring 1 3/4" high by about nine inches long, has probably been used on more hit records than any other piece of audio gear in history.  It is the Neve 1073 microphone preamplifier, and was invented by this man, Rupert Neve, who also designed many other of the most desirable pieces of outboard gear in history.  Its design, centered around two transformers that were so special that manufacturing them cost about $1000 for the pair, gave an almost magical sound and sense of air to recorded tracks. The 1073 and its many successors, both from Neve and others, continues to be a staple of modern recording. Well, Rupert Neve died today at the age of 94, and though most people may never understand why, this date should be more remembered for his passing than for the fact that the biggest jackass in America once again escaped consequences for his criminality.

What I've Learned from the First Two Days of Impeachment II

First of all, let's be clear about this:  Trump intended to have Mike Pence murdered.  Yes, the President of the United States tried to precipitate the murder of the Vice President, and not just any Vice President, but one who was the worst kind of sycophantic toady for four years until he refused at the last moment to destroy himself in Trump's insane plot to steal the Presidency.  We have heard that Trump intended to "appoint" Mike Flynn to be the new Vice President, despite this being totally illegal, and that Flynn would have gone along with wrecking the certification of Biden's win. Boy, whatever our historical inadequacies might be, that is a first for the United States. Second, the only reason that this plot failed is that Trump is too stupid to pull off any real scheme.  That's why every time he has gotten his hands on a large sum of money, the only thing he has ever done with it is to finance his next bankruptcy.  If it weren't for Trump's stu

Just a Brief Impeachment Note

 I have the impeachment trial on in the background while I am working today.  The first Trump defense lawyer is speaking now, and I want to say that this is one of the worst arguments by an attorney that I have ever heard, full of irrelevancies, pathetic jingoism, flat jokes and statements that the most ignorant legislator could see through, if only they wanted to.  Given the stakes of this trial, to Trump and to the entire country, this is a grotesque demonstration of how little right, how little justice, lies on the side of the Republicans. Not that it will make any difference; the Republicans don't give a damn about justice, law, this country or common human decency, so we know what they are going to do.  But this incoherent, amateurish babble is a true sign of how little decency lies on the Republican side, not just in this trial but in the country as a whole. Trump is gone in disgrace, but his malicious minions carry on.  The fight is not over.  The fight against evil, unfortu

Wingnut Wrapup

 Yeah, it never ends.  And these days, every batshit crazy right wing theory you have ever heard seems to be converging to create the great Unified Field Theory of Lunacy.  And here are some of the details: "Trump Pic Speaks 1000000 Words!  Looks Like Commander-In-Chief To Me!!" Hey, he's sitting at one of his patented tiny desks in front of a TV!  Proves he is Commander in Chief to me.   Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:  “The White House is basically a ghost town… on Pennsylvania Avenue which connects the White House to the capitol — all those buildings — the FBI, Department of Treasury, the Labor Department, all that — those buildings are basically abandon.” Basically abandon.  Got it.  "Richard Potcner, also known as @DPotcner on Twitter and Telegram, said that the U.S. Capitol is heavily guarded and said that the troops appear to be in good spirits but claims the White House and other buildings may be empty. “It reminds me of the hospitals,” he explained. “All of D.