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“That’s Not The Kind Of Evidence"

“That’s not the kind of evidence that a coup should be based on,” Gohmert ranted." The biggest idiot in Congress Actually, Louie, I never heard that a coup was ever based on evidence.  Maybe you should look the word up in the dictionary, rather than just using Republican talking points.

41 Lines

If you have not seen this, I really recommend that you read this post from CNN (!) entitled "The 41 most shocking lines from Donald Trump's Baghdadi announcement."  I swear to God, it is like an entire Wingnut Wrapup delivered at one time by one person.  This has to be one of the most spectacularly unqualified people on earth to be the leader of a country, and I mean that- you could pick a hundred people at random off the street and everyone of them would show more knowledge, intelligence, humanity and respect for the job than he does.

The Empire Strikes Back

The country was greeted by the following news yesterday: "Attorney General William Barr’s expanding review of the Russia probe has evolved into a criminal investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter, giving a federal prosecutor who is leading the inquiry the ability to subpoena witnesses and use a grand jury"  I don't know about you, but I have dreading this development for several months, assuming that this would happen if Trump's legal situation began to really deteriorate.  So far, though this news has been reported some way or other by most of the press, I have seen no one who is willing to state openly what this really means. We now have the spectacle of the most corrupt Attorney General in at least a hundred years (the history of which I pointed out in my last post) abandoning his job to go traveling around the world seeking to gather "evidence" that the Democrats are responsible for the crimes that we all know that Republicans h

Rogue's Gallery

The following is a brief history of the Attorneys General who served under Republican Presidents from Richard Nixon to the present.  It is intended as background for a post that I intend to write next about the Bush-Barr attempt to criminally charge political opponents, which seems to be underway.  It's quite a rogues' gallery. I want to say that I examined the records of Democratic Attorneys General back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and found no comparable disgraces, other than the possible case of J. Howard McGrath, who served under Truman, and resigned rather than cooperate with a demand from a special prosecutor in an investigation that in the end resulted in no charges or indictments. This list leaves out a few acting Attorneys General who served for very short periods after the death or resignation of others, at least one for as little as one day. Anyway, here is the list: NIXON Elliot Richardson- Quit rather than break the law for Nixon. Richar

Apropos of Nothing

I was reading a story by the great French writer Georges Simenon, about Chief Superintendent Maigret, and came across the following brief passage, where Maigret was questioning a suspect: "What reason would you have had for killing Monsieur Louis?" "Don't you know that I borrowed money from him?" "Borrowed?" "All right, I asked him for money, if you like." "Asked?" "What are you suggesting?" "There are different ways of asking.  Among others, there is a way that makes it almost impossible for the person concerned to refuse. In plain terms, blackmail." He was silent, gazing fixedly at the floor. "What do you have to say to that?" "In actual fact I would have never told Madame Thouret." "All the same, you threatened to" "That wasn't necessary." "Because a hint that you might talk was enough." I just found that interesting.

And Here They Go Again

From the Washington Post this morning, the following headline: "Was there a quid pro quo with Ukraine? It can be hard to say" Despite the fact that there is ten times more than just smoking gun evidence to prove that there is, and that the main criminal, Donald Trump, as well as others involved in this crime, have confessed to having committed it, it can be "hard to say." "Hard to say," when you are paid to say the exact opposite, that is.  Get ready for it- as soon as a Democratic candidate is picked, the press is going to seize on 2020's Hillary e-mail scandal, which they will know from the very beginning is a manufactured Republican lie, and sell it for all it's worth.  In the meantime, it will be "hard to say" if Trump has done a single thing that is wrong or demeaning to the country. That's how he won the first time; that's how George Bush won; that's how Reagan beat Carter; that's how Nixon beat anyone.  And

Wingnut Wrapup

Strap in, this is going to be an annoying one, given the desperate need of Conservatives to shout down the ever-growing news of their man Trump's criminality.  And I am not even going to bother with the hero worship of the Republican Congressmen that staged a mini riot this morning and broke into a secure area, compromising national security, to stage a publicity stunt. Let's start off with this.  Did you ever hear a more brazen lie? Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media:  "Judicial Watch: Benghazi Emails Confirm Clinton Email Cover-Up" Judicial Watch- among the biggest right wing liars on the planet.  This despite, as was widely reported, the idiotic Republican judicial smear campaign against Hillary only this weekend gave up and admitted that their endless investigations of Hillary's e-mails turned up absolutely nothing that Hillary ever did wrong; something that we knew all along, and so did the worthless reporters at the New York Times and other mainstream news

They're Getting Ready to Do It Again

Today- the day that testimony in the House made it absolutely undeniable (unless you are a Republican) that Donald Trump is nothing but a two bit criminal who has sold his soul to a foreign dictator, the Washington Post feels it necessary to publish this "major" story: "Anxiety rises among Democrats worried about party’s prospects in 2020 ...after 10 months of campaigning and 15 hours of nationally televised debates, another emotion is rising: anxiety.  Party leaders and activists are citing weakness in all of the leading contenders..." Not "Anxiety rises among Republicans worried about their leader's prospects in 2020, now that we all realize that he is a corrupt traitor," no, that is not even worth discussing.  It's the Democratic candidates that are weak, for advocating policies that three quarters of the public agree with, or for being damaged by Republican lies that the mainstream press obviously intends to promulgate between now and


I want to add this little bit of evidence to the fear that Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed by Russia to serve as a spoiler to damage the Democratic nominee, and keep their traitorous tool Trump in the White House. Here is a professionally produced video, which I am going to stick my neck out here and assert is almost certainly from Russia, concerning Tulsi's assault on Hillary Clinton.  It's about eight minutes long, and portrays Tulsi as a champion of freedom and honesty, in comparison to the entire Democratic party, which is depicted as a Communist/CIA group trying to end the US and take over the country.  It's about eight minutes long, and I found it illuminating about how Republican and Russian collusion is going to attempt to destroy our next Presidential election.

Doing It At Cost

I know this is vanishingly unimportant compared to what is going on in the Trump administration, but I wanted to point something out about Trump's (naturally) lying claim that he will not make any money from holding next year's G7 summit at his Doral resort, because he will charge everything at "cost." The Doral resort has 643 rooms and suites.  Currently, the price per night quoted by Travelocity, Expedia and is $206.00 for the cheapest room.  I am just going to guess here that at these discount rates, the cost of running the place must be about $150 a night per room. June is a very slow month in Miami, for obvious reasons, and in recent years, the occupancy rate in June at the Doral was about 40%.  So, basically, 386 rooms of the hotel would be vacant on any day in June, every one of which will be filled with delegates and press during the event. The G7 summit officially lasts three days.  That would require four nights stay at the hotel at a dead m

Republicans Take a Stand

Hey, this wonderful news about the patriots who make up our Republican party, from the Washington Post: "IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY Growing number of Republicans struggle to defend Trump on G-7 choice, Ukraine and Syria... One Republican, Rep. Francis Rooney of Florida, compared the situation to Watergate and did not rule out voting to impeach President Trump." One! That is apparently the growing number! The Republicans who are "struggling" against this deranged criminal has gone from zero to one! That is a percentage increase in Republican support for impeachment of infinity! To be fair, the article does mention "many" Republicans that were allegedly disturbed by Trump's deliberate demolishing of the Constitutional prohibition against Presidents making money from their office, but of course none of them would be identified by name. On the other hand, to stand up against this backbencher that no one ever heard of before today, the article menti


Donald Trump's recent collaboration in genocide has been compared a number of times this week to the behavior of English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain toward Adolf Hitler in the runup to the Second World War, which has become a symbol of craven capitulation.  I thought it would be a good time to mention something about this behavior which I learned while at the University of Cambridge, and which is not generally understood. Chamberlain's failure to do anything to build up Britain's military. faced with a threat from Nazi Germany, culminating in his famous meeting in Munich, where he gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler for nothing in return, has now been compared to Trump's betrayal of our Kurdish allies in the face of demands from the Turkish dictator.  This behavior on Chamberlain's part has been generally attributed to a combination of cowardice and a sort of Pollyannaish naivete regarding Hitler's promises.  This, as I have learned, is false. The famous

The Press Faces a Test

Those of us who are worried if the mainstream press has learned one damned thing from the disaster that it helped create in the last four years, or if they are about to once again do their best to put a criminal madman back in the White House because that is better than a Democrat, are about to learn a big lesson about what is to come in the next year. The criminal murderer Recep Erdogan, who rules Turkey, just announced a five day halt in his genocidal aggression against the Kurds, for the sole purpose of allowing them to clear out of their homeland before his troops resume slaughtering them, this all taking place in an act which was approved by Trump before it happened. Even though the Turkish government itself stated that this is not a cease fire, it is being portrayed as such by the White House and its Republican enablers, who are of course crowing about the supposed immense diplomatic victory won by Trump, who also today asserted that he had singlehandedly defeated ISIS in one m


It has just been announced that Donald Trump has been awarded the Nobel Piece Prize, for giving a piece of Syria to Turkey.

The Trump Trot

People who are familiar with the way Conservatives discuss things will no doubt be aware of something called the "Gish Gallop."  This common right wing argumentative strategy, for those who have not heard of it, is described at Wikipedia: "The Gish gallop is a technique used during debating that focuses on overwhelming an opponent with as many arguments as possible, without regard for accuracy or strength of the arguments. The term was coined by Eugenie Scott and named after the creationist Duane Gish, who used the technique frequently against proponents of evolution.    During a Gish gallop, a debater confronts an opponent with a rapid series of many specious arguments, half-truths, and misrepresentations in a short space of time, which makes it impossible for the opponent to refute all of them within the format of a formal debate." Ever an innovator in Presidential behavior, Donald Trump has developed his own strategy, which I am dubbing the "Trum

Horrible News From the Wingnuts!

A story which has been blocked from the Fake News! But you can count on Green Eagle to see to it that it receives the attention it deserves! Now, I must confess that this is not the greatest wingnut story that I have ever read.  That still belongs to the lady who claimed that she helped Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi kill and eat Norm Foster, and also said that she was Bill Clinton's sister and the Zodiac killer.  But still, it's a pretty good one: "Shocking information has come in from Field McConnel... Retired USAF Lt. Col Field McConnell says it’s been reported to him that Barack Obama was executed on September 29, 2019 by firing squad at GTMO.   McConnel went to the same high school as the illegal President Barak Obama in Hawaii!" Well, who would know better than someone who went to the same high school as Obama?  I am sure they all received news about it along with their notices of the date of the next homecoming game. "McConnel states the two

The Dam Breaks

It's been quite a week for Donald Trump.  He managed to hold off revelations about his stupendous criminality for over two years, through a combination of threats, bribes, bullying and just hiring corrupt tools like Barr and Giuliani, who won't turn on him because they are involved in his criminality up to their necks. But things changed this week. Ambassador Marie Yovanovich, who was fired because she stood in the way of Trump's crooked schemes in Ukraine, refused a State Department demand that she keep her mouth shut, and spent nine hours telling a House committee exactly what happened. Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union, has now indicated that he will testify under oath about what he knows, despite also being ordered by the State Department to shut up. Two of Rudy Giuliani's "business associates" were arrested in the act of trying to flee the country, after a lunch with Rudy.  These men are charged with campaign finance viola

Who Knew What When, and Why?

I wondered about this yesterday, but didn't write a post about it.  Thankfully, I have now seen a couple of other people ask the same question, because we absolutely need an answer to it. As you undoubtedly know, these two guys are associates of Rudy Giuliani.  They were arrested yesterday for crimes related to campaign finance violations, including one Russian donation to Donald Trump's campaign of over $300,000. So, here is the story: these jerks had lunch with Rudy (at Trump's Washington hotel, no less) and went immediately to Dulles airport, where they were arrested by Federal agents on their way to the gate with one way tickets out of the country. Here is the question:  How did these two know that they were about to be arrested?  It hardly strains the imagination to suspect that Rudy told them; and if so, the question is, how did Rudy, who has no official position in the government, know? There is one  possibility that is so obvious that I would have to see p

There Is No End to His Malignance

Just when you thought he had already told the most piggish lie you have ever heard, he tops himself. Donald Trump had this to say today, justifying his monstrous abandonment of our allies, the Kurds, to his business partners in Turkey: "They didn't help us in the Second World War; they didn't help us with Normandy" Yes, that's his answer: the Kurds, who didn't have a country during World War II (and still don't, thanks in significant part to oppression from the very Turks that Trump is pandering to now) deserve to be betrayed because they did not participate in the Normandy invasion. And let us not forget this: "Ahead of the Trump administration's announcement, Kurdish forces had recently dismantled defensive positions along the Turkey-Syria border under assurances from the US it would not allow a Turkish assault." It wasn't enough for Trump to enable Turkish genocide, not something exactly surprising from that country; he h

Splits in GOP Senators' Reactions!

Another exquisite example of the reporting that we have come to expect and love from our liberal media; the following headline at the Washington Post this morning: "The revealing splits in GOP senators’ reactions to impeachment" Revealing splits! See, Republicans are thinking people that are analyzing this and drawing their own conclusions!  Hallelujah! And what are these "revealing splits?"  Here are the numbers the Post found: Support Trump Unequivocally:  39 Have expressed concerns or said they have questions:  14 Support the impeachment inquiry:  0 Revealing splits!  So, here is what we really have:  39 Republican Senators are going to refuse to recognize that Trump has done a thing wrong, no matter what, 14 are going to do the exact same thing, after writing a "strongly worded" letter expressing mild confusion, and zero are going to do what is right for the country. Revealing splits!  Sort of like the Nazis that argued about whether to


Trump finally gets a war, even if we are not yet shooting! Turkey has now invaded the neighboring country of Syria, encouraged to do so by Donald Trump, who, of course, has business interests in Turkey. Diplomacy, Trump style, carried out by his friends in Turkey Let us remember that Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait was the justification for our first Gulf War, in 1990-1991.  Then, a causus belli, now just fine if it suits the economic interests of the President.  That is how far Republicans have fallen in just the last three decades.  Besides enabling Turkey's long term goal to strike a genocidal blow against the Kurds, this act of Trump's is likely to free tens of thousands of ISIS prisoners, very likely resulting in a resurgence of one of the most hateful, violent groups in the world; one that Trump has repeatedly claimed to have personally eliminated. A two for one- good work there, Trump. This savage and irrational act on its own should be enough to im

Good News, I Guess

From the Washington Post today: "New poll shows increasing GOP support for impeachment... The poll also shows nearly 2 in 10 Republicans support removing President Trump from office." Two in ten.  TWO IN TEN!!!   Two in ten Republicans now support removing a criminal and traitor from the White House! What a wonderful country we live in!

Press Covers for Repubican, part infinity

Here is something else that almost nobody seems to have noticed.  Our "liberal press" is once again collaborating with Republicans to present the current White House scandal with a Republican spin. In almost every case, what Trump is up to is described as trying to enlist Ukraine (and other countries) in an investigation of supposed Biden corruption.  That is a completely false narrative.  Trump, Giuliani, Pence, Barr, Pompeo- every one of them knows that there is absolutely no substance to that claim.  What they are doing is not investigating Biden, it is forcing other countries to collaborate in the fabrication of a lie about Biden.  That is not investigation, it is extortion.  And like some mob protection racket on a global scale, they are, at least in Ukraine's case, threatening the very existence of the whole country if the Ukrainian government does not agree to participate in their scheme to smear their political opponents. And let me be clear, I am not using th

Wingnut Wrapup

I don't want anyone to think that I am returning to a regular diet of these things, but at the present moment, with the devastation being wreaked on their miserable hero Trump, Republicans, like the proverbial cornered animal, are likely to get up to the most vicious attempts to deflect attention from their crimes.  So I think it would do us well to pay at least a bit of attention to the monstrosities of falsehood they are concocting to try to convince people that it is actually the Democrats who are the bad guys.  And here we go... And we will just start out with the following statement from a prominent right wing source, quoted by our President: ....If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal. This is the truth. This is where we are. We ARE on the verge of a HOT civil war.  Like in 1859. That’s where we are.  And the Right h

Treason and War

As some sort of reckoning for the abominable abuses of the Trump administration seems to be taking form, I believe it is vitally important to consider whether Trump's criminality could be considered to rise to the level of treason. Of course, Republicans already have their propagandists out in force, angrily denying that such a thing could even be considered.  This denial is based almost entirely on the assertion that treason can only be committed if there is a declared state of war between the United States and the country on behalf of which the accused has acted.  I would like to consider this claim, which I believe to be a self-serving lie like everything Republicans have to say.  I must state that I am not an attorney, but I believe the evidence is clear enough to be understood by ordinary people. First, let us look at what the Constitution actually says: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enem