Who Knew What When, and Why?

I wondered about this yesterday, but didn't write a post about it.  Thankfully, I have now seen a couple of other people ask the same question, because we absolutely need an answer to it.

As you undoubtedly know, these two guys are associates of Rudy Giuliani.  They were arrested yesterday for crimes related to campaign finance violations, including one Russian donation to Donald Trump's campaign of over $300,000.

So, here is the story: these jerks had lunch with Rudy (at Trump's Washington hotel, no less) and went immediately to Dulles airport, where they were arrested by Federal agents on their way to the gate with one way tickets out of the country.

Here is the question:  How did these two know that they were about to be arrested?  It hardly strains the imagination to suspect that Rudy told them; and if so, the question is, how did Rudy, who has no official position in the government, know?

There is one  possibility that is so obvious that I would have to see positive evidence that it is not true.  And that is that Donald Trump gave this secret information to Rudy, who passed it along to these guys.  If so, the betrayal of Federal agents to enable crooks to escape would clearly be another extremely impeachable offense, and like the situation in Ukraine, one that everyone can understand.

Answer that question, Rudy.


Poll P. said…
No end to the fun!!
Stevie said…
But doesn't Rudy have his own connections to SDNY and the FBI? Deep state indeed.
Anonymous said…
When did the duo buy their tickets? Had they been planning a one way jaunt for months or did they buy them after lunch with that rude guy?
Lady M said…
It all stinks. What's amazing is that Trump has his hands in all pies, until one of his associates in arrested. Then he hardly knows why his fingers are covered in banana cream.

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