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The Truth About the Debt Ceiling Deal

Once again, nobody wants to state the obvious fact.  Listen, I've become a fan of Joe Biden, who I think has handled the Presidency better than anyone thought he would, but it is a mistake to think that the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis was in any way a master act of negotiation on his part.  Here is what I am confident really happened: The Republicans would have loved to cut a huge chunk of red meat out of our economy and throw it to their stupid, ignorant, hate filled base, to keep them in line for the 2024 election, and that is exactly what Kevin McCarthy had set out to do.  But then, the Republican party's real masters, their rich financial backers, stepped in.  These people have had it pretty good under Biden- their profits rising as the millions of new workers created by his economy spend money on their products, and as they have been left unmolested to mine hundreds of billions in undeserved profits through price gouging passed off as inflation. And don't for

Trump Did It Again

 Well, Trump and the abominable excuse for a mainstream press that we have in our country. Two days ago, Donald Trump was found by a jury to have been committed sexual battery, the most degraded act that any President in the entire history of our country has ever engaged in. Yesterday, Trump, with the cooperation of the "far left" CNN, spent an hour on national TV, spreading the most loathsome collection of lies, smears and threats ever heard in this country, all to the screaming adulation of a hand-picked audience of his followers, interviewed by a former employee of uber-fascist Tucker Carlson.  This was enough for the mainstream press to absolutely drop any coverage* of the fact that Trump has now been found guilty of a crime that should disqualify any human being from serving in our government. I looked at the Washington Post today (I've long since given up expecting any decent commentary from the Times.)  There was not one single story or opinion piece on their websi

A Feature, Not a Bug

I have made this comment before.  Do not expect that, in the aftermath of Donald Trump being decisively convicted by a jury of sexual assault, his base is suddenly going to realize that this savage criminal traitor is just a little too disgusting to be our President.  In fact, this verdict is only going to increase his popularity among these barbarians, and here is why. It has been obvious to anyone paying attention, since the 1980's at the latest, that the Republican party, in turning itself into the champions of white Americans only, was setting off a demographic time bomb that would eventually lead to them being a permanent minority with no ability to win elections except in the most unreconstructed racist parts of the country. An answer to that might have been to attempt to build a coalition that drew more people in, while still maintaining the covert white favoritism which has been the party's main appeal since the time of Nixon's "southern strategy."  But no

Yes! YES!

 From the Washington Post: Jury in civil trial finds that Trump sexually abused and defamed E. Jean Carroll The dominos are finally beginning to fall.  Now, on to Georgia, and then finally, Merrick Garland, get off of your ass and enforce the law. I hate hearing everything that the criminal traitor has to say, but it will be kind of fun to hear the vicious smears and attacks that he launches toward E. Jean Carroll, the judge and the entire judicial system in response to this.   Can I note that it took the jury three hours to reach its verdict, an extremely short time for a civil case like this, and indicating that there was no doubt that Trump was guilty.  

Kremlin Drone Attack

 If you follow the news, you will have seen images like this: It features an alleged Ukranian drone attack on the Kremlin, according to Putin.   Given that such an act is totally out of character with the entire way Ukraine has conducted the war, I want to suggest two far more likely scenarios: 1.  This is an attack by some internal Russian dissident group, perhaps financed by an oligarch sick of seeing his horde of wealth dissipated by Putin's egomania.   2.  And this is far more frightening:  It is a false flag event, intended to justify attempts by Russia to kill Zelenskyy, perhaps on his upcoming trip to Finland.   We will just have to see what develops from this.