Friday, September 30, 2016

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Believe me, there is absolutely nothing that would be more wonderful than to have Donald Trump carry out his threat to shovel out the dirt on Hillary and Bill at the next debate.  Please, Donald, spend every moment you have on this!  Monica, Gennifer Flowers, crooked Hillary and all the rest of it- please be as laser focused on that as you were on your insane attack on Alicia Machado in the middle of last night.

Do your thing!  See what happens! You know you won't alienate a single one of the violent racists that are your real base, so, to steal one of your favorite phrases, "what do you have to lose?"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alicia Machado

Something I don't think I've seen anyone comment about, regarding Trump's verbal abuse of Alicia Machado:  He insults her appearance, and she is a Miss Universe winner, after all.  What does a woman have to look like, before this asshole is willing to concede that she looks okay?

What this proves is that attacks on women by guys like Trump have absolutely nothing to do with the victims themselves, but are simply an attempt to beat them down and get them to act properly subservient.  Someone like Alicia Machado insults Trump's male identity by the mere fact of having succeeded at something, so he needs to crush her.  The same thing is going on with Hillary, and by the way, with the numerous male opponents of him too.  He just can't stand to see anyone but himself succeed, so he will do his pathetic best to beat them down.  And cultural history makes this a standard pattern among guys like Trump, where a woman is involved.

A hint, Donald:  It ain't working with Hillary.

I Mean, Who Really Won?

I've not bothered to say too much about Hillary's debate with Trump, because it is my memory that right wingers don't really get into denial of reality mode until about three days after the fact.  That's tomorrow, and we'll see what they are saying then, although, if it is any sign, I was listening to a right wing talk show while driving to work today, where they were earnestly discussing the question, "Who really won the debate?"  Because it will be classified as a Trump victory, if Trump's followers persist in their delusional thinking, despite what was displayed right in front of their faces.

The right's task seems to be a little harder this time around, because thanks to Trump's clownish behavior, so many people watched the debate, and because the highlights live forever online, but I believe that wingnuts are up to any feat of denial, no matter how monumental.  So, if you have any contact with the world of reality yourself, be prepared to hear a few things that are pretty unbelievable.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Spin Begins

I don't have a lot of energy for this bullshit tonight, but here is how the press turns a solid Hillary win into a Trump triumph.  From a Yahoo article, already standing the truth on its head:

"During the debate, Clinton responded to one long Trump answer by saying she hoped the fact-checkers were working away at what her opponent had just said. This emphasis on fact-checking fundamentally misunderstands one of the dynamics of television: It’s what people see that matters as much as what they hear. I would wager that for millions of Americans watching on Monday night, they saw a Donald Trump who dominated the debate in an exceedingly forceful manner, and in the sheer number of minutes he spoke. His voice was heard more frequently than Clinton’s. Most of the debate was broadcast in split screen, with side-by-side close-ups of the candidates. As the debate went on, Trump increased the amount of face-pulling, grimacing, and “sad” head-shaking, thereby pulling viewers’ attention away from Clinton’s responses."

You see, Hillary had all the facts and all the seriousness, but Trump's belligerence, mugging to the audience and speaking over Hillary showed what a masterful, real man he is, not a sissy woman, so he won the debate in a knockout!  He "dominated" the debate the way a mugger "dominates" is victims, and that is a wonderful accomplishment!  It shows what a great President he would be!  And the fact that he made faces to distract people from Hillary (rather than out of sheer lack of self control) shows what a clever person he is, because no ordinary person would be able to do that- at least no ordinary person older than elementary school age.

"The most stark example of this clash of styles occurred near the end, when Trump said of Clinton, “She doesn’t have the stamina” to be president. Now, here was an opportunity for Clinton to call Trump on the subtext of what he was saying — his clear implication that there is something wrong with her health. It was a moment when Clinton needed to improvise, to seize an opportunity to address this scurrilousness. Instead, she smiled her grim smile and she went to what was clearly a rehearsed answer, about how “as soon as he travels to 112 countries… or even spends 11 hours testifying before a congressional committee, he can talk to me about experience.”

Because, you see, giving concrete examples that disproved what he was saying is a miserable response to a childish taunt, and to basically ignore his bullying with a smile was "grim."

"Well, it was clear by the end that Trump had gotten under Clinton’s skin, and Lester Holt’s skin, as well."

And why should it not get under people's skin that the Presidential nominee of the Republican party is treating the Presidency like a joke?

I posted an article a few days ago about what happened with the Gore Bush first debate in 2000, where the Republicans and the press totally turned upside down the public perception of who won, and here it comes again.

Bad Aim

This interesting news about the guy in Houston that shot nine people this morning, courtesy of Daily Kos:

"Law enforcement sources said that the shooter was wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with Swastikas on it...Investigators also combed through the shooter's apartment, where they found what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia inside, according to a law enforcement source."

Thankfully, he managed to kill none of them.  Nazis just can't shoot straight, I guess.  Doesn't bode well for them in the coming race war, does it?  

I'll be interested to see how much of a role this guy's sartorial choices play in the coverage of his behavior, or if, because he is on the white guys' side, he will just be written off as a disturbed person, with no political interests.  I do notice that the neo-Nazi site VDare has the following to say:

"for reasons unknown, he wore a Nazi uniform during his rampage"

I guess it is just beyond their mental capacity to imagine why someone might wear a Nazi uniform while committing a terrorist act.

No Comment

I'm not really interested in talking about the debate tonight, because what happens there means nothing.  The only thing that counts is how hard the press works to make people think Trump won the debate, which he is incapable of doing, at least if the debate is about who would make a better President.  We all know perfectly well that the following character could beat Trump on those grounds:
The only question is whether their greed and lust for power will overcome whatever minimal human decency they have left, and based on the past, it won't be much of a contest.  So everything worth watching about the debate will not happen until it is over.  See you then.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What Is Likely From the Debate

I thought it would be instructive to look at how Al Gore was treated by the mainstream press in the 2000 campaign, and particularly in the first debate.  You can find a lot of information about this inglorious episode in our history online, but I am going to quote at some length from a 2007 article at Vanity Fair which collects in one place a lot of what you need to know.

The 2000 election is very important because, as we are facing today, the country had to make a choice between a highly competent and informed Democrat, and a ludicrous, ignorant jerk on the Republican side.  It is important to understand how the press rigged that election so that the country had to face the worst eight years of leadership in its history.

A sample from this rather long article:

"In 2000, we would get stories where if Gore walked in and said the room was gray we'd be beaten up because in fact the room was an off-white. They would get stories about how George Bush's wing tips looked as he strode across the stage." Melinda Henneberger, then a political writer at the Times, says that such attitudes went all the way up to the top of the newspaper. "Some of it was a self-loathing liberal thing," she says, "disdaining the candidate who would have fit right into the newsroom, and giving all sorts of extra time on tests to the conservative from Texas. Al Gore was a laughline at the paper, while where Bush was concerned we seemed to suffer from the soft bigotry of low expectations."

In the Republican fictional world largely invented by the New York Times,

"As he was running for president, Al Gore said he'd invented the Internet; announced that he had personally discovered Love Canal, the most infamous toxic-waste site in the country; and bragged that he and Tipper had been the sole inspiration for the golden couple in Erich Segal's best-selling novel Love Story."

Not one bit of which was true, but it all served to present Gore to the American people as an egomaniacal liar who had nothing but contempt for the intelligence of the voters.  And again, I must remind you that this was not coming from some Rovian propaganda factory, or from Breitbart, but from our "Newspaper of Record."

"Could such an obviously intelligent man have been so megalomaniacal and self-deluded to have actually said such things? Well, that's what the news media told us, anyway. And on top of his supposed pomposity and elitism, he was a calculating dork: unable to get dressed in the morning without the advice of a prominent feminist...

One obstacle course the press set up was which candidate would lure voters to have a beer with them at the local bar. "Journalists made it seem like that was a legitimate way of choosing a president," says Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter. "They also wrongly presumed, based on nothing, that somehow Bush was more likable..."The last six years have been a powerful bit of evidence that we have to judge candidates for president on their preparation for the office with the same relish that we assess their personalities."

Fat chance.

And Gore just kept going on about issues. Alluding to five speeches he made in two months on education, crime, the economy, faith-based organizations, and cancer research, (NYT reporter Katherine) Seelye wrote, "Mr. Gore becomes almost indignant when asked if his avalanche of positions might overwhelm voters." The Washington Post's David Broder later found Gore too focused in his convention speech on what he'd do as president. "But, my, how he went on about what he wants to do as president," wrote Broder. "I almost nodded off." 

Discussing issues.  How boring!  How contemptuous of American voters, who, the writers of the national press presume, want to hear none of that, but are really interested in turning the country over to the guy they would like to have a beer with!  Sound like any recent candidate you know?

Eight years ago, in the bastions of the "liberal media" that were supposed to love Gore—The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, CNN—he was variously described as "repellent," "delusional," a vote-rigger, a man who "lies like a rug," "Pinocchio." Eric Pooley, who covered him for Time magazine, says, "He brought out the creative-writing student in so many reporters.… Everybody kind of let loose on the guy."

The high priest of Washington pundits at the time, David Broder, was just put to sleep by the facts.  And the rest of them found competence and seriousness to be repellant and delusional, while ignorance and belligerence were just oh so refreshing.

 This should sound very familiar to you, because it is being replayed in excruciatingly familiar detail with Hillary and Trump.  And now on to the first debate:

"The trivial continued to dominate during the postmortem following Gore and Bush's first debate, on October 3, 2000. The television media were sure Gore won—at first. But then Republican operatives promptly spliced together a reel of Gore sighing, which was then sent to right-wing radio outlets. Eighteen hours later, the pundits could talk of little else. "They could hear you audibly sighing or sounding exasperated as Governor Bush was answering questions," Katie Couric scolded him the next day on the Today show. "Do you think that's presidential behavior?" For the Times's Frank Bruni, the sighs weren't as galling as Gore's familiarity with the names of foreign leaders. "It was not enough for Vice President Al Gore to venture a crisp pronunciation of Milosevic, as in Slobodan," he wrote. "Mr. Gore had to go a step further, volunteering the name of Mr. Milosevic's challenger Vojislav Kostunica."

And that is how it was done folks- given the chance to elect a serious, honest leader who would have never started a three trillion dollar war of aggression, and not have destroyed the economy, or stood by laughing as a major American city was drowned, the American people were conned into electing a corrupt, ignorant buffoon.  And it took more than just the Republican party to accomplish that, it took the press too, working as hard as they could to see that the rich guys who wrote their paychecks got whom they wanted in the White House.

As I said, this should all sound so familiar to you, because it is exactly what is being done again this year.  The members of the mainstream press have not learned one damned thing about the danger of selling their souls to the devil, and are at it again.  I am confident that, no matter what happens in this first debate, unless Trump rapes a donkey on stage, the press will rally round him as they did in 2000, and endlessly proclaim him to be the winner.  And that could be the real end of the election, as their malignant deception really was in 2000.  Of course, Bush was a knight in shining armor compared to Trump, but what the party of the rich wants, the party of the rich must have; and don't think any of the reporters at the New York Times or the Washington Post or the cable news networks is going to stand up to them, and lose their multimillion dollar salaries, and their houses in the Hamptons and their private jet rides and their luxury vacations, just because accepting those things means doom for all the rest of us.  No, the people who are allowed to preach to us in the media are picked too carefully for any of them to think of doing that.  Oh, they may write just enough weak articles questioning the propriety of consigning the country to third world status, so in the future they can deny their role in our downfall, but that will amount to nothing compared to the damage they are willingly able to do.  And once again, they are going to try their hardest to accomplish their mission.

I just want to end here by stating what even many left wing commentators seem unable to grasp:  The members of the mainstream press are not the dupes of the Republicans, they are their collaborators.  They have worked hand in glove with the Republican party to turn this country over to corrupt, evil monsters like Reagan, Bush and Cheney, and now Trump, and until their weapon is forcibly taken out of their hands through the kind of press regulation that worked well enough from FDR through Jimmy Carter, this will continue, and the whole country will only be one election away from devastation.

Update:  And right on cue, a long article in (where else?) the New York Times this morning, devoted to blaming Al Gore for all the lies the press told about the first Gore-Bush debate:

"Note to Hillary Clinton: You can be whip-smart in a presidential debate, yet still blow it spectacularly. Just ask Al Gore."

I'm not going to bother getting into any more of the self-congratulating, tendentious mangling of reality in this article, but let me just state that this sentence should really read:

"Note to Hillary Clinton:  You can maul your opponent, as Gore did to Bush in the first 2000 debate,but that can't stop the entire mainstream press from reporting over and over again that you lost, until the vast majority of American voters believe it."

Friday, September 23, 2016

Somebody Endorsed Donald Trump Today

I'm not even going to bother mentioning his name.  He just committed one of the most craven acts in the history of American politics, and revealed himself for all time (to the two or three dozen people who hadn't figured this out yet) to be as morally bankrupt a human being as anyone in existence.

Well, enough about that, right?

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just start out with this remarkable revelation about our history from a county Trump chairman from Ohio:

“I don’t think there was any racism until Obama got elected. We never had problems like this ... Now, with the people with the guns, and shooting up neighborhoods, and not being responsible citizens, that’s a big change, and I think that’s the philosophy that Obama has perpetuated on America.”

Before Obama, it was all about inviting black people to our picnics.

And let's not leave this prediction of the future out:

Omirosa Manigault, Trump's "Director of African American Outreach":  “Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump. It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”  

The most powerful man IN THE UNIVERSE, do you hear me?!!?!?!!

Just the way every critic, everyone who challenged Obama had to bow down to him after he was elected.  Hey, both sides get treated the same, right?

And now, how about a through-the-looking-glass view of the media:

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Let’s savor their pain. Imagine yourself coming out of some university where you were reliably liberal and sucked-up to your pinko professors. You nodded eagerly whenever anyone said “global warming,” and you shook your head in horror whenever someone said “Men can’t have babies.” You got a job at some prominent newspaper or mainstream network, dutifully parroting the party line with perfect precision, awaiting the day when you would finally reach a level of power where you could not merely lie about and distort the news, but to actually control the news.

Then, just when you thought you were going to become a Lord of the Fourth Estate, you idiots completely overplayed your hand right when technology gave people an alternative to your old school media monopoly. You pushed us past the point of toleration just as the web created other places for us to go. And now, look at you. You’re nothing. Just a bunch of pompous, boring, nobodies without reputations, without respect, without futures."

You are nothing!  And your facts are nothing!  And believe me, there's lots more gloating about how wonderful ignorance is.

And, not scared enough today?

Victor Davis Hanson, Town Hall:  "This summer, President Obama was often golfing. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were promising to let the world be. The end of summer seemed sleepy, the world relatively calm.

The summer of 1914 in Europe also seemed quiet...In the summer of 1939, most observers thought Adolf Hitler was finally through with his serial bullying.

Wars often seem to come out of nowhere"

If you are ignorant about world history, that is.  If you know something about history, you know that wars come out of somewhere, like the general toleration of the rise of a xenophobic, racist hate cult in Germany, led by a lying, violent bully, in the twenties and thirties.  Get my point?

Derek Hunter, Town Hall:  "Journalism Is Dead"

When I clicked on this link, here is what I got:

"Error 520   Web server is returning an unknown error"

Maybe Derek is right.  And while we are on the subject of "dead,"

Larry Elder, Town Hall:  "Memo to GOP 'Never Trumpers': Reagan Isn't Rising From the Dead"

Don't harsh their mellow, guy.  They think he'll be back any day now, probably with Jesus driving his car.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Tulsa: Officer Shot An Unarmed Black Man When He Reportedly Reached Inside His Car, There’s A Reason For That"

Yeah, but not the one you are about to blab on about for eight hundred words.  The real reson only takes one word,and it starts with "r."  Get it?

Denise McAlister, PJ Media:  "Charlotte Had Racial Harmony. Then BLM and Nation of Islam Thugs Came"

BLM thugs- see, it had nothing to do with an innocent black man being gunned down by a white police officer without a shred of an excuse.  No, it's all about black thugs.  Of course.

Andrew C. McCarthy, PJ Media:  "DEADLIEST LIE: Without 'Lone Wolf' Lie, U.S. Could Have Stopped Nearly EVERY ATTACK"

Why, the answer is obvious!  Just throw every person that we might be afraid of in prison for life, at least if they are not white.  See, problem solved!

And of course, a couple of stories about the Charlotte police murderer by a guy who knows how to lie with the best of them:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "BREAKING: Dash Cam Video Shows Keith Scott Getting Out of Car, Coming at Officers, With GUN IN HAND"

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Gov. McCrory Declares State of Emergency – Says Gun Was Found on Street Where Keith Scott Was Shot"

Funny, you aren't seeing these two stories anywhere else than the right wing media, where they are being repeated ad infinitum as absolute truth.

And how about a way to spend a few minutes you'll never get back?

Matt C. Abbott, Renew America:  "Exclusive excerpts from famed exorcist's final book"

No thanks, we'll pass on that one.  Lucky too, because it's time to ramp up the fear a little more:

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "The end stage of world takeover by clear and present evil"

Clear and present evil.  That would be Obama, of course.  Who else could she be talking about?

Sher makes the following observation:

"Dictatorships and Oligarchies begin and are firmly installed when the people refuse to believe their eyes and ears and stop using their minds. "

And then follows it up with this:

" As Donald J. Trump has said more than once about voting for him..."What have you got to lose?" From my vantage point, there is nothing to lose and much to gain by allowing Mr. Trump to become President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump. If we don't elect him? Think Hunger Games...or a great deal worse."

Way to prove your point, Sher.

And in case you are pining for the important news today:

World Net Daily:  "Woman: I got a fried rat head in Popeye's chicken"

So, how was it?

Joe Kovacs, World Net Daily:  "MYSTERY: NOW HILLARY'S EYES 'GO CRAZY'

God, it will never stop.  Maybe it would be useful if they spent a little more time worrying about the fact that Trump's brain has gone crazy.

"What do YOU think? What’s your take on Hillary’s floating eyeball? Sound off in today’s WND poll"

Yeah, what's your expert medical diagnosis based on a photo which turns out to be a photoshop from a Conan O'Brien skit a couple of years ago?

Bruce Walker, American Thinker:  "The Useless Left...If the federal government was reduced to the tiny size needed to perform its constitutional purposes, all the perverse silliness that is leftism in America, taken off Washington life support, would become useful or shrivel into a hollow dead husk"

Perverse silliness.  Right.

Social Security, Medicare, the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, some bare minimum of racial justice, national parks, environmentalism, clean water, clean air, bank deposit insurance...perverse silliness that we'd be best off without.  Right.

Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker:  "Islamist Killers Do Not Have a 'Right' to Be Here...Those who believe that sharia law trumps the Constitution should not be allowed in."

What about those who believe that the Christian Bible trumps the Constitution?  Where do they belong?

John Hayward, Breitbart:  "‘Clinton Cash’ Author Peter Schweizer Confirms: Clinton Foundation Gives Only Six Percent to Charity"

Another smear from Trump's people.  The Clinton Foundation spends practically all of its money directly; for example by buying medicine for children around the world, and then hiring people to get it to them.  Only a very small part of its operations are contracted out.  In fact, charity watchdogs state that the Clinton Foundation has among the lowest rates of administrative costs of any major charity.  And Mr. Hayward knows this perfectly well, but since we've been hearing about the Trump "Foundation," which turns out, of course, to be one more self-enriching con job by the Trump family, it's time to trot out this tired lie about Hillary again.

John Hayward, Breitbart:  "John Bolton on Obama’s Internet Handover: ‘Within Ten Years, the Internet as We Know It Will End’

That would be right wing lunatic and former Bush II UN ambassador John Bolton, pictured below:

Just my opinion, of course, but I suspect that the odds against a guy with a mustache like that knowing a damned thing about the internet are about a trillion to one.

John Sexton, Hot Air:  "Shareblue: Another Media Matters spin-off working to elect Hillary Clinton"

And as we all know, working to elect Hillary is an anti-American, Communist, Muslim plot, which constitutes clear treason.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "BREAKING: Top Clinton Aide and Attorney Cheryl Mills Granted Immunity When FBI Wanted to Search Her Computer..."This is beyond explanation. The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy,” (Republican anti-Hillary liar Jason)Chaffetz said in a statement. “I've lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out. Immunity deals should not be a requirement for cooperating with the FBI." 

Yeah, Chaffetz has lost confidence.  He has lost confidence in the FBI's willingness to lie on behalf of Republicans.

"During the FBI investigation, a number of questions were raised around a serious conflict of interest presented since Mills served as Clinton's attorney while also serving as a witness in the case."

So Republicans can, apparently, force any attorney to cease representing their clients by simply subpoenaing the attorneys before a bogus Congressional committee.  Notice that nowhere is there a suggestion of anything that Cheryl Mills did that was improper.

Cortney O"Brien, Town Hall:  "North Carolina Congressman Apologizes For Saying Charlotte Protesters 'Hate White People'

No apology for actually believing that, however.

Joe Cunningham, Red State:  "Here’s Why You Don’t Vote For Democrats to Punish Republicans"

Because that's not doing what you are told to do.  You vote for Republicans to punish everyone.  Except the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson, of course.

Streiff, Red State:  "A Shrill Harpy-Like Hillary Clinton Screams At Her Audience "

Sigh.  It never stops.

Denise McAlister, PJ Media:  "Charlotte Police Chief Worried Releasing Video Might Cloud Witnesses' Memory"

Ha.  Knowing what actually happened might "cloud" people's memory.  Could there ever be a better example of Republicans' relation to reality?

Roger Simon, PJ Media:  "Why Trump Will Win: It's the Likability, Stupid!"

Likeability.  Because who do we like more than a smarmy, lying bully, with an insult always on his lips?  But you've got your orders now- Trump is likeable, and you are going to believe it totally, at least until election day.  Then, you can repent at leisure, after you've already voted and the party doesn't need you again for a couple of years.

A Thought About the Republican Party

This is just something I have been thinking about.  I can't say I have much confidence in its validity, but it makes sense to me today, so I will just shoot my mouth off about it.

The Republican party, for about a hundred years (Let's say from the time of Taft or Teddy Roosevelt up until the Bushes) was really dominated by a few very rich families.  Either their choices, or their actual relatives, were the ruling members of the party, and its selections for high office.  That worked out pretty well, although a couple of low-class outsiders like Nixon and Reagan managed to weasel their way into the White House, but by the 21st century, the party had sort of run out of traditional families like that.  The last sort of mainline old style Conservative to run for President was McCain, the son of a right wing admiral; after that, the party was out of ammo, as witnessed by the endless run of charlatans who have sought their Presidential nomination since then.  So, the Republicans seem to have adopted what I call the "artillery strategy."

Between World War I and World War II there was a great deal of progress in the aiming of artillery.  By early in World War II, massive books of tables involving millions of computations had been compiled to enable artillery to be aimed with some degree of accuracy, given distance, elevation, wind speed, etc.*  However, what I am talking about was the practice before that time, which traditionally involved firing two rounds, one deliberately short of the mark and one past it, seeing where they landed and using that information to set cannons to hit the target.

That is sort of what has happened in the last two Presidential elections, although probably not intentionally.  In 2012, with Romney, the Republicans undershot, and selected the sort of semi-rich sociopath who could be counted on to do every single thing the real rich guys wanted, but there was no way they could pass him off as a man of the people.  This time around, they did the opposite.  They picked a guy who had years of experience on TV honing his appeal to the unthinking, but who was in the end totally out of control.

Next time around, I am afraid (assuming Trump loses and there is a next time around) the Republicans are going to be shooting for the target.  They know what they need now- someone who is a robot totally in their control, but who can do an adequate job of faking being a real human being.  It is going to be a real test of our progress toward artificial intelligence to find such a candidate, but I think they may well be up to it.

*As a side note: until at least the middle of World War II, these computations were done by hand, by massive numbers of government employees who were called "computers."  When machines were developed to do a lot of this tedious work automatically, they were called computers too, and we were off to the races.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New York Times Set to Double in Size

This news just in:

"New York Times Editor Vows To Call Out Trump When He Blatantly Lies"

Wingnut Wrapup

Green Eagle's ongoing, random collection demonstrating what it means to think like a Conservative. Dedicated today to Donald Trump, who had this to say:

“Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever.”

Ever, ever, ever!  Even when they were slaves, I guess.

 And the rest ain't pretty either.  For a start, they won't ever give it up:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Wow: Apparent 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Uncovered on Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme"

I'm not going to even begin to explain to you what this "smoking gun" evidence is, since the account in Guy's article is so incomprehensible that it's obvious that, once again, they've got nothing, but basically it involves a question from a tech guy to Hillary's office asking if e-mails that were about to be made public should have the private e-mail addresses of correspondents removed before they became public property.  Boy, that is some offense there- Hillary's office should have just hung them out there, to suffer any kind of abuse the right decided to inflict on them.

But wait, there's more on this story:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "UPDATE: House Panel to Look Into Reddit Post That Blows Hillary Email Scandal Wide Open"

Trying to delete personal e-mail addresses from documents about to be made public- this blows the E-mail scandal wide open.  Sure it does, Jim.  Because that's all you've got after spending years and millions of dollars turning this ordinary conduct into a scandal.  But this is all it takes to crank up the House Republican witch hunt a month and a half before the election.

  • Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Obama Says We Have to 'See Ourselves' in Refugees"

We'd damned well better, because if Trump wins, that's what a lot of us will be.  Not refugees coming here, of course; refugees trying to get to somewhere else.  Somewhere safe, like, say Iran.

Mark Davis, Town Hall:  "The Left's Risky Birther Obsession"

Yes, the birther obsession came from the left!  That's his story and he's sticking to it!!

'In the interest of bipartisanship and general goodwill, I’d like to offer the following advice to the Hillary Clinton campaign and other voices on the left: Drop the birther nonsense."

And we know how kindly meant the advice is.  In fact, Hillary, if you take the right's advice, you will stop criticizing Trump for every lie he tells, and every time he incites violence among his supporters. Maybe you should tell all your supporters to vote for Jill Stein.  Yeah, that's a good idea.  Or just slit your own throat, and save some poor Trump supporter the cost of a bullet.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "President Obama Continues to Divide Americans"

Yeah.  Divide Americans into the race haters and the rest of us.

"... in the president’s judgment, while the election looks to be close, it ought not be, since Hillary is so much more qualified than Trump: “She’s been in the room where it happens, repeatedly. And her judgment has been unerring, and she has been disciplined, and she has been extraordinarily effective in every job that she’s had.” 

Once again, this is a divisive tactic and a slam on the American people."

It's divisive to tell the truth.  Or to even suggest that a Democrat, no matter how experienced, can be trusted to run the country.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Hillary: Trump's Rhetoric Has Strengthened the Terrorists"

You betcha.  Deal with it, Cortney.

Streiff, Red State:  "Trump’s Birtherism Is Not Racist"

Bullshit.  How can people even say things like this?

Patrick Poole, PJ Media:  "KNOWN WOLF, AGAIN: As Usual, NY-NJ Bomber Rahami Was Already Known to Authorities...Obama's near-flawless terror strategy: Nearly every one could have been stopped."

The new Republican standard:  It's okay to jail you for life if you are "known" to authorities.  Can someone tell me when it becomes appropriate to use the word "Gestapo?"

Robert Spencer, PJ Media:  "'Aid and Comfort': Clinton Suggests Trump Committed Treason"

Collaborating with the spy service of our biggest enemy in the world in order to rig our electoral process- that is apparently not treason, if a Republican does it.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Unreal! Donald Trump Jr. Comes Under Fire for Comparing Muslim Refugees to Skittles"

Lighten up, Jim.  Apparently not much to lie about today, huh?

Alan Keyes:  "A meditation on personhood and God's creation"

Alan, I wouldn't read what you have to say if it was a meditation on where I can find a pirate chest full of gold doubloons.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "It's the Marxism, not the 'birtherism'

See, now that the birther crap has suffered a final death blow, it turns out that it was never about where Obama was born, it was about the fact that he is a COMMUNIST!!!!  Anyone out there buying that one?

Bruce Deitrick Price, Renew America:  "An unfurnished mind is a terrible place to live"

So is a place so heavily furnished with lies that it belongs on an episode of "Right Wing Hoarders." Think about it, Bruce.

Matt Staver, World Net Daily:  "School rule mandates boys 'bedding down' with girls on overnight trips"

Woohoo!!!  Why couldn't Green Eagle have gone to a school like that?


That's because she was making a detailed policy recommendation at the time, and they weren't leaping around, screaming obscene threats and beating people up like they do at Trump rallies- they were listening, because they care about what happens to the country after the next President is sworn in.  Of course, to right wingers, that is a bad thing.  Best to wreck everything, and Devil take the hindmost.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  " TRUMP SHOULD START GOVERNING NOW"

Elections?  Phooey!  That's not what America is about any more.  Haven't you pathetic liberals figured that out yet?

World Net Daily:  "JUST THE FACTS: Professional theologians are not telling the truth"

No shit, Sherlock.  And here I thought the world really was 6,000 years old, and that Donald Trump represents the embodiment of Christ right here on earth.  Man, am I going to have to do some rethinking about things.

And finally, a cogent argument for voting Trump:

Christopher Chantrill, American Thinker: "After eight years of Obama’s War on Fun, Donald Trump will Make America Fun Again"
Fun.  Like this:

Man, I can hardly wait.

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:  "It continues to baffle me. Why do some of my black relatives think I am racially disloyal for rejecting the Left's lie that says cops murder blacks?"

Man, the mental torment a black man must go through in order to keep cranking out lies like this for the man.  Oh, wait a minute, who am I kidding?  There are plenty of black people out there who have no soul, who are willing to take a paycheck to spread hatred against their fellow black Americans.  Not anywhere as many as the white haters who are published alongside them, but still, enough to fill the admittedly small demand, and help white racists tell themselves that black people are just thrilled with the deal they have gotten in this country, so they should just shut up- unless, of course, they agree like Lloyd to never open their mouths unless a lie is primed to come out.

Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker:  "Lowest Emmy viewership ever! Wonder why..."

Apparently, it's because someone there compared Trump to Hitler.  I really doubt that is the reason that people didn't watch (I sure didn't, and I've worked on at least two high quality TV dramas in the last year or so- "Underground" and "All the Way."  And believe me, it wasn't because I was afraid of hearing Trump compared to Hitler.  Been there, done that.)

"There were of course no defenders of Trump who had the courage to speak out in defense of America.  Not one.  They know they would never work in this town again.  And they would not."

Bullshit.  I've worked "in this town" for just about exactly thirty years now, and I have never, ever seen anyone's career destroyed just because they are stupid enough to fall for Republican lies.  No one really cares if you are a right winger, unless you keep trying to shove your hatred down people's throats, in which case we will turn our backs on you not because you are a Conservative, but because you are an asshole.  But then, I must observe that, while not all assholes are Conservatives, all Conservatives are assholes, so the distinction may not amount to much.

"...the Emmys are no longer a celebration or acknowledgement of talent.  They are awards for excellence in political correctness."

No, they are not.  As they have always been, and as the Oscars are too, they are an award for having the most friends among the voters.  And being a right wing jerk isn't going to help with that.

M. Catherine Evans, American Thinker:  "Open borders zealot Loretta Lynch contributing to heroin overdoses"

Funny, when it's black people that are dying from drug overdoses, it's the "failure of the black family" and "black on black violence," and basically "they're all just shiftless criminals."  But when white rural right wingers start dying, guess what?  Surprise...It's all Obama's fault!  Bet you didn't see that coming.

Mike Ford, American Thinker:  "Racial profiling...isn't.  One of leftists' favorite trigger words is a laughable contradiction in terms.  It's time for us to start laughing at them."

If I deny it's happening, it isn't happening.  I can do whatever I want, and if you don't like it, I will just laugh at you, and send a few cheap insults your way.  Welcome to Trump's America.

David Lawrence, American Thinker:  "North Korea: Obama refuses to stop evil...again"

Which he is supposed to  No explanation from David about that.  I expect that David wants some bombing, and maybe an invasion.  That will really help things.

"Obama wasn't the first president to fail to respond to the North Koreans.  Carter and Clinton were before him.  We have a pack of cowards eating the scraps of a starving Kim regime."

Of course, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were before Obama too, and the North Korean regime still exists.  Any suggestions about the criteria David used when deciding which Presidents to denounce and which ones to ignore?

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller:  "Hugh Hewitt Explains Why Attacks Against Trump's Business Practices Won't 'Move Voters... "that will be the major narrative to help Donald Trump"

Because Republican voters are so filled with a love of violence and hatred that nothing is as endearing to them as dishonesty and stomping your foot in the face of people weaker than you.

Well, enough for one dose, right?  More than enough, but it always is.

Islamist Terrorist Indeed

We learn this about the guy who has been arrested for the idiotic New York pressure cooker bombings:

"A naturalized US citizen of Afghan descent, Ahmad Khan Rahami, has been arrested in New Jersey after a shootout with police. He was identified on surveillance video placing the bombs in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, and his fingerprints were found on the pressure cooker bomb that did not explode. Ahmad was found apparently passed out in the doorway of a bar."

Passed out in the doorway of a bar.  Great Muslim there.  Something is really wrong with this story, I think.  Oh well,  I guess it's an excuse to post a song from someone else who was found passed out in the doorway of a bar:

"Jimmy Reed here tonight," I asked the bartender. 
"Was here, but they through playing" 
"I'd just like to meet him.  I'd just like to see him." 
"You just did." 
"How's that," I asked. 
"When you was walking into the club, that was the man you stepped over."

Anyway, here we go, my favorite Jimmy Reed song:

Easier to take than a bomb in a dumpster.


In case you have never seen him, here is the infamous Alex Jones, the king of right wing conspiracy nuts, and one of the main influences on Donald Trump.  I bring you this courtesy of Digby, and  urgently hope you will watch as much as you can take.  The mixture of hatred and out and out madness is truly frightening.

This is what the country is buying into.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Free Political Poster

Now that ISIS has made it really clear who they want to lead the United States, what can Patriots! do except give them the apocalyptic war that they want, and that they will never get from Hillary?

So, Mr. Trump, be my guest and use this to display to the world who you are really working alongside:
No need to thank me, really.  I'm just doing my part.

The Future of the United States

Helpfully accompanied by a few illustrations

I feel called upon to state openly where I think this country is going.  First, I want to say that my views since the Reagan administration have essentially been consistent, although only the few people who have known me that long could attest to my having held to this belief as long as I have.  I say this not to gloat, but to assure you that what I have to predict here is not the product of a recent depression brought on by the success of Trump, but of decades of careful observation of what is happening to the United States.

Trump may, even likely will, lose the election, but it makes no difference in the long run.  The truth is, Trump is an anomaly, a consequence of a miscalculation on the part of the Republican elite, which spent decades, and billions of dollars, building an electoral base that was motivated by greed, hatred and a lust for violence; without at the same time building in quite enough authoritarian passivity to understand that their role was simply to do what they were told.  Believe me, many liberals may not get that yet, but the few hundred rich sociopaths who really run the Republican party know it perfectly, and they will see that it never happens again- that no one not hand picked by them ever gets close to the Republican nomination, and all their cash, needed to turn a loser into a winner.

What comes in four years, or eight, will be far worse than Trump: far more plausible, far more ruthless, and far more under control.  And thanks to the deliberate destruction of our electoral democracy by corrupt Justices planted on the Supreme Court, nothing stands in the way of whoever has the most money to spend.  We hear all day long that any Democratic candidate other than Hillary would be destroying Trump.  This is not true, because the same smear machine that has given Hillary her utterly unjustified unpopularity would be turned on them with similar results.  What is true, however, is that virtually any one of the sixteen other Republican candidates for President would be walking all over Hillary because, despite her being an honest, well-intentioned candidate with more qualifications to be President than anyone we have seen since Roosevelt, the Republicans have succeeded in destroying her public image.

So, Trump will never happen again.  If he loses, the real Republicans, their rich donors, the people who own the party, will immediately start insuring that they win next time, or the time after that.  And here is what they have planned for our country, an agenda that has remained utterly unchanged for the lifetimes of the people reading this post, and which will never change until it is implemented fully:

Like the idea of paying into Social Security accounts all your life so you can get the promised return when you are too old to work?  Forget it; the Social Security funds are the greatest pile of unstolen money left in the country, and they are going to be taken as soon as possible.  That doesn't mean, of course, that you will stop having part of your earnings taken every week of your whole working life; it just means there won't even be a pretense of your ever getting most of it back.

A decent education for all is a right, and in fact a necessity in a democratic country?  Forget it.  Once democracy is dead, as it basically already is, we only need people who do what they are told.  Education is for those who can afford it, an ever shrinking group restricted to the children of the richest people in society, and soon enough not even to them.   Their parents will be perfectly capable of teaching them how to steal with impunity from everyone else, and in today's America that, along with inheritance, is the only real path to riches, as perfectly represented by the Republican party's last two nominees for President.

Health care?  Pay or die.  Denying health care to the non-rich is, after all, only culling the herd of the losers, after all, and any good rancher (the Bundys for example, "good" in the new America meaning those who can do the best job of living off the government while blaming everyone else for the same thing) will tell you that culling the herd is a good thing.

A banking and investment system that exists to enable all of us to save and marshall our resources so that, if we do not engage in stupid investments, will permit us to reach some degree of economic stablility?  Forget it.  Banks and investment firms are now virtually nothing but another way to enable the rich to steal whatever small amount of savings everyone else has accumulated, and the possibility of reversing that is virtually nonexistent.

Food safety?  Water to drink and air to breathe that don't kill us?  Safe drugs? Safe machines and houses and workplaces?  Forget it.  These cost money, which belongs in the pockets of the hyper-rich, who deserve that money because they are the "job creators," and who can meet those needs on their own, spending your money to accomplish that.

A minimum wage?  Don't be ridiculous.  The "free market" will determine what you out there are worth, which is essentially nothing, or at least not one penny more that someone in Bangladesh or Indonesia needs to keep them barely alive while they slave fourteen hours a day for the privilege.

And finally our government:  an oligarchic dictatorship which exists solely to benefit literally two or three hundred families, many of them not even American, and which cares not a shred for the rest of the population, which will be relegated to what is essentially a slave class, with the penalty for trying to rise above their station to be starvation, homelessness and a quick death.  Oh well, plenty more where those came from, if not here, then in some other country.

And wars!  Lots of wars!  Wars to sate the hatred and anger of the Republican base, wars for profit, and wars to seize the territory and resources of other countries, to feed the never-satisfiable hunger for more, more, more among the richest sociopaths in world history.

This is the almost certain fate of our country:  within a generation to lose every single thing America is supposed to mean, and to become the most massive third world dictatorship the world has ever known.

Well, here's the only bright lining in this cloud:  Thomas Piketty, who has calculated that, by 2030, the United States will have the most unequal division of wealth in the history of the human race, has also pointed out that no society like this has ever, ever survived without provoking a violent rebellion, in which the rich criminals get a lot of what they had coming.  Unfortunately, the last time the Western world went through an episode like this, it cost fifty million lives, and that was before nuclear weapons.  The juggernaut is on the move, and the devastation and suffering that will be the product of our having stood there and allowed this to happen are going to be beyond anything the world has ever seen; the return to normality for the few survivors is scant comfort to the rest of us, who are facing the abyss.

They Want Trump to Win

Trump is the only one who shares the Islamists' hunger for a world-wide apocalypse.  Hillary will never give them the massive mass slaughter they are hoping and (literally) praying for.  Trump will.  And sad to say, a very large proportion of his followers have the same love of hatred and violence that members of ISIS or Al Qaida do.  They are working hand in glove with the Islamists to make this a reality.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Real Purpose of the Mainstream Press

After all the ranting I have done, I fear that I have still not made it clear what is going on with the mainstream press in this country; something which is still shown by the endless comments attributing the problem to, at worst, an attempt to maximize press profits by obscuring the difference between the candidates.

In fact, the people that own the press today do not give one damn about the money which they can make from their newspapers and TV news establishments.  Here is what they are really up to:  According to calculations done by Thomas Piketty and his associates, the United States is on a track to have the most unequal division of wealth in the known history of the world, by 2030.  The amount of money which this will move to the rich from the rest of us is so huge that the profits or losses of the corporate press are absolutely infinitesimal in comparison.  The press in this country exists today not to make money on its own, but solely to propagandize the American electorate into allowing this transfer of wealth to take place.

That's it.  We have no mainstream "press" any more, just a gigantic propaganda machine designed to convince the American people that cutting taxes on the rich and destroying corporate regulation, two things that have resulted in disasters over and over again, are great ideas that just need one more try, to usher in paradise on earth.  And in collaboration with the Republican party, a wholly owned subsidiary of the richest two hundred or so families in the country, they are knowingly destroying everything that ever made us special in any way, in the name of short term profits.

And I say "short term" because, as Piketty also points out, whenever something like this has occurred throughout the entire known history of humanity, the result is a violent rebellion and the destruction of the rich oligarchy.  But they don't care.  They all believe that they will be able to escape the cataclysm when it comes this time, and spend the rest of their days relaxing by the pool in their villas in Cap d'Antibes.

Until global warming kills us all, of course.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

They Don't Get It At All

So, once again, Green Eagle has to explain what should be obvious to everyone in the country.  No, of course Trump never believed his birther bullshit.  No, he doesn't believe half of what he says at this point.  Here is what he is up to:  He knows that if he does or says something outrageous every single day, the press will jump from one outrage to the next, totally abandoning even a pretext of covering Hillary and her issue-oriented campaign.  Trump knows that nothing he does, no matter how abominable, will alienate a single one of the miserable excuses for human beings in this country who have decided that his hatred and violence are just what the country needs.  But to reach 50%, Hillary must at least let undecided voters see who she is and what she is proposing to do as President.  Trump has found a perfect way to prevent that from happening.  Of course, to get away with it, he needs the complicity of the press, but that is obviously not a problem.

So, you can expect the following:  First of all, one atrocity after another, on a daily basis, from Trump; and second, the press jumping on each one of these atrocities which, whether the press pretends to like them or not, eat up all the time until election day, leaving Hillary as a virtually nonexistent candidate.

Then, if Hillary loses, we will hear for years from the mainstream press what a miserable campaign she ran, when she had it all in her pocket and lost it.  They will totally ignore the fact that they made it happen, willingly, and with malice aforethought.

And somehow, when the country falls apart on a scale that will make the Bush Administration look like a minor glitch, that will all be the Democrats' fault too.

The game is rigged, guys.  I thought that we could overcome the malice of the Republican party, but I don't believe it any more.  Even if, by some miracle, Hillary wins in November, the day after the election, the Republican party and the rich sociopaths that back them will start working to create something even more horrible for the future.  And sooner or later, they will wear us out, so that in a couple of years, or a decade or two, the America that we were taught about will be no more.  Today, I have zero faith that we can hold off the maelstrom.  And please remember that Hitler and the Nazis caused the deaths of fifty million people, without having five thousand nuclear weapons.  Trump, or the next Trump, or the one after that, will decide that it's just fine to nuke some of our enemies, to teach the world a lesson, and then we will have a new Third Reich, which no one on earth can stop.

Luckily, their ignoring of global warming will bring an end to the human race in a century or so.  Sad to say, that is currently the best outcome I can imagine.

Liberals Still Living In Fantasy Land

And today's example of utter cluelessness comes from Kerry Eleved, writing at Daily Kos, which we normally count on to be an island of sanity in this insane country, but which doesn't seem to be coming through this time around.  Let's check out a bit of it:

"View from the Left: The media's birther awakening...

Donald Trump had Hillary Clinton on the ropes. She called people deplorable, got sick, and hadn't prioritized the media. Then he uttered a single sentence.

"President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period."

That, my friends, is the beginning of a new day."

On what planet?  Because if this idiot thinks one more embarrassment added to the hundreds that the Republican party has heaped on the press for decades, is going to change things, he really is living in a fantasy land.  The "new day" will pretty much be literally a single day, until Trump utters some other sickening smear, and off they will go, leaving this to be forgotten totally.

"(The press) were outraged. They had been told he would address the birther issue and instead were treated to a lengthy string of endorsements from veterans before Trump stepped to the mic with one line that was apparently supposed to wipe away his five-year exploitation of a non-issue that launched his unscrupulous political career.

"The journalists got played, punked, duped—pick your word. But before this week, traditional reporters had typically been cruising along on auto-pilot, regurgitating everything this one-man freak show says. After that classic Trumpwellian line, however, media outlets that had until now steered away from rightfully characterizing Trump as the liar he is finally turned on him."

They did not get played, because the press is part of the team doing the punking.  "Traditional reporters" get paid to say what they are supposed to say.  In the course of this, the carefully selected pack of worms that are allowed to be the media's spokesmen have swallowed hundreds of insults just as bad as this, and will continue to do so.  Do you think that the fact that Trump has lied about Obama's birthplace for five year will be any more humiliating to them than all of the other Republican lies that they have willingly promoted?  And I mean really consequential lies, like climate change denial, the lies about the second amendment that allowed this country to be swamped by over three hundred million guns, or the grand champion lie of all, supply side economics, a patent fantasy designed solely to justify handing everything over to the rich.  

No, what is going on here is just a brief attempt to fake an appearance of journalistic integrity, before they get back to what they are paid to do: collaborate with the Republican party in electing a government which is willing to turn every scrap of wealth in this country over to a few hundred rich sociopaths, and to create an oligarchic dictatorship which will crush anyone who opposes this program, without a second thought.  And who better to lead this crusade than a sociopathic billionaire himself?  Who needs a middle-man at the head of our government any more?

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Truth Today

Donald Trump today, talking about Vladimir Putin:

“Well, look, I don’t know him, and I know nothing about him, really. I just think if we got along with Russia, that’s not a bad thing,” Trump said. “The Democrats try to say I like him somehow. I don’t like him. I don’t dislike him. I don’t have any feelings one way or the other. And it’s not going to matter what he says about me. If he says good things or bad things about me, I’m going to make great deals for our country.” He added,  “They make it like he’s my best friend, I don’t know him.”

Okay then, delete all memories of anything else he just might have said at some time in the distant past.

Will a thing like this become a greater issue than Hillary coughing?  Of course not.  I mean, who doesn't want a compulsive liar in the White House?

And just to add to the atrocity, here's something else Trump had to say today:

“I think they should take the guns away from Hillary’s bodyguards. Let’s see what happens to her.”

This is a clear incitement to assassination, and I dare anyone to claim differently.  This man should be in a Federal prison, and I mean that literally, not in the disgusting way that Republicans are always lying about Hillary belonging in prison.  He is an out of control criminal maniac, not a legitimate Presidential candidate.

Of course, it doesn't make any difference, because the press loves him gets paid to push his candidacy, so they pretend that it's okay to hasten the demise of the country by encouraging people to vote for him.

As I Was Saying

I want to quote from one of my posts from June:

"I must warn people of a phenomenon that I have observed for numerous elections now, but which I have never seen mentioned by a single other person, left or right.  It has been customary for the press to have a brief period before the conventions when they make a feint of presenting some kind of modestly honest coverage of the candidates, before shifting back to their unrelenting support of the Republican, no matter what an incompetent, lying con man he clearly is.  This is done so that, in later years, this can be cited as some sort of proof that the press was even-handed.  In fact, this period represents the point at which committed, politically involved people have virtually all made their choices, and politically uninvolved, low information voters are still tuned out.  It is a safe time to pretend to be fair, before getting back to their flacking for the party of the rich; do not delude yourself into thinking that anything different is going to happen this time around, no matter how horrible a Trump Presidency would be for the country."

You would think that Republicans and the press would have learned some tiny little lesson from what they foisted on the country in the 2000 Presidential election, but obviously they didn't.  Of course, you'd think that they might have learned something from the time their policies caused the Great Depression, but that didn't seem to leave any lasting impression on them either.  And here we go again.

Well, despite everything they are doing to elect Trump, it is still likely that he will lose.  But they are still trying, and if things fall out the wrong way, this country is finished.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Still At It with the Excuses

Today's example, Josh Marshall, at Talking Points Memo, summing up the point he is trying to make in this rambling apologia for the press:

"Mainstream media journalists simply lack the tool set to deal with a candidate like Trump."

They don't?  As far as I can tell, the only "tool set" they require is some minimal respect for the truth, and an ability to feel a bit of outrage at the thought of collaborating in the effort to put a lying, racist bully in charge of the country.  And that is a tool set which every marginally decent person on earth has.

There, Josh.  I managed to make my point in just a couple of sentences, not two thousand words.  And it has the virtue of being true, instead of being another weak attempt to deny what is really going on.  The mainstream press is owned by Republicans, and it exists to push Republican candidates and Republican schemes.  It hires people who are willing to do that by any means necessary.  The world is filled with characters who will sell their souls for a comfortable job, and that is what is going on here, not a bunch of over-educated fools that just can't get their minds around the idea that there is a difference between truth and falsity.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder why they have been so careful to see to it that this guy never gets another chance to appear on national broadcast news?

Put the whole story in one place like this, and you had better keep your hands off the news, buddy.

Wingnut Wrapup

Note:  I have pretty much ignored the literally hundreds of lunatic posts about Hillary's health I've seen in the last couple of days.  I hope that's okay with you.  Well, maybe a couple snuck in, but trust me, I could fill ten Wingnut Wrapups with these stories, if I really wanted to bore you to death.

And let's just start with Conservatives putting it right out there:

Jonathan F. Keiler, American Thinker:  "Unlike Obama, Putin Is a Patriot"

I'm sure Stalin and Hitler were patriots too, in your opinion, Jonathan.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  " Mike Pence Releases 10 Years Of Tax Returns"

That is an occasion worthy of celebration on the right, apparently.  Sort of makes you wonder, huh?

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Clinton Supporter Says Hilary Could Learn Something From Trump's School Choice Plan"

Clinton Supporter!  All for Trump's plan!  I wonder who that brave Clinton Supporter might be?

"The American Federation for Children's (AFC) Kevin Chavous is a Hillary Clinton supporter, yet he had nothing but praise for her opponent Donald Trump after his education speech on Thursday in which he announced his new plan to expand school choice."

The American Federation for Children's Keven Chavous!  Oh, now I see. From Sourcewatch:

"The American Federation for Children (AFC) is a conservative 501(c)(4) dark money group that promotes the school privatization agenda via the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and other avenues. It is the 501(c)(4) arm of the 501(c)(3) non-profit group the Alliance for School Choice. The group was organized and is funded by the billionaire DeVos family, who are the heirs to the Amway fortune. Former Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, who was charged with multiple crimes stemming from abuse of his office, is on staff at AFC as Senior Advisor to its Government Affairs Team."

I get it:  ALEC, school vouchers, corruption... why, the usual background of a Hillary supporter.  And by the way, I got bored pretty fast, but my Google search failed to show any sign that Chavous, who claims to be a Democrat despite being funded by ALEC, i.e. the Koch brothers, has ever supported Hillary, or done anything in public but what he is paid to do, which is to attack Hillary's positions on education.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Why a Non-Religious Director Decided to Make a 'Jesus Rock Film'

The only gig he could get?  That's my guess.  So, what is it about?

"HILLSONG - LET HOPE RISE is a new motion-picture genre: the theatrical worship experience."

And aren't you sad you missed them:

Sorry, guys; I'll stick with the Stones.

Christine Rousselle, Town Hall:  "Trump Could Very Likely Win Part of Maine This November"

Part of Maine.  A consolation prize?

And now a unique twist on reality:

Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media:  "Media Furious that Matt Lauer Treated Trump and Hillary the Same"

As I have said before, a hundred people hear the Conservative lies about things like this, for every person who actually knows what happened.  So, this brazen twisting of the facts is what you get.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "It Begins… Hillary’s Health Concerns Make Top Story in National Enquirer...At least there’s one news organization that is not afraid of running stories on Hillary Clinton’s poor health."

At least one?  How about a thousand wingnut sites and mainstream news outlets that have been pounding out this lie for months?  And there's the "It begins" thing, again.  Jim, what begins, and how can it be beginning when you have been screaming about it for ever?  And finally, this filthy rag full of lies, owned by Trump's best friend, is a "news organization?"  Give me a break.

Michelle Bachmann:  “On every single level, if you look at the agenda that Donald Trump has put forward, it’s been one that I — as a constitutional conservative, as a believer in Jesus Christ — I cannot only easily embrace, but readily embrace."

Man, I'll tell you something:  If Michelle Bachmann believes she can reconcile supporting Trump with the teachings of Jesus, she is one ignorant, stupid individual.  Of course we knew that already.  How can she have been raised all her life as a Christian, and she never read the Sermon on the Mount?

But let's be straight here- we know that all of those right wing, evangelical "Christians" don't give a damn about Christianity; it's all just a cover for their out of control greed and hatred. And I mean all of them, not some "basket" of half of them.  Every single one.  It's no wonder that the rest of the country is turning its back on Christianity these days.

Pat Nolan, Town Hall:  "Trump Should Look to the States for Successful Law and Order Policies"

Which States?  Maybe Mississippi or Alabama?

Joe Cunningham, Red State:  "RUMOR: Do Democratic Operatives Want to Replace Clinton?"

This is flying its way around the right wing blogosphere today, despite the fact that there is not one source for it mentioned anywhere.

Well, nobody except Dick Morris, which just proves that it is false.

I picked this one because it was written by Joe Cunningham, who suggested this weekend that Hillary's staff are desperately trying to prevent her from committing suicide.  No source for that one either, in case you wondered.

But it's happening!  Believe us:

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE!  "Democrats 'meeting in secret' to pick Hillary replacement"

So secret, in fact that no one has a shred of evidence that it is happening.  But it is! Trust us!

And a good-as-gold medical question from the legendary Stupidest Man on the Internet:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "If It’s Just Pneumonia That’s Keeping Hillary Down – Why the Shades?"

Oh, I don't know, maybe because it was really sunny out?  Or maybe we should take Jim's suggestion seriously:

"One post on Twitter...suggested that the glasses are not regular sun glasses.  That is why she was wearing them. "

They weren't regular sun glasses.  They were probably those ones specially made to fit lizard people from outer space.  By the way, just to be clear about this, light stimuli can trigger seizures in certain people with forms of epilepsy which, with all of the dozens of medical disasters which supposedly plague Hillary, she has never been accused of having.  A certain type of Zeiss sunglasses, not for sale in the U.S. are asserted by some to ameliorate that possibility, but there seems to be no proof to support that. The Epilepsy Foundation, at their web page dealing with treating this condition, says absolutely nothing about anti-seizure glasses, but of course, what do they know?

Senator David Perdue:  "Donald Trump Is Our Only Shot To Shake Up Washington"

Senator, the only shaking up Washington needs is to get rid of seditious, corrupt Republicans like you.

And now this delightful opinion:

Jay Caruso, Red State:  "Bill And Barack Filling In For Hillary On The Campaign Trail Proves She Needs A Man To Do Her Work For Her"

No comment needed.

Streiff, Red State:  "Did Bill Clinton Just Let Slip That Hillary Has A Major Health Problem?"

No.  But that won't stop you from saying he did, will it, Streiff?  You, like all your wingnut friends, have lied so much over the last couple of decades that you can't tell the difference between truth and lies any more, if you ever could.  In fact, judging from what you write, you actually like the lies better.

Denise McAlister, PJ Media:  "The Sordid History of Liberals Calling Republicans Racists"

Just one short chapter in the sordid history of Liberals telling the truth.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "WOW! Liberal Media Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Putin and Trump Poisoned Sick Hillary"

WOW!!!  Well, one guy who thinks that might be possible.  I follow the liberal media very closely, and I saw not one single thing about this, until I learned about it from Jim Hoft.

World Net Daily:  "ISIS butchers hang prisoners from meat hooks"

Well, really, how else are you going to keep them fresh until dinner time?

World Net Daily:  "Mystery: What caused deadly school bus crash?"
I blame Obama.

And that's all I could take this time.  "Bye!

The Same Old Thing, Every Damned Day

Boy, this is boring.

As Daily Kos  reports today, in what has come to be an every day story:

"Fact is, the New York Times is going a step beyond false balance, giving blanket coverage to relatively minor Clinton issues while virtually ignoring major Trump ones. And then public editor Liz Spayd has the nerve to trot out and argue that calls for the newspaper to report semi-fairly are illegitimate and overly ideological."

Yeah, what else is new?  To tediously repeat my endless mantra, which I have been saying for a good two decades now:  The Democrats could wipe the Republican party off the face of the earth without hardly trying.  What they cannot do is beat the Republicans and the press working together.  That is what has given us Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes, and which almost gave us McCain and Romney.  And rather than show an ounce of shame for their behavior, the press is working harder than ever to both smear Hillary with a pack of lies, and ignore the ludicrous unsuitability of Donald Trump to lead this country.

I will only finally say again, that anyone who still thinks after all this time that this is about the press profiting from a "horse race," or that it is because our national news figures have the emotional development of a bunch of Junior High School Heathers, is ignoring the fact that this behavior never, ever benefits anyone but Republicans.  They own the press, and they use it to push their subversive, anti-democratic agenda.  And until people on the left give up their delusion that there is any other real explanation for this phenomenon, they are never going to be able to deal with it.

The "consolidation" of the press into the hands of a few gigantic corporations, which was made possible as one minor effect of the Reaganoid "deregulation" which has eaten away at the fabric of the United States, must be reversed.  Large corporations must not be allowed to monopolize the mainstream media, or we are on a very short path to an oligarchic dictatorship.  Anyone who can't see that now, is truly blind.

Monday, September 12, 2016

I Promised to Repost This Periodically

So here it is:
This is pretty much all you need to know about the Republican party and its candidate for President, but the press really doesn't seem to be interested.  Funny thing, that.

Hillary Doesn't Tell the Truth

And she didn't!  Let's face reality: when Hillary said that half of Trump's supporters are violence-loving racists, she was wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  In fact, here is the truth which she still will not accept:  Given what we have seen coming from Trump the last year, every one of Trump's supporters is a violence-loving racist.  Every one of this miserable band of haters.

The right and their lackeys in the press have, of course, savaged her for daring to elude to the obvious nature of the people who support Trump, and they would probably have been just as vicious if she claimed a quarter of them, or ten percent, or one of them was racist.

Learn your lesson, Hillary and the rest of you gutless Democrats out there.  Better to be hanged for telling the truth than for just hinting around about it. And if you let these miserable people define what it is allowable for you to say, you are sunk.  You've already dug a big ditch for yourself by being afraid to confront the real truth about the Republican wall of hatred and viciousness that is being deliberately created in America.  It might be too late to undo the damage, but why not at least give it a try?