They Don't Get It At All

So, once again, Green Eagle has to explain what should be obvious to everyone in the country.  No, of course Trump never believed his birther bullshit.  No, he doesn't believe half of what he says at this point.  Here is what he is up to:  He knows that if he does or says something outrageous every single day, the press will jump from one outrage to the next, totally abandoning even a pretext of covering Hillary and her issue-oriented campaign.  Trump knows that nothing he does, no matter how abominable, will alienate a single one of the miserable excuses for human beings in this country who have decided that his hatred and violence are just what the country needs.  But to reach 50%, Hillary must at least let undecided voters see who she is and what she is proposing to do as President.  Trump has found a perfect way to prevent that from happening.  Of course, to get away with it, he needs the complicity of the press, but that is obviously not a problem.

So, you can expect the following:  First of all, one atrocity after another, on a daily basis, from Trump; and second, the press jumping on each one of these atrocities which, whether the press pretends to like them or not, eat up all the time until election day, leaving Hillary as a virtually nonexistent candidate.

Then, if Hillary loses, we will hear for years from the mainstream press what a miserable campaign she ran, when she had it all in her pocket and lost it.  They will totally ignore the fact that they made it happen, willingly, and with malice aforethought.

And somehow, when the country falls apart on a scale that will make the Bush Administration look like a minor glitch, that will all be the Democrats' fault too.

The game is rigged, guys.  I thought that we could overcome the malice of the Republican party, but I don't believe it any more.  Even if, by some miracle, Hillary wins in November, the day after the election, the Republican party and the rich sociopaths that back them will start working to create something even more horrible for the future.  And sooner or later, they will wear us out, so that in a couple of years, or a decade or two, the America that we were taught about will be no more.  Today, I have zero faith that we can hold off the maelstrom.  And please remember that Hitler and the Nazis caused the deaths of fifty million people, without having five thousand nuclear weapons.  Trump, or the next Trump, or the one after that, will decide that it's just fine to nuke some of our enemies, to teach the world a lesson, and then we will have a new Third Reich, which no one on earth can stop.

Luckily, their ignoring of global warming will bring an end to the human race in a century or so.  Sad to say, that is currently the best outcome I can imagine.


Jerry Critter said…
The press is not interested in disseminating facts or truth. It is all about the number of people how are reading or listening to what they put out. Truth does not pay the bills.
Grung_e_Gene said…
Sheeot GE I wanted to not believe your post but you are right.
Paul W said…
there is a solution but it involves raising enough cash to buy out the right-wing noise machine so that they won't have their media bubble to hide in anymore.
Green Eagle said…
Paul, the solution involves electing a government that will reinstitute a reasonable set of laws to prevent the rich from destroying us all. We had that after the Republican Great Depression, but of course, they just waited until they were sure enough people had forgotten about that, and undid it all; and here we are.

Unfortunately, electing that government involves the incredible difficulty posed by the greatest of all these deregulations- Citizens United. An honest Supreme Court, not packed over the decades with corrupt Republican tools will be a big step in that direction, which is the single greatest reason the Republicans are even willing to accept Trump, rather than see another Democrat in the White House.

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