Alicia Machado

Something I don't think I've seen anyone comment about, regarding Trump's verbal abuse of Alicia Machado:  He insults her appearance, and she is a Miss Universe winner, after all.  What does a woman have to look like, before this asshole is willing to concede that she looks okay?

What this proves is that attacks on women by guys like Trump have absolutely nothing to do with the victims themselves, but are simply an attempt to beat them down and get them to act properly subservient.  Someone like Alicia Machado insults Trump's male identity by the mere fact of having succeeded at something, so he needs to crush her.  The same thing is going on with Hillary, and by the way, with the numerous male opponents of him too.  He just can't stand to see anyone but himself succeed, so he will do his pathetic best to beat them down.  And cultural history makes this a standard pattern among guys like Trump, where a woman is involved.

A hint, Donald:  It ain't working with Hillary.


Grung_e_Gene said…
The right-wing internet is all over here slandering her as a porn star and a getaway driver in a murder. They are desperate that Trump's coked-up shellacing is going to allow fence sitting white people a reason to flee.
Zog said…
"What does a woman have to look like, before this asshole [Trump] is willing to concede that she looks okay?"

She has to look like the epitome of beauty: a vulgar talking yam.
joseph said…

The problem is that for Trump, women are mere objects. He has no capacity to see them as actual human beings. Of course, that may be true for men in his universe as well. All other people are really just objects for him to move around. Perhaps that is why he can cheat his suppliers without any sense of shame.
Marc said…
Trump ain't no Mr Universe himself, Glass Houses, and all that. Plus, he seems to be actively trying to drive women away from supporting him with these comments. Why do I think David Brin hit the nail on the head, stating that if Trump somehow does gain the White House, the Republican plan is to let Trump be Trump, and get impeached so that Gov. Pence can become President?

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