Why They Don't Let This Guy On Mainstream TV Any More, Chapter About 2,000

No further comment needed.


Kevin Robbins said…
Thanks for putting that up. That's the trouble with Trump. So much bullshit it's hard to focus on one particular turd. That was an important one, tho.
Green Eagle said…
I wrote recently, in connection with Trump, with something that has become known as the "Gish Gallop," named after a relatively well known Creationist liar named Duane Gish, who made a specialty of telling so many lies so fast that no one who was debating him could possibly refute them all; he then claimed that they were admitting that the lies they didn't get to were true. Of course, it only takes a sentence to tell a lie, but it may take the citing of many facts or statistics to refute it, no matter how bogus it is. This is a tactic which Trump, who has been cited by fact checkers of lying about 70-80% of every claim he makes, exploits with enthusiasm.
Green Eagle said…
Incidentally, as a specimen of left wing commentary, it is interesting to compare Keith's video with the Alex Jones video I put up a few posts ago. I think that the two taken together provide a pretty perfect demonstration of the mental attitudes that underlie Liberal and Conservative thinking.
Pinku-Sensei said…
I miss Keith and subscribed to GQ's YouTube channel just to watch him. I missed him so much that I once asked Will Al Jazeera America hire Keith Olbermann? Current TV picked it up and posted it on their website. To make your point about how much they were over Keith, they posted it under "Humor."

As for the subject matter, it's time for me to post that video on my blog with the title "Donald Trump, stochastic terrorist," just as I did for Ted Nugent.

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