In case you have never seen him, here is the infamous Alex Jones, the king of right wing conspiracy nuts, and one of the main influences on Donald Trump.  I bring you this courtesy of Digby, and  urgently hope you will watch as much as you can take.  The mixture of hatred and out and out madness is truly frightening.

This is what the country is buying into.


joseph said…
Given his reverence for Jones, I wonder if Trump thinks that nobody was killed at Sandy Hook?
Magpie said…
So... how much is it to order some of that survivalist stuff he sells?
And do I really need to pay for it given civilisation is about to end, oh... any second now for the last... however many years?
Pinku-Sensei said…
I used to give out awards for kooky behavior on Usenet. Jones never ventured onto that part of the Internet, staying safely on Infowars and Prison Planet, but there was one award he could have earned, which was for weird non-Usenet behavior. Unfortunately, the closest he got to it was when I put the question of which was kookier, David Icke or Time Cube. Icke "won." Given that result, I think Jones would have qualified for that award, too. As it was, Crank Dot Net listed Infowars as Cranky.

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