Taco Trucks!

Many of you may have heard Donald Trump's recent dire prediction that, if we didn't let him deal with immigration, there would soon be "a taco truck on every corner."

I want to bring your attention to this magnificent piece of scholarship from the Washington Post, studying the results, if this were true.

"The national economic implications of a taco truck on every corner"

In it, the author, Philip Bump, obviously a skilled economist, roughly calculates the number of corners in the country, and assuming that each taco truck employs three people, comes to the startling revelation that, were this to happen, the number of jobs that would be generated would essentially wipe out unemployment in the United States.  And it would leave people much better fed, too.

Hooray for tacos!  Take that, Donald!


Infidel753 said…
Everybody on the net seems to love this universal-taco-truck concept. It's probably the most popular idea ever thought of by a Republican. Hillary should put it in her platform.
Green Eagle said…
Sorry- I made the link but somehow it didn't take. Here's the article:

Marc said…
As was posted elsewhere: Change Election Day to Taco Tuesday!

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