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Green Eagle's ongoing, random collection demonstrating what it means to think like a Conservative. Dedicated today to Donald Trump, who had this to say:

“Our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever.”

Ever, ever, ever!  Even when they were slaves, I guess.

 And the rest ain't pretty either.  For a start, they won't ever give it up:

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Wow: Apparent 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Uncovered on Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme"

I'm not going to even begin to explain to you what this "smoking gun" evidence is, since the account in Guy's article is so incomprehensible that it's obvious that, once again, they've got nothing, but basically it involves a question from a tech guy to Hillary's office asking if e-mails that were about to be made public should have the private e-mail addresses of correspondents removed before they became public property.  Boy, that is some offense there- Hillary's office should have just hung them out there, to suffer any kind of abuse the right decided to inflict on them.

But wait, there's more on this story:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "UPDATE: House Panel to Look Into Reddit Post That Blows Hillary Email Scandal Wide Open"

Trying to delete personal e-mail addresses from documents about to be made public- this blows the E-mail scandal wide open.  Sure it does, Jim.  Because that's all you've got after spending years and millions of dollars turning this ordinary conduct into a scandal.  But this is all it takes to crank up the House Republican witch hunt a month and a half before the election.

  • Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Obama Says We Have to 'See Ourselves' in Refugees"

We'd damned well better, because if Trump wins, that's what a lot of us will be.  Not refugees coming here, of course; refugees trying to get to somewhere else.  Somewhere safe, like, say Iran.

Mark Davis, Town Hall:  "The Left's Risky Birther Obsession"

Yes, the birther obsession came from the left!  That's his story and he's sticking to it!!

'In the interest of bipartisanship and general goodwill, I’d like to offer the following advice to the Hillary Clinton campaign and other voices on the left: Drop the birther nonsense."

And we know how kindly meant the advice is.  In fact, Hillary, if you take the right's advice, you will stop criticizing Trump for every lie he tells, and every time he incites violence among his supporters. Maybe you should tell all your supporters to vote for Jill Stein.  Yeah, that's a good idea.  Or just slit your own throat, and save some poor Trump supporter the cost of a bullet.

Michael Brown, Town Hall:  "President Obama Continues to Divide Americans"

Yeah.  Divide Americans into the race haters and the rest of us.

"... in the president’s judgment, while the election looks to be close, it ought not be, since Hillary is so much more qualified than Trump: “She’s been in the room where it happens, repeatedly. And her judgment has been unerring, and she has been disciplined, and she has been extraordinarily effective in every job that she’s had.” 

Once again, this is a divisive tactic and a slam on the American people."

It's divisive to tell the truth.  Or to even suggest that a Democrat, no matter how experienced, can be trusted to run the country.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Hillary: Trump's Rhetoric Has Strengthened the Terrorists"

You betcha.  Deal with it, Cortney.

Streiff, Red State:  "Trump’s Birtherism Is Not Racist"

Bullshit.  How can people even say things like this?

Patrick Poole, PJ Media:  "KNOWN WOLF, AGAIN: As Usual, NY-NJ Bomber Rahami Was Already Known to Authorities...Obama's near-flawless terror strategy: Nearly every one could have been stopped."

The new Republican standard:  It's okay to jail you for life if you are "known" to authorities.  Can someone tell me when it becomes appropriate to use the word "Gestapo?"

Robert Spencer, PJ Media:  "'Aid and Comfort': Clinton Suggests Trump Committed Treason"

Collaborating with the spy service of our biggest enemy in the world in order to rig our electoral process- that is apparently not treason, if a Republican does it.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Unreal! Donald Trump Jr. Comes Under Fire for Comparing Muslim Refugees to Skittles"

Lighten up, Jim.  Apparently not much to lie about today, huh?

Alan Keyes:  "A meditation on personhood and God's creation"

Alan, I wouldn't read what you have to say if it was a meditation on where I can find a pirate chest full of gold doubloons.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "It's the Marxism, not the 'birtherism'

See, now that the birther crap has suffered a final death blow, it turns out that it was never about where Obama was born, it was about the fact that he is a COMMUNIST!!!!  Anyone out there buying that one?

Bruce Deitrick Price, Renew America:  "An unfurnished mind is a terrible place to live"

So is a place so heavily furnished with lies that it belongs on an episode of "Right Wing Hoarders." Think about it, Bruce.

Matt Staver, World Net Daily:  "School rule mandates boys 'bedding down' with girls on overnight trips"

Woohoo!!!  Why couldn't Green Eagle have gone to a school like that?


That's because she was making a detailed policy recommendation at the time, and they weren't leaping around, screaming obscene threats and beating people up like they do at Trump rallies- they were listening, because they care about what happens to the country after the next President is sworn in.  Of course, to right wingers, that is a bad thing.  Best to wreck everything, and Devil take the hindmost.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  " TRUMP SHOULD START GOVERNING NOW"

Elections?  Phooey!  That's not what America is about any more.  Haven't you pathetic liberals figured that out yet?

World Net Daily:  "JUST THE FACTS: Professional theologians are not telling the truth"

No shit, Sherlock.  And here I thought the world really was 6,000 years old, and that Donald Trump represents the embodiment of Christ right here on earth.  Man, am I going to have to do some rethinking about things.

And finally, a cogent argument for voting Trump:

Christopher Chantrill, American Thinker: "After eight years of Obama’s War on Fun, Donald Trump will Make America Fun Again"
Fun.  Like this:

Man, I can hardly wait.

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:  "It continues to baffle me. Why do some of my black relatives think I am racially disloyal for rejecting the Left's lie that says cops murder blacks?"

Man, the mental torment a black man must go through in order to keep cranking out lies like this for the man.  Oh, wait a minute, who am I kidding?  There are plenty of black people out there who have no soul, who are willing to take a paycheck to spread hatred against their fellow black Americans.  Not anywhere as many as the white haters who are published alongside them, but still, enough to fill the admittedly small demand, and help white racists tell themselves that black people are just thrilled with the deal they have gotten in this country, so they should just shut up- unless, of course, they agree like Lloyd to never open their mouths unless a lie is primed to come out.

Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker:  "Lowest Emmy viewership ever! Wonder why..."

Apparently, it's because someone there compared Trump to Hitler.  I really doubt that is the reason that people didn't watch (I sure didn't, and I've worked on at least two high quality TV dramas in the last year or so- "Underground" and "All the Way."  And believe me, it wasn't because I was afraid of hearing Trump compared to Hitler.  Been there, done that.)

"There were of course no defenders of Trump who had the courage to speak out in defense of America.  Not one.  They know they would never work in this town again.  And they would not."

Bullshit.  I've worked "in this town" for just about exactly thirty years now, and I have never, ever seen anyone's career destroyed just because they are stupid enough to fall for Republican lies.  No one really cares if you are a right winger, unless you keep trying to shove your hatred down people's throats, in which case we will turn our backs on you not because you are a Conservative, but because you are an asshole.  But then, I must observe that, while not all assholes are Conservatives, all Conservatives are assholes, so the distinction may not amount to much.

"...the Emmys are no longer a celebration or acknowledgement of talent.  They are awards for excellence in political correctness."

No, they are not.  As they have always been, and as the Oscars are too, they are an award for having the most friends among the voters.  And being a right wing jerk isn't going to help with that.

M. Catherine Evans, American Thinker:  "Open borders zealot Loretta Lynch contributing to heroin overdoses"

Funny, when it's black people that are dying from drug overdoses, it's the "failure of the black family" and "black on black violence," and basically "they're all just shiftless criminals."  But when white rural right wingers start dying, guess what?  Surprise...It's all Obama's fault!  Bet you didn't see that coming.

Mike Ford, American Thinker:  "Racial profiling...isn't.  One of leftists' favorite trigger words is a laughable contradiction in terms.  It's time for us to start laughing at them."

If I deny it's happening, it isn't happening.  I can do whatever I want, and if you don't like it, I will just laugh at you, and send a few cheap insults your way.  Welcome to Trump's America.

David Lawrence, American Thinker:  "North Korea: Obama refuses to stop evil...again"

Which he is supposed to  No explanation from David about that.  I expect that David wants some bombing, and maybe an invasion.  That will really help things.

"Obama wasn't the first president to fail to respond to the North Koreans.  Carter and Clinton were before him.  We have a pack of cowards eating the scraps of a starving Kim regime."

Of course, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were before Obama too, and the North Korean regime still exists.  Any suggestions about the criteria David used when deciding which Presidents to denounce and which ones to ignore?

Christian Datoc, Daily Caller:  "Hugh Hewitt Explains Why Attacks Against Trump's Business Practices Won't 'Move Voters... "that will be the major narrative to help Donald Trump"

Because Republican voters are so filled with a love of violence and hatred that nothing is as endearing to them as dishonesty and stomping your foot in the face of people weaker than you.

Well, enough for one dose, right?  More than enough, but it always is.


Poll P. said…
So the Emmys were up against the commercialized brutality that is american football, and the never-failing-to-titillate Jonbenet kiddie-porn decades-old "news" story. No contest.
Pinku-Sensei said…
"I have never, ever seen anyone's career destroyed just because they are stupid enough to fall for Republican lies." Demonstrated by the continued viability of the careers of Clint Eastwood, John Voight, and Tom Selleck, just to name three nortorious wingnuts among Hollywood stars, along with the revival of the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, although he might not qualify any more given his look askance at how conservative his party had become during and after his time as Governator.
Green Eagle said…
And let's not forget the number one Jew hater in the movie business today, Mel Gibson, who remains a rich and influential person, even though no decent human being would ever have anything to do with him.

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