Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Mean, Who Really Won?

I've not bothered to say too much about Hillary's debate with Trump, because it is my memory that right wingers don't really get into denial of reality mode until about three days after the fact.  That's tomorrow, and we'll see what they are saying then, although, if it is any sign, I was listening to a right wing talk show while driving to work today, where they were earnestly discussing the question, "Who really won the debate?"  Because it will be classified as a Trump victory, if Trump's followers persist in their delusional thinking, despite what was displayed right in front of their faces.

The right's task seems to be a little harder this time around, because thanks to Trump's clownish behavior, so many people watched the debate, and because the highlights live forever online, but I believe that wingnuts are up to any feat of denial, no matter how monumental.  So, if you have any contact with the world of reality yourself, be prepared to hear a few things that are pretty unbelievable.

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