The Real Purpose of the Mainstream Press

After all the ranting I have done, I fear that I have still not made it clear what is going on with the mainstream press in this country; something which is still shown by the endless comments attributing the problem to, at worst, an attempt to maximize press profits by obscuring the difference between the candidates.

In fact, the people that own the press today do not give one damn about the money which they can make from their newspapers and TV news establishments.  Here is what they are really up to:  According to calculations done by Thomas Piketty and his associates, the United States is on a track to have the most unequal division of wealth in the known history of the world, by 2030.  The amount of money which this will move to the rich from the rest of us is so huge that the profits or losses of the corporate press are absolutely infinitesimal in comparison.  The press in this country exists today not to make money on its own, but solely to propagandize the American electorate into allowing this transfer of wealth to take place.

That's it.  We have no mainstream "press" any more, just a gigantic propaganda machine designed to convince the American people that cutting taxes on the rich and destroying corporate regulation, two things that have resulted in disasters over and over again, are great ideas that just need one more try, to usher in paradise on earth.  And in collaboration with the Republican party, a wholly owned subsidiary of the richest two hundred or so families in the country, they are knowingly destroying everything that ever made us special in any way, in the name of short term profits.

And I say "short term" because, as Piketty also points out, whenever something like this has occurred throughout the entire known history of humanity, the result is a violent rebellion and the destruction of the rich oligarchy.  But they don't care.  They all believe that they will be able to escape the cataclysm when it comes this time, and spend the rest of their days relaxing by the pool in their villas in Cap d'Antibes.

Until global warming kills us all, of course.


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