It's Not Even Both-Siderism Any More

It's just a deliberate attempt to tie so many weights around Hillary's neck that she sinks without a trace, and we get the edifying prospect of having President Trump running out country.

Man, it doesn't take much to piss me off at the press these days.  This time, it's an opinion piece  in the L. A. Times by one Bill McKibben.  Here's a sample:

"The argument that wary progressives should fall in line behind Hillary Clinton boils down to two points. First: Donald Trump is terrible. Second: The Democratic platform is great, and maybe there’s a chance she’ll pay attention to it...argument No. 2 is weakening with each day that Clinton stays silent about the drama unfolding on the high prairie, where native Americans are bravely resisting the further destruction of their water and land...And not a peep from the woman who would be president."

Yes, folks, this is a day when we have seen Donald Trump willingly appear on Russian TV and praise their vicious dictator to the skies, while at the same time attacking our government and out military. And we have seen him make absolutely evidenceless charges about things that happened in a security briefing, which the other participants can't even rebut is supposed to be secret, and they, like him, are barred from making claims about it.

But it is far more important that Hillary hasn't yet said anything about this regional issue.  And it's IN THE DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM!  -something no candidate in history has ever taken that seriously.

And while we are on the subject, how about argument number 3?  That would be that she is a level-headed and massively experienced leader who can be counted on to exercise rationality and restraint in the oval office?  That is apparently not even to be considered among the things that might make her a suitable President.

"It’s clear that Clinton would like to run out the clock on this election; she figures that Trump’s obvious incompetence will guarantee her victory. But sometimes things happen. The fight at Standing Rock is a big damned thing."

A big damned thing!  Bigger,apparently, than the other guy being in league with a foreign dictator!  Not standing up for this Indian tribe is far worse than being a lying, racist bastard who would gladly kick every native American, and every black person and every non-Christian too, in the face, if it would stoke the rage of his ignorant, hate-filled white base.  But no, Hillary has not responded to a situation exactly in the manner and with the timing that Bill McKinnon demands, so it is a good idea for us to jettison Hillary in favor of, say, Jill Stein, who can be counted on to stand by these protesters while her pathetic campaign does absolutely nothing to stop Trump, and in fact may do the opposite.

That's Election 2016, folks- it isn't about democracy any more.  It's solely about whether the Republicans have managed to create a substitute for a free press that can smash a dictator down people's throats, and get them to like it in the process.


Magpie said…
Did Melania offer Matt Lauer her knickers, or something? What the hell happened there?

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