Hillary Doesn't Tell the Truth

And she didn't!  Let's face reality: when Hillary said that half of Trump's supporters are violence-loving racists, she was wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  In fact, here is the truth which she still will not accept:  Given what we have seen coming from Trump the last year, every one of Trump's supporters is a violence-loving racist.  Every one of this miserable band of haters.

The right and their lackeys in the press have, of course, savaged her for daring to elude to the obvious nature of the people who support Trump, and they would probably have been just as vicious if she claimed a quarter of them, or ten percent, or one of them was racist.

Learn your lesson, Hillary and the rest of you gutless Democrats out there.  Better to be hanged for telling the truth than for just hinting around about it. And if you let these miserable people define what it is allowable for you to say, you are sunk.  You've already dug a big ditch for yourself by being afraid to confront the real truth about the Republican wall of hatred and viciousness that is being deliberately created in America.  It might be too late to undo the damage, but why not at least give it a try?


Jerry Critter said…
Yes, 50% is a low end estimate.
Green Eagle said…
As I indicated, as far as I am concerned, 99% is a low end estimate.
Magpie said…
"mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality" - that's part of the definition of clinical insanity, and that describes 100% of those who would vote for Trump because only by belief in a non-fact-based world can one vote for Trump... for even a violence loving racist should logically still have some capacity for pure self-interest.

The fantasy is the biggest problem. Death panels, Sharia Law in America, Climate Change is not happening, FEMA death camps, Obama is a communist Muslim, Putin's a great guy, no terrorist attack under Bush, Planned Parenthood harvests babies, vaccination is bad for you, Jesus is coming back in YOUR lifetime after 2000 years out of town and he's coming to Las Vegas baby! because he sure wouldn't bother with poor people in some backwater and he only likes White people and you need guns in case the government wants to take your TV right where you live right out of your God-given trailer the Aunt Betty once owned...

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