Liberals Still Living In Fantasy Land

And today's example of utter cluelessness comes from Kerry Eleved, writing at Daily Kos, which we normally count on to be an island of sanity in this insane country, but which doesn't seem to be coming through this time around.  Let's check out a bit of it:

"View from the Left: The media's birther awakening...

Donald Trump had Hillary Clinton on the ropes. She called people deplorable, got sick, and hadn't prioritized the media. Then he uttered a single sentence.

"President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period."

That, my friends, is the beginning of a new day."

On what planet?  Because if this idiot thinks one more embarrassment added to the hundreds that the Republican party has heaped on the press for decades, is going to change things, he really is living in a fantasy land.  The "new day" will pretty much be literally a single day, until Trump utters some other sickening smear, and off they will go, leaving this to be forgotten totally.

"(The press) were outraged. They had been told he would address the birther issue and instead were treated to a lengthy string of endorsements from veterans before Trump stepped to the mic with one line that was apparently supposed to wipe away his five-year exploitation of a non-issue that launched his unscrupulous political career.

"The journalists got played, punked, duped—pick your word. But before this week, traditional reporters had typically been cruising along on auto-pilot, regurgitating everything this one-man freak show says. After that classic Trumpwellian line, however, media outlets that had until now steered away from rightfully characterizing Trump as the liar he is finally turned on him."

They did not get played, because the press is part of the team doing the punking.  "Traditional reporters" get paid to say what they are supposed to say.  In the course of this, the carefully selected pack of worms that are allowed to be the media's spokesmen have swallowed hundreds of insults just as bad as this, and will continue to do so.  Do you think that the fact that Trump has lied about Obama's birthplace for five year will be any more humiliating to them than all of the other Republican lies that they have willingly promoted?  And I mean really consequential lies, like climate change denial, the lies about the second amendment that allowed this country to be swamped by over three hundred million guns, or the grand champion lie of all, supply side economics, a patent fantasy designed solely to justify handing everything over to the rich.  

No, what is going on here is just a brief attempt to fake an appearance of journalistic integrity, before they get back to what they are paid to do: collaborate with the Republican party in electing a government which is willing to turn every scrap of wealth in this country over to a few hundred rich sociopaths, and to create an oligarchic dictatorship which will crush anyone who opposes this program, without a second thought.  And who better to lead this crusade than a sociopathic billionaire himself?  Who needs a middle-man at the head of our government any more?


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