Wingnut Wrapup

 Well, I haven't done one of these in a while, but I thought it might be fun to see what the wingnuts are "thinking" lately, so let's just dive in:

And the big news:

"Breaking! Trump Just Truthed He's "The Real Commander-In-Chief"

Well, he said it.  It must be true.  He "truthed" it!

You know it wouldn't take long for this sort of "reporting" to happen:

"Maui Directed Energy Weapon Assault, Like 9/11, Paradise, CA., Malibu and Boulder Fires"

Of course, it can't be the result of global warming.  It must be the deep state attacking Hawaii for some reason.  That makes much more sense.  Here's a small selection of headlines from the dozens and dozens of other articles about this alleged treachery:

"New Patriot Underground: Hawaiian Wildfire: Possible DEW Attack"

Maui: "An Orchestrated Apocalypse"

"Maui Hawaii Has DUMBs Underground 8 to 10 Sex Trafficking Tunnels We Just Lasered Them Out!"

It had to be tied into the sex trafficking.  They probably had pizza down there too.

"Actual Footage of a Directed Energy Attack Like What Was Used in Maui Hawaii - Jim Crenshaw Video"

"Like what was used in Maui..."

"This "Thing" Came Out of the Ground in Hawaii.  It jumped out of the ground. And later it was on the road.  And then it disappeared really fast!  Something is going on!!!"

And here it is:

A puff of smoke!   At a volcano!!!  Well, I guess that proves it.

And my favorite so far of the dozens and dozens of these articles:

"Situation Update: Maui Is A War Zone! US Marines Engaged FEMA, Red Cross & Hawaii National Guard In A Firefight!"

Marines are shooting FEMA workers.  That will undoubtedly help make the country a safer place.  Well, I could go on all day with this, but let's just move on:

"Elon Musk: "The Moon Is Not What You Think It Is!"

And what is it?  Who knows.

"It Begins! Biblical Worldwide Destruction!"

Fire in Lahaina...hurricane in Los Angeles...must be biblical worldwide destruction.  We're paid to say it isn't caused by fossil fuel use.

"Situation Update: Military Coup Imminent!"

An idea that the great patriotic wingnuts just love.  If they can't get what they want fairly, why, just use the military to kill anyone who stands in their way.  And if you think they won't try that if they get a chance, you aren't paying attention.

"Situation Update: Aug 11, 2023 - Bioweapons Whistleblower Karen Kingston Says She's Being Hunted By The CIA For Assassination!"

Sure.  The CIA has nothing better to do than hunt down a loudmouthed right wing liar.

"80,000+ Covid Murder Cases Pending!"

Pending where, I am not sure.  But how about a mass murder case against Donald Trump for sacrificing up to a half million Americans in an attempt to cover up the Covid epidemic because he thought it would hurt his re-election campaign?


It took me 15 seconds to find out that this was a lie.  It comes from a You Tube video featuring "Dr." Betsey Eads, a long time anti-vaccine con artist.

"Human Extinction, Genocide, & Annihilation Underway"

More Covid "news."


Those Jews!  Now they are making noises in Tokyo.  Maybe it's the space lasers.

"Is Michelle Obama a Man? Let's Survey the Evidence With an Open Heart and Mind"

Sure.  The "evidence."  Let's survey it with an open mind.  An open mind- something wingnuts are so famous for.

"Trump Scores Massive Victory Against Jack Smith...Today former Vice President Mike Pence told the news at no point did Donald Trump ever admit he had lost the election. This is a massive blow to the Jack Smith indictment which seeks to prove the former president knew he had lost the 2020 election. This indictment comes down to a speech and a thought process."

Oh, give it up already.  First, Mike Pence never did say that, and second, about six hundred other people heard him admit he knew what he was up to.  You might as well say that Jeffrey Dahmer was innocent because Pee Wee Herman never heard him say he ate anyone.

"HUGE NEWS! Gold & Silver Prices on the Verge of an Astonishing Transformation!"

Buy it from us now!  We'd never cheat you or lie to you!  Not us!  You can trust us!

"San Francisco's Downtown Has No Stores Left Open"

None.  NONE!!!!  No stores open!   They'll believe anything.

"4 Minutes Ago: Jonathan Turley Made Most Shocking Announcement of 2023"

And the announcement?  The Bidens are guilty of the greatest corruption in our nation's history!  And the proof?  There have been absolutely no leaks from the groups investigating the Bidens!  That proves that the investigations are all fraudulent-  No evidence against the Bidens proves they are guilty!  Yes, that is exactly what the man regarded by many as our nation's greatest Conservative Constitutional scholar says, I kid you not!  If there were a shred of evidence that Biden was guilty of corruption, that would prove it, but the lack of any evidence proves it just as well.  That is what we have come to, in the face of irrefutable evidence of literally hundreds of criminal offenses by Donald Trump.

Judy Byington:  "World War III Has Begun...Terrorist Attacks Underway

The Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Canary Islands, Spain & Oregon Under Siege

Fifteen States On A Secret Direct Energy Weapons List Faced The Same Fate As Hawaii

It is only wise to have a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential supplies in storage for your family and to share with others."

Which they will of course be more than willing to sell you for an entirely reasonable price.  But don't worry; Judy reassures you:

"In reality an Interim Military US Government had taken over Washington DC and has been running our country ever since. The two US governments: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) fake Biden Administration."

The military US government is empowered by the Constitution.  I wonder what part of the Constitution Judy read that said anything about a military coup being okay.  Must be there, though, because if there is anything that is sacred to right wingers, it is the Constitution.  I guess "military code 11.3" overrides the words that we can see in the Constitution, or perhaps part of the Constitution is written in ink visible only to right wingers. *

"Trump has been heading a White Hat Global Military Alliance that hopefully, was on top of the Direct Energy Weapon Attacks on Hawaii and across the Globe."

Yeah.  Heading a White Hat Global whatever.  Soon to be heading it from prison, where all white hats end up.  Shows what a white hat proves.

But don't worry, you will not have long to wait for the outcome:

"Global Thermo Nuclear World War 3 Oct 25, 2023...Wake Up!” Please take the time to Read the Most Important Article You shall ever Read. Many will want to argue, but as God My Witness “This Is The Truth.”  Jesus Christ Literally Visited Me On A Saturday When I Was Praying, Next, “2020 ‘Before Biden Elected President’ God Took Me Up To Heaven Again ‘For Discussion Of Biden Becoming President’ and Other Very Important Matters, and Finally, “2023 I Don’t Know How He Did This But It Is Crucial You Understand And Listen To What I’m About To Say Because People In America May Just About Be Out Of Time.” The Lord God “Allowed Me To Be Alive Actually Living The Reality Of The Start Of World War 3 When Nuclear Weapons Were Launched On America In A Sneak Attack By Russia And China.  Before The Blast Wave Could Kill Me” The Lord God Almighty “TOOK ME UP IN A VIOLENT CATCHING UP RAPTURE UNTO HEAVEN,” but than “PUT ME BACK DOWN INTO MY BODY LIVING IN 2023″ and “IT TOOK SEVERAL MINUTES FOR ME TO REALIZE IT HADN’T HAPPEN YET THAT GOD JUST LITERALLY LET ME EXPERIENCE THE WHOLE EVENT OF THE RAPTURE AND HOW IT HAPPENS!”

Well, now you know.  My birthday is in November.  I guess I'd better call off the party.

"44 Government Documents Admit the Earth Is Flat and Dome Is 73 Miles High"

I actually listened to this video.  I won't bother explaining to you how stupid it was.  If anyone cares, leave a comment and I'll explain further, but believe me, you will regret having wasted the time.

"I Am Elder Ikai! Chief Commander Of The Galactic Federation With A Message For Earth!!"

Probably a message about buying gold or emergency supplies.

"20% Of Jabbed Have Myocarditis (Heart Damage), And 50% Of Them Will Die Within 5 Years!! - Dr. Shoemaker"

No lie ever dies in right wing world.

"Biden keeps messing up inflation"

By cutting it to almost nothing after it went kablooie because of Trump.

"Trump Reveals Why He Will Skip First Republican Primary Debate and Interview with Tucker Carlson Instead"

Because he is a big fat chicken.

"Warning Moms to Not Send Your Kids to School"

This was totally incoherent.  I just wanted to mention it because it was illustrated by a photo of a Jewish star.  Not a word of explanation about why, it was just there.  Means something, I am sure.

"Breaking: Investigators Discover Trafficked Children Held at Shuttered Wal-Marts!"

The Waltons are among the nation's biggest donors to right wing causes, but somehow this is the liberals' fault too.

"2 Minutes Ago: Kayleigh McEnany Shared Insane Announcement"

Did Kayleigh McEnany ever share anything that wasn't insane?

"Joan Rivers Was Sacrificed After She Exposed Barack Obama Being Gay!!!?"

Possibly.  Well, I think that's enough for today.  As usual, I point out that this is about five percent of what I found, and what I found is about one percent of what is out there.  The seventy million people that voted for Trump exist on a diet of this sort of "information," provided to them by billions spent every year by sociopathic rich guys.  It's all they consume, and I repeat my belief that they have been so infected by it that they will never give it up.  We are doomed to live with them until they die.  All we can hope to do is to find a way to prevent more of them from being created by the right wing mental destruction campaign.

*In case you are interested, here is the text of section 11.3, which relates to "Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against Terrorism" and has absolutely nothing to do (surprise, surprise) with Joe Biden or the alleged military takeover of the government.  Of course, Judy, like other right wing propagandists, presumes her brain-dead readers will not take the minute it requires to Google the text of this section, and thus find out that she is lying through her teeth.


Poll P. said…
"20% Of Jabbed Have Myocarditis (Heart Damage), And 50% Of Them Will Die Within 5 Years!! - Dr. Shoemaker"
This could conceivably be true; demographically seems possible. Old people got "jabbed" first to keep them alive.
Anonymous said…
In 2021 "doctor" Sherry Tenpenny told me that everyone who had been vaccinated (I've been vaccinated for Covid five times!) would have full-blown AIDS by January of 2023. I guess I should be saying goodbye. Either that or I'm actually a ghost and don't know it.

Of course it's all true: the entire world's scientific and medical community is involved in a giant conspiracy to depopulate the planet by killing everyone by giving them AIDS/myocarditis/blood clots with a fake vaccine - so the lizard people can take over. And socialist health care is part of that plan.
Green Eagle said…
Anonymous, you may have noticed that Sherry Tenpenny was just stripped of her license to practice medicine- it took far too long but at least it happened. Here's a detailed report about this, from the usual best source, Respectful Insolence:

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