Roy Moore- The Other Side of the Story

I have read so much about Roy Moore lately, and there is no question that he is one of the lowest people you will ever come across.  And yet none of his loathsome acts over the years seems to be deterring any significant number of Republicans in Alabama from voting for him.  It's pretty clear what that says about him and his supporters, but I want to take a minute to talk about why Alabama voters might be voting against his opponent, Doug Jones.

As we all know, Jones' most famous act, and the one that forms a centerpiece of his campaign, is when he won a conviction against several Ku Klux Klan members who burned down a church, killing four little black girls in the process. 

To any sane person, that was the act of a hero, particularly in a place like Alabama.  But I would like to suggest what I have not seen one single person have the temerity to mention:  To the kind of ugly, hate filled people who fill the voting rolls in Alabama, this act may be seen as a supreme betrayal of their race, and may in their minds be a reason to see that Jones never gains power in their State.  Yes, in my view, that is just how horrible the people of Alabama are: Moore's perpetual violation of the law, accompanied with the requisite religious blather, is actually a qualification for higher office, while Jones' act of courage and justice is an abominable betrayal.

Things may be at their worst in Alabama, but this sort of thinking has been carefully cultivated all over this country, and its effect is damning us all.


Anonymous said…
"that is just how horrible the people of Alabama are"

You mean the White people of Alabama, Green Boy. The Black people are going for Jones.
Green Eagle said…
Sad to say, I have read that an absolutely unbelievable number of black Alabamans are voting for Moore too, mesmerized by having the bible waved in front of their faces. Now, in this case, "unbelievable" means more than zero, but I have seen estimates that up to 30% of Alabama blacks who vote may vote for Moore.

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