Another brief post with a probably impossible to enact idea about how to deal with people like Joe Manchin.

In the judiciary, we have the well established notion of recusal- a judge is expected to remove himself from any case in which he has a vested interest.  Well, here we have Joe Manchin, who personally makes half a million dollars a year from his family's business, which is coal mining, insisting that all clean energy legislation be gutted from any pending legislation.  In any sane government that would be immediately recognized as nothing but cheap self-dealing and corruption.  Why can there not be a Congressional recusal rule requiring that no member of Congress can vote on a bill in which he has a significant financial interest?  I mean, is it really okay for this one person to endanger the continued existence of the human race, just to line his own pockets for a few more years in a business that is vanishing anyway?

Oh, how stupid of me- We can't have that rule for the same reason that we can't have any other rational rule against the misuse of power by the rich.  Okay, just forget that I brought it up.


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