Here's an Idea for Joe Biden

 How about telling Manchin that if the Democrats lose their majority in the Senate next year because Manchin sunk their chance to deliver on their promises, it will be a minority without Manchin- that he will never get one penny from the party ever again, and will have his position in the Senate diminished to the point of irrelevancy.  If they are going to lose, they might as well do it with dignity, and that means without Manchin.


Art said…
As I understand it the POTUS can reach down into a senantor's district and rejigger pretty much any federal asset. He can't close military bases but he can "redeploy" troops. There re troops that might be better trained if they received extensive training in California. Similarlt any federal facility can be depopulated by reassignments. That would certainly put a crimp in the local economy. Dirty pool for sure, perhaps too dirty, but if it clears the political logjam certainly worth thinking about.
angryspittle said…
Unfortunately Biden doesn't have the LBJ instincts.......
Anonymous said…
They had their chance when Liarman ran against lMont in Connecut Senate race and the D's crumbled.
Only committee seat he gets is on stationary and janitorial services committee.
By the way I read recently that, because of increased automation and technology, coal only employs approx. 10K worth a people. Fewer then alternative energy. So lets just admit that when munchkin and others speak of the uffering of the coal industry they only mean owners such as himself and blankenship.

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