Saturday, October 16, 2021

Maybe Moscow Mitch was Right

About Merrick Garland, I mean.  Maybe the guy is a weak little parody Democrat who is too afraid of his own shadow to use his position to do what we all know is right.  Quite a contrast there to good old William Barr, who wasn't afraid to prostitute his office to do anything bad, including covering up clear treason on the part of his buddy Trump, and using the justice system to persecute Trump's enemies in a manner reminiscent of Joe Stalin.  

Well, I guess Trump had the kind of attorney general he wanted, and sad to say, maybe Biden has his too. Barr did Trump's dirty work.  Biden seems to want to do next to nothing about the threat to our government, and Garland seems to be helping him to do just that.  

Now about the aforementioned Joe Biden.  I remember back in the Clinton and Bush administrations, feeling that there were three people in the Senate who were the weakest Democrats of all in standing up to Republican corruption- Dick Gephart, Tom Daschle and Joe Biden.  Whenever there was a Republican outrage to be dealt with, those three were there to water the response down until it meant nothing.  Whenever there was a progressive program that the country needed, there they were, ready to negotiate it into oblivion.  So nobody was more surprised than me to see the Joe Biden that seemed to be running the country in the first six months of his term.  Then, what happened?  Was it too much to ask that he keep acting like a strong President, and not revert to the role he played for decades in the Senate?  He has let two corrupt Democrats override everything the party believes in; he appointed a judicial commission packed with right wingers, that told him what he wanted to hear: in the face of a grotesquely corrupt and right wing Supreme Court, the best thing to do was nothing; he has refused to use the power that he has to push the use of reconciliation, and he has apparently stood aside in the fight to hold the last administration responsible for at least some of their hundreds of crimes.  

And he seems to have a perfect partner in Garland, who also seems to be content to just let this gross criminality go unpunished.

I don't know...Mitch may look more like a turtle, but it is Joe and Merrick who seem to be hiding in their shells.  

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ex said...

I keep hoping that the AG is playing a long game, quietly setting up all the pieces such that one morning we awake to the news of multiple arrests, laundry lists of solid indictments and guilty pleas with actual jail time.

Currently every new morning brings new disappointment