Insanity On The March

Some of you may be aware that, in the QAnon world, December 5th was to be one of the greatest days in the history of civilization.  For that day, referred to in Q's posts as D5, was to be the day that Mueller was going to be revealed to be working closely with Trump to indict Hillary, Obama, etc, and tens of thousands of Democrats and other opponents of Trump were to be arrested, finally making America great again. 

Well, as far as can be told, that did not happen.

Let me digress for a second here.  Did you ever pay any attention to doomsday cults that predict that the world will end on a certain date, and when that doesn't happen, the next day they come up with ludicrous explanations for why they were wrong, and move right on to the next end of the world?  Well, QAnon and the whole Trump base are really not that different from doomsday cults, which are similarly run by and for a few cynical leaders milking their deluded followers for profit.  So why would we expect anything different from them?

What follows is an explanation of why all the predictions were wrong.  It is made up of ludicrous numerology, reference to an almost unknown chess game, a grotesque conspiracy theory about the death of George H. W. Bush, preposterous leaps of faith and an almost endless stream of similar nonsense.  Naturally it is a video, because the sort of people that fall for this garbage have apparently (like Trump himself) virtually lost the ability to read.  I have been watching many of these videos, but this one is fairly short, and I think it is worth a look because it shows the true derangement that is necessary to retain a belief in Trump at this point.

If this is not paranoid schizophrenia, it is a pretty damn good imitation of it.  But at this point, you virtually have to be mentally ill (or very, very rich) to still believe that Donald Trump is acting in your interest.  The only real question about things like this is how long they can go on before collapsing of their own weight of absurdity.  You'd think that that would have happened already, but it hasn't so I am not sure how long the damage will continue, and where it will lead.  Wherever that is, it isn't anywhere good, I assure you.


Magpie said…
More like insanity taking a dump. That video is one of the most demented things I have ever seen.
Green Eagle said…
Well, you know, that's why I posted this. I actually could show you videos that are far worse, but they are mostly too long to expect anyone to watch them, at least without doing themselves serious damage. I've collected a few excerpts from them that I will post in the next few days- I hope you will get a laugh out of them.
Ed said…
It's like changing 'global warming" to "climate change".
Neo Tuxedo said…
the next day they come up with ludicrous explanations for why they were wrong

The best instance of this is Rev. Ivan Stang, at the 1998 X-Day gathering, explaining the failure of the Pleasure Saucers to arrive by discovering that they'd been reading "Bob's" sacred cocktail-napkin scribble upside-down all these years and the Xists weren't actually due until 8661. Would that more cults reacted to this sort of thing the way the assembled SubGenii did. (Then again, TBotSG says of the False Prophets and their followings, "They are for braindeath. We are against braindeath.")

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