Welcome to Town, Bibi

So here it is- the week that Bibi Netanyahu, having sold his soul to his long time compadres in the Republican party, arrives to do whatever gratuitous damage he can to the foreign policy apparatus of the United States.  In a brilliant stroke of timing, the Republican subversives in Congress, who are bringing him over to perform his circus act in front of Congress, have seen, through the mechanism of last Friday's act of funding the Department of Homeland Security for exactly one week, that he shows up in the middle of the worst example of Republican-generated Constitutional crises since the last time they shut the government down, a year and a half ago.  I'm hoping that this innocent accident of timing will give Netanyahu an opportunity to reflect on exactly what sort of government leaders he has chosen to be his allies.

In any event, I think it is very important for Americans to remember that this is not about Netanyahu, who is, in the end, perfectly entitled to speak wherever he wants, if he thinks it will somehow aid his country.  This whole crisis is about the Republican party, which is proving once again that the partisan act of dealing damage to Democrats outweighs every concern they might have ever had about the welfare of the United States.  I hope Americans can see, in the conflation of these two events, a perfect example of what is really going on in the party that has transformed itself into a subversive cult.


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