Sharia Law

Just a brief comment about the new Indiana law making it legal for employers to force their own religion on their workers and customers:

We have heard, in the last decade or so, tens of thousands of ludicrous accusations from right wingers that Democrats are working to allow Sharia law to take over in this country.  Why will no Democrat stand up and state the obvious: laws like the one recently passed in Indiana and now being considered in a number of other Republican dominated States do exactly that: they legalized the forced imposition of Sharia law on customers and employees by Muslim business owners?

Of course, the sort of people who enact disgusting laws like this are so stupid and short sighted that they cannot even conceive that anyone but members of their own religion would think that these laws apply to them too.  Religious freedom obviously applies only to Christians, and not just Christians, but the sort of closed-minded, angry, hate-filled Christians who go to their churches.  But in the end, the law is the law, and it licenses Muslim business owners to force people who need to deal with them or work for them to follow Sharia law.

I have suggested this before, but of course with no effect.  It's time for Democrats to turn the table and begin to spread the very true narrative that the people who hold really similar values to extremist Muslims are the Christian right, not liberal Democrats.  This is a perfect opportunity to begin telling this story, but of course, Democrats, who are so afraid of the torrent of abuse that it will produce from the right, will never do that, much as they have been intimidated from speaking the truth about the right on any other subject.


Raymond Smith said…
I have found that whenever the TP/GOP scream and finger point accusations of some type against others. It is a diversionary tactic for they are actually the one's doing or practicing the behavior.
Green Eagle said…
Yes, and when it is mentioned, they talk about projection. Projection is a psychological problem. This is a deliberate tactic designed to confuse those with limited information, and is therefore not projection, but just a specimen of common, garden variety lying.
Ahab said…
Wait for it. When people other than fundamentalist Christians start using these laws for their benefit, suddenly the Christians won't like such laws anymore.
Anonymous said…
if that is true why is it that conservatives speak out against the human rights violators in Muslim counties and liberals do not?
I heard a liberal woman actually defend those practices saying it is not our place to change their belief system

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