The Outrages Merge Into One Giant Outrage That Never Stops

I've been awfully busy at work this week (those vampire castles don't design themselves, you know) so I'm most appreciative when someone brings things to my attention that are really worth reading, as Infidel753 has again done, this time a comment on the Republican treason letter by P. M. Carpenter:

"There is no cheap political trick beneath them, no honor they refuse to trespass, no skullduggery unworthy of exploitation, and quite simply no bottom to their infamy and deceit. Every day we suspect they have finally hit some imaginary bottom, but they always surprise us. 

I no longer believe there is a bottom for these hooligans. Their disgraces are as endless as they are unfathomable. Indeed, their rolling disgraces are so predictable, I no longer even find merit in itemizing at any length the transgressions entailed or detailing the absurdities."

Those of you who have read enough of my complaining to know about Wingnut Wrapup will understand how fully I empathize with this sentiment.  I am finding it harder and harder to uncover that unique synthesis of the revolting and the ludicrous which so characterizes right wing political commentary, without going, "who cares?  We've heard it a million times before."

Unfortunately, the sickness seems to be growing worse, not better.  I have, as you know believed all along what Carpenter is now accepting.  I don't think it is quite time for me to give up itemizing their transgressions, so I'm afraid that my little corner of the world will have to put up with it for a little while longer before I give up and head for the hills, or Italy, or something.

I have, since I started this blog, insisted that the Republican party has become a massive cult of suicide bombers, intent on destroying not just some ancient statues, but the entire political and economic fabric that made the United States, so few decades ago, the greatest hope for progress in the world.  That's pretty much over now, and apres moi le deluge.


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