Impeachment, Here We Come

Mike Huckabee, speaking about the violence in Benghazi, on Fox News:

“It was a planned, coordinated, orchestrated attack led by terrorists, terrorists, Bill, and this White House has to explain why it hasn’t owned up to that. Why it can’t say it … Let’s go back. Richard Nixon was forced out of office because he lied. And because he covered some stuff up. I’m going to be blunt and tell you this. Nobody died in Watergate. We have people who are dead because of this. There are questions to be answered and Americans ought to demand to get answers.”

Let me remind you that Mike Huckabee is regarded far and wide as a responsible political commentator, has been the Governor of Arkansas, and finished second to John McCain in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008.  This is the voice of the current Republican establishment.  It has become acceptable for them to champion the lunatic notion that Obama needs to be impeached.  If this is how far they have deteriorated, is there anyone on earth who thinks that a tea party dominated House of Representatives will not once again find an idiotic excuse to file impeachment charges against Obama, as they did against Clinton?

Let me remind you of the history of recent Presidencies:

Nixon (Republican)- Forced to resign after massive corruption, including the first attorney general in history to end up in prison.

Ford (Republican)- For those who don't remember, it was under Ford, not Carter that interest rates exploded, although Republicans have spent the intervening decades blaming this on Carter.  Here's a picture of Ford wearing a button that says WIN, for "whip inflation now."

Carter (Democrat)- Not the best four years, but immeasurably above, say, George W. Bush's record.  Suffered from a Republican campaign of character assassination that continues to this day.

Reagan-Bush 1 (Republican)-  Tax policies, destruction of regulations, and moral insensitivity set the stage for the economic collapse of this country.  Deified by Republicans.

Clinton (Democrat)-  Eight years of peace and prosperity, resulting in a balanced budget, and a chance to pay off the national debt.  Impeached by Republicans in the greatest Constitutional abuse in the history of this country.  Victim of an ongoing attempt to portray him as a rapist, murderer, drug dealer, etc.

Bush 2 (Republican)- Destroyed the economy, destroyed the United States' moral position in the world, well, you know the rest.  So far, Republicans have tried to obliterate his memory.

Obama (Democrat)-  Saved the country from a depression, made the first real progress toward health care reform in decades, led a careful and highly successful foreign policy strategy.  Savaged beyond anything we have seen before, subject to endless Republican racist attacks, lies and smears about him.

And they are not done yet.  The Democrats have never held Republicans responsible in any way for the almost endless series of attacks they have perpetrated on our democratic system, and until a lot of these people are tried, convicted and punished, they will continue to act like the spoiled, infantile monsters they are.


Huckabee, another turd that the Republicans thought could be their hero. They haven't had a hero since Reagan (a hero in their eyes), and it galls their ass like venereal warts in tight pants. All they can do is tear down and block until the second coming of Christ who is to appear wearing and a stars and stripes lapel pin and an NRA hat. So, till he gets here, they have lots of inquisitors, no hero, no champion, only jealousy, hate, rich owners to answer to, and a knack for persecuting.
Grung_e_Gene said…
Huckabee commutted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons a 5 time convicted felon. After his release by Huckabee, Clemmons murdered 4 Seattle Police Officers.
Unknown said…
The odd part, is how often we see the "october suprise" not mentioned. First recorded in the nixonian era, really stealing from the democratic offices? I feel they were doing the standard of planting not stealing. But the "hero's" got caught. check the names of those heroes and the later contributors of faux news.
The next big one came in the era of the great daddy of republicans, remember the trips to france and iran, prior to the ousting of a government that was wanting more of the profits from the oil and gas to help their people become more free and educated, and to improve services there. Some muslim cleric from france was recuted to hard line them, broke his promise, to us and then took some hostages in an attempt to get back at the big devil of their country(amazing how they use the same terms), And somehow if you remember the names from the first mention, you can see a simularity, in that those same operatives, were flown to a meeting area, with those people. and in recently released news articles, those operatives, for some monies, overthrew our vote, by making them appear more patriotic, or better managers, then the incumbants who appeared weak. who didn't have the votes in congress, to approve money to pay kidnappers, and demanded "military" action. Amazing how things are repeating again.
Green Eagle said…
James, I just saw this:

"According to a highly reliable source, as Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama prepare for the first presidential debate Wednesday night, top Republican operatives are primed to unleash a new two-pronged offensive that will attack Obama as weak on national security, and will be based, in part, on new intelligence information regarding the attacks in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens on Sept. 11.

The source, who has firsthand knowledge of private, high-level conversations in the Romney camp that took place in Washington, D.C., last week, said that at various times the GOP strategists referred to their new operation as the Jimmy Carter Strategy or the October Surprise."

You can read the rest at Salon:
Anonymous said…
"set the stage for the economic collapse of this country"

How??? Under Reagan GDP boomed and median income skyrocketed. The economic collapse came from risky and easy to get loans and artificially low interest rates creating a housing a mortgage bubble. If anything this started under Carter.

"Eight years of peace and prosperity, resulting in a balanced budget, and a chance to pay off the national debt. Impeached by Republicans in the greatest Constitutional abuse in the history of this country. Victim of an ongoing attempt to portray him as a rapist, murderer, drug dealer, etc."

Peace? Somalia? Balkans? Haiti? Iraq? I mean, 7500 U.S. troops were killed during Clinton. That doesn't seem like peace. And he was impeached for lying under oath (i.e. perjury) That isn't an abuse of power. Clinton is lucky he didn't get five years in prison. And the budget was balanced by house republicans who dragged Clinton there kicking and screaming the whole way. They made concessions (Brady bill, for example) to get him to agree on the budget. Bipartisanship.

"Destroyed the economy" How? By not undoing the CRA and Fannie and Freddie?

"destroyed the United States' moral position in the world"

yes, with our massive coalition and strong ties to our allies. Obama has managed to piss off Israel AND Canada. Seriously, how do you piss off Canada?

"Saved the country from a depression"

Ok, I actually lol'd when I read this. The claim is absurd as it has zero evidence. It is unable to be disproved as well as unable to be proved. What we can prove is how few jobs are in the us now. Currently we have about 250,000 less jobs than we did in January 2009. In Jan 2009 we had 133,561,000 jobs. Currently we have 133,300,000 jobs.

"made the first real progress toward health care reform in decades"

By raising taxes, forcing $700 billion in medicare patients into medicaid, and ordering everyone to have health insurance? Bad reform is worse than no reform.

And do you have no comment at all on the White House lying to the American people about the Benghazi attack? Or the evidence that they dropped the ball on having any security there?
Green Eagle said…
You know what, Anonymous, I was writing a point by point refutation of your ignorant, disgusting lies, but why bother? We all (including you) know that you are nothing but a traitorous liar, devoting your pathetic efforts to destroying our country.

Green Eagle said…
Okay, just one lie from Anonymous, because it is so abominable.

Anonymous says, "
Peace? Somalia? Balkans? Haiti? Iraq? I mean, 7500 U.S. troops were killed during Clinton."

The actual number is 106, you lying, disloyal son of a bitch.
Anonymous said…

Page seven. Add it up, chump.
Green Eagle said…
Anonymous, you cannot be honest for even a second.

I read the document to which you referred. Virtually every death listed in there was the result of accident, non combat related homicide, illness or self inflicted injury. This document lists only 77 deaths that resulted from hostile action or terrorist attacks. Though you didn't bother to mention this, the numbers for the Clinton era were markedly smaller than those of the Reagan-Bush era before him, or the Bush era which followed.

You are truly a despicable person, and have found your real home in the liars' paradise that is the Republican party.

Anonymous said…
I still wouldn't call it presiding over peace. That is how many wars or military policing actions? How many did the U.S. kill in its bombing raids during those actions?

And note how you constantly resort to ad hominem. It shows that you know you don't have a leg to stand on. It makes you look infantile and like a partisan hack.

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