More Sovereign Citizen Garbage

I like to keep an eye on the Sovereign Citizens, one of the most active terrorist groups in the country, and particularly adept at killing police.  Here's another one, albeit a little ways north, in Canada:

"Two Canadian Officers Shot, One Fatally, During Encounter with Antigovernment ‘Sovereign Citizen’...One police officer was killed and a second wounded in a fiery standoff when officers tried to serve a criminal warrant at the Edmonton, Alberta, home of a man believed to be an antigovernment “sovereign citizen.”

After the Monday shooting, the home burst into flames and burned to the ground, apparently with the suspect, Norman Walter Raddatz, 42, still inside. Police found one body in the burned ruins."

And on a rather less serious note, here is a wonderful video, taken by a Sovereign Citizen in Texas, of his encounter with a policeman:

If you need any further proof to realize what jackasses these people are, this should convince you for good.  And can I also say that this cop looks like he could be a pretty tough customer; I have to salute him for the restraint he showed in the face of so much idiotic incitement. 


Infidel753 said…
Thanks for the video. These twits and their bizarre legal fantasies have created some of the more entertaining videos on the net. Here's a favorite of mine.
Green Eagle said…
Yeah, it is always nice to see karma strike. It would be hilarious if the sovereign citizens were not so violent, and if they were not an outgrowth of white supremacism.
Poll P. said…
Best line in the video Infidel posted is "Leave the camera with your Mother." But seriously, if this idiot weren't white, he'd have been dead. The court officials showed remarkable forbearance. Perhaps there's a lot of this craziness in Idaho.
Infidel753 said…
Poll P: if this idiot weren't white, he'd have been dead.

The same thought occurred to me while watching Green's video, though it's not really fair since there's nothing to suggest that that specific cop was racist. Still, it's notable that I've never heard of a black person displaying that kind of behavior (or being a "sovereign citizen") -- no doubt they know how dangerous it would be, given how many black people have been shot by the police on far less provocation.
Green Eagle said…
Infidel, I am sorry to have to disabuse you, but for some strange reason, there has been a lot of growth of the Sovereign Citizen movement among black people the last few years. I'm sure they don't realize that they are joining a group that came right out of Aryan Supremacism, but then, Sovereign Citizens in general are not really well known for their reasoning ability.

If you are interested, here is an article from the SPLC on the subject:
Grung_e_Gene said…
As the Dallas Police ambush shows, rightwing domestic terrorism by white conservative males is coddled and encouraged in this nation.

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