Patty Murray's Very Bad, Rotten Day

Talk about making a deal with the devil.  Patty Murray has gotten together with one of the most shameless liars in the whole Republican barnyard, Paul Ryan, to come up with a "deal" which averts another Republican tantrum to shut down the government.  Despite anything that you will be hearing about this agreement, it is very bad for Democrats and Americans.  Here's why:

1.  Paul Ryan is one more Republican front man for the rich who the press has spent years trying to build up into a serious policy maker.  All that work was, thankfully, pretty well undone as people got to know what a slimy, corrupt liar he was during the last Presidential campaign.  Now, Patty has ensured that we are going to have to endure years more nonsense from the press about what a great leader he is.  That alone is enough to turn my stomach.

2.  Nothing in years has succeeded in impressing on the American public what a bunch of disloyal, seditious crooks the Republicans are like the last attempt to "shut down." i.e. overthrow the government.  Nothing could be better for the country in the long run than to allow the Republicans' disloyal behavior to continue playing itself out, until no one can ignore the fact that they are the greatest threat in the world to the continued existence of our country.  Patty Murray has just collaborated with Paul Ryan in papering over the deep dysfunction of the Republican party, perhaps up until the 2014 election, squandering a perfect opportunity to let the Republicans parade before the nation exactly what they are up to.

Like Obama, Patty Murray seems to suffer from a total inability to recognize the true agenda of the Republicans, and she continues to play along with their charade of being a normal, loyal political party.  This refusal to face reality is the single greatest reason that Obama's Presidency has been so mixed in its results, and now the same behavior in the House is undermining any hope the Democrats have of really impressing on the American people what is really going on in this country.  But then, it's hard to convince people of the truth when you don't believe it yourself.


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