The Tantrum Continues

 As we are subjected to the ludicrous but yet disgusting spectacle of President Trump refusing to admit that he lost the election last week, it is important to remember that Trump is not lying to us; he is lying to himself.  He has lived most of his life in a world of delusion, and he refused to give this up when he became President. This latest wolrd wide humiliation of our country at his hands is totally the result of the refusal of our leaders and the press for four years, to face Trump's manifest mental instability and clear unsuitability to be President.  It is a reminder of our failure as a country to deal with the reality of a mentally ill person who managed to seize control of our government.

Thank heaven that the United States in 2020 is not the Weimar Republic in 1933.  We are going to survive this plunge into fascism.  But this time around, we had better learn our lesson about averting our eyes from madness in our leaders, or it will surely happen again.


Infidel753 said…
Seeing how much damage Trump did when he's so stupid, inept, and barely even a functional adult, one shudders to think what a more intelligent and capable fascist like Bannon could have done in the same position.
Green Eagle said…
Which is why we cannot let him go unpunished. From Nixon to Reagan to Bush 2 to Trump, we have let Republican Presidents escape any consequences for the damage they have done, and every time the result is someone worse. I am afraid of exactly what you describe- next time, they will find someone who is not so stupid and deranged as to be unable to complete the task of finishing off our country. We must put a stop to this now. They learn more every time, and next time I am afraid they will succeed.
Dave Dubya said…
Funny how we don't hear Republicans shouting "Law and order", "The Constitution!" and "This is what the Founders wanted" lately.

America is ripe for fascism, with a thin margin of voters over those who embrace abject authoritarianism.

I've had that feeling since Cheney and Bush were rewarded for war crimes in '04.
Green Eagle said…
Law and order is for suckers and losers.

After he is out of office, Trump may just discover the truth of that.

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