Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exceptionalism Rears Its Ugly Head

The human-worm hybrid Newt Gingrich speaks out:

"We need, for the first time in 80 years to replace the governing structure of the left with a governing structure that is center right and then we need, from the very first day, to implement decisively the re-establishment of an American exceptionalism"

Let's just try to pass over the crap about "center right," which in Newt's view consists of something like the government Mussolini created, combined with a dash of sharia law thrown in for good measure.  What interests me at the moment is something I mentioned a couple of months ago:  the Republicans are going to make their perverted notion of "American exceptionalism" a major issue in the 2012 election.  And by that term, what they mean is that anyone who has anything negative to say or report about the United States is a traitor.  They are going to use this jingoistic phrase in an attempt to batter down anyone who tries to deal with the causes of our problems, or even (as with health care reform) openly admits that these problems exist.  Get ready for a major amping up of the notion that Democrats hate America.  It's all they've got, and they are going to use it every chance they get.


Dave Dubya said...

This "exceptionalism" is just another variation on the fascistiic "Master Race" arrognace. "All who disagree are traitorous Jews...er...I mean Communists!"

Morally Depraved Liberal said...

Let's hope the Dems beat em to the punch.

Damn pussy John Edwards and his positive message, two Americas schtick cost us in 2004.

You're never wrong to beat hell out of the opposition. I've worked too many campaigns, local I admit, that going positive cost us the election.

Infidel753 said...

It really is all they've got. Based on the turn of public opinion against Walker in Wisconsin, a lot of people are finally noticing that the war on middle-class incomes and the unprecedented low taxes on the wealthiest are two aspects of the same phenomenon. Gutting the social safety net to allow inequality to skyrocket wouldn't be tolerated in any other developed nation. So, yes, they're going to have to start red-baiting anyone who starts connecting those dots and making such comparisons.

Green Eagle said...

Infidel, you are absolutely right. They are on the wrong side of all of the arguments, so their only option is to try to shout down the people on the other side, using their trademarked brand of pseudo-patriotic jingoism.