Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Dems are Wrong

I have seen, on a number of liberal websites in the last few days, polls showing a lot of voter unhappiness with the corrupt governors they elected in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and other States.  Everyone seems to be very excited about these poll results.

Well, sorry to bum you out, guys, but these polls mean exactly nothing.  There is only one day that voter opinions make a bit of difference, and that is election day.  Republicans spend vast amounts of money during the campaigns to sucker the American people into believing, for a few days or weeks, that it's a good idea to let Republicans run the country.  Once the election is over, the Republicans do not give one God damn about the opinions of the American people; they're too busy serving the ones who paid to put them in office.  Don't you worry, in 2012, after the expenditure of a few billion corporate dollars, Americans will suddenly remember how much they like the party that spent the last two years stabbing them in the back.


Murr Brewster said...

You are absolutely correct. But we must hold onto our slender hopes in order to keep our slashed wrists from staining the bathtub.

Green Eagle said...

Well, we have to keep working, that's for sure, or we are screwed. But it doesn't do any good to be like Obama and Harry Reid and keep pretending that the Republicans are going to play fair with the American people.

Dave Dubya said...

It has become apparent to me that the Dems actually prefer being in the minority. It enables them to evade accountability while they are able to serve their corporate masters by letting just enough of their members vote with Republcans. The party needs to purge their Right Wing element before they all become bought and paid for puppets of the Plutocrats.

mastercynic said...

I reiterate: spineless and soulless.

Suzan said...

I'm with Dave Dub.

Let the purges begin!

Thanks for the essay!


tnlib said...

"There is only one day that voter opinions make a bit of difference, and that is election day."

And that is exactly why people need to get out and vote, period.

mastercynic said...

You know, there are times I'd like to throw all the Democrats out in the street...and then, to paraphrase Henry Hathaway in Jesse James, shoot them like the dogs they are.

I'm seeing report after report on today's news about the jobs numbers, about how the economy is better than it has been in at least 4 years - but are Obama and the Democrats bombarding the public with the message of "this IS the stimulus effect?" Are they attacking the conservative motherf**kers who are trying to slash aid to the poor and middle class and throw us back into another recession, if not a full on depression?

These spineless assholes don't even know how to take credit for something good that they've done.