Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One More Sign that the Teabaggers are a Pathetic Illusion

Here's something that doesn't seem to have registered on the collective minds of our nation's "liberal" press:  Remember Glenn Beck's grand rally last fall in Washington?  This event was blessed by Fox news and countless right wing talk show hosts with months of publicity, and was healthily funded by the likes of Newt Gingrich and the Koch brothers.  After all of that, it attracted about 87,000 attendees.

Well, last Sunday, in Madison Wisconsin, a pro-labor rally with almost no funding or free publicity, and on a couple of weeks notice drew 100,000- more than Beck could muster with the whole right wing on his side.

It is time that we, and the press, stop pretending that the American right and the teabaggers represent majority opinion in this country, or even make up a significant minority.  They are a synthetic phenomenon which only has power because our miserable press chooses to give it to them.  There are still a lot more of us than them, and it's about time we start acting that way.


Morally Depraved Liberal said...

Here here. And it's time they all got out and voted.

Governor Brown is an asshole and a big reason we're fighting this joker now is because too many people stayed home on election day and let this Working American hating shithead get elected.

Green Eagle said...

Hey...Governor Brown has a Corgi. We don't take kindly to people that attack Corgi owners, since having a Corgi is an obvious sign of deep intelligence and an abiding human decency.

Disclaimer: Alright, alright, Green Eagle has a Corgi too.