Trump's True Promise

 Okay, he lied to his supporters 30,000 times in four years.  He goes on lying to them every time he opens his mouth.  And absolutely nothing seems to phase them in the least.  And here is why:

Despite all his lies, he has told the truth to them about one thing, and in the end it is all they care about:  If he comes back to power, he is going to unleash them to crush all the black people, all the Hispanics, all the foreigners, all the Asians, all the Jews, and take every single penny of value that they have.  And at this point in our history, that is the only hope that White people have.  Like some Lovecraftian family hidden away in the woods, they have willingly degenerated into a pack of subhumans that cannot compete with normal civilizations, and can only win through savagery and destruction.  Few liberals have been willing to admit that yet, but these people all know it perfectly well.  They despoiled their chance to participate in a greater world with its other inhabitants, so now their only recourse is destruction.  And let me repeat, because it bears repetition, liberals can't yet admit that about their fellow Americans, but those people sitting on their front porches out in the hinterlands, swilling their beer and oxy, know it perfectly well.  

Trump offers them their last chance to dominate what are now their betters. And despite all his lies, they know he absolutely means this one thing.  That is why they don't care that he cheats in elections, steals from children with cancer, allows a million of them to die of a largely preventable disease, sells the country out to Vladimir Putin.  They can't see any of that as a concrete threat to the dominance which they crave beyond all else, but they can see minorities and foreigners that way, particularly when one political party has spent a half a century teaching them to believe that.

And thus they will not turn their backs on him.  They are right, and we are wrong, when we ascribe their behavior to a specimen of madness.  It is a very rational decision on their part.  Of course it is also a malignant decision, the sort of decision that results in tens of millions of dead people, but they don't care.  They assume those dead people will be somewhere else, while they sit on their porches, wallowing in their stupor.


Craig said…
It is appalling indeed to see the spectacle of the truly entrenched Trump supporter. I think it is now not just minorities and foreigners, but also libs and dems who the porch swillers blame for their problems and think Trump will deal with. Perhaps libs are mostly seen as enablers of the dreaded people of color, but they have become villains in their own right.

My only solace is that the Trumpers are a minority in the general population. Yes, they dominate in some states, but not most. And sometimes issues like abortion hit so close to home that the issue can be split off as independent from their chosen messiah.

Thanks for your post, I'm just trying to avoid the millions of dead scenario.

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