Will Democrats Never Get It?

I'm not sure, judging from reactions like this comment at Daily Kos today:

"What a day for Maine Sen. Susan Collins, huh? Her colleague, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, just provided a master class in political principle, courage, and independence"

Have Democrats not learned yet that there is no such thing as a principled Republican?  And particularly not the vampire Romney, who made his fortune (the part he didn't inherit, anyway) at Bain Capital, sucking profitable companies dry of all of their resources, and then leaving literally tens of thousands of workers without jobs?

Romney voted for one article of impeachment for exactly the same reason that Susan Collins voted for witnesses, and conscience or truth had nothing to do with it.  He did it for the sole reason that Republicans didn't want the Democrats to be able to describe the craven vote to let Trump go free as a party line vote.  It was easy to give up one absolutely unnecessary vote to deny the Democrats that claim in next year's election.  Can anyone who follows politics not see that?


Linus Bern said…
I don't follow your logic.

Republicans would have liked to be able to say it wasn't a party line vote, by having a Democrat vote with them, not by having one of theirs vote with Democrats.

Their second choice would have been all Dems vote to impeach, all Republicans vote to acquit, so they could declare it a completely partisan exercise which therefore lacks legitimacy.

Why would they intentionally engineer a situation in which Trump is condemned by a bipartisan group but only defended by his own party.

I just don't see them getting a better election year talking point from Romney voting to convict.
Green Eagle said…
Now, Republicans can claim that the Democrats were knee-jerk slaves to their party, but they think Democrats can't make the same claim about Republicans. They think that will work for them, at least with their own brain dead base, and they may be right.
rbhawaii said…
I believe that Romney has his eye on the Whitehouse.
What will happen if the Republican't Liar and Thief makes a fatal (politically at least) tweet after getting triggered while sitting on the toilet at 2am?
Who can the Republican'ts put up to run?
They all have blood on their hands except Romney!
"He was brilliant!", "Only Mitt had the strength to stand up to power!"
"He's a man of integrity, he does what's right"
And on and on.
God help us!
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