A Charitable Appeal

 Anyone out there willing to make a small contribution to the Lobotomy for Joe Manchin Fund?


Burr Deming said…
In all fairness, Joe Manchin is beside himself with disappointment in his colleagues.

And he did issue a warning.

If Republicans don't begin acting honorably, the Senator may be forced to become very, very concerned.
Carol N said…
Unlike Susan Collins, who is just very concerned.
Infidel753 said…
Huh? You mean he hasn't had a lobotomy already?
Green Eagle said…
If so, he clearly needs a booster shot. Get out the knitting needles.
Tengrain said…
I think that they have to do exploratory surgery BEFORE the lobotomy.


anynameleft said…
Go for a hat trick by including Sinema and Bryer as well since they all have a serious issue with reality and cognitive dissonance.
Green Eagle said…
Tengrain, I have my sawzall ready. Just let me know when and where, and I'm ready to go in.

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