Birds of a Feather

 All end up cheating as hard as they can in the end.  You may have heard stories over the weekend that a group of Israeli parties has put together a coalition that will finally remove Israel's Donald Trump from office.  When I saw this news, my first response was to think of all the horror movies where the bad guy keeps coming back to life after you thought he is dead: I'll believe it when I see it.  Well, I'm still waiting.  From the Washington Post this morning:

"Israel’s Netanyahu fights to block opposition parties from taking power...Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies on Monday worked furiously to keep opposition parties from forming a government that would displace him from Israel's top political job for the first time in more than 12 years.

Netanyahu supporters slammed right-wing parties planning to join the broad-based coalition as “traitors,” picketed their homes and issued threats that led police to provide additional security to at least two of the targeted politicians."

Now, does that sound familiar to you?  I remind readers that Benjamin Netanyahu started his political career not in Israel, but in the United States, where he was a Republican operative.  The success of his training has shown during his entire career, but never more so than with this.  So hold on- maybe we are finally done with this abominable jerk, but don't be surprised if he still has a couple of malicious tricks left in him.


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