The Good News About the Israeli Stampede

 In which 45 ultra-Orthodox people were killed last week.

And what is the good news about that?  Not a single woman was killed! 

Why were women so fortunate?  Because no women were allowed at the event, it being a garden variety gathering of right wing religious fanatics.

The event's planners had been warned multiple times that their arrangements were unsafe and created a considerable risk of disaster, but they ignored the experts.  God bless Orthodox men for taking such good care of their women as to protect them from the danger of being trampled to death by other Orthodox men.


Now Am Found! said…
their stupid hats and curls are visible evidence of their stupidity. but their hatred of women saved a lot of lives
Green Eagle said…
It continues to amaze me that anyone could think that it is a sign of higher religious awareness to dress like someone in nineteenth century Poland.

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