Mainstream Press Turns on Ukraine- Chapter 3

 It's hopeless, don't you know?  Ukraine, just give up, already.  More today, from some jackass named Ishaan Tharoor, at the Washington Post:

"Amid talk of World War III, diplomacy is losing steam"

Says who?

"The specter of nuclear catastrophe hangs over the Russian war in Ukraine, according to Russia’s own top diplomat. Speaking on state television earlier this week, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned NATO countries against sending armaments to Ukraine, suggesting that such support was “pouring oil on the fire” and increasing the risk of confrontation between nuclear powers.

“Everyone is reciting incantations that in no case can we allow World War III,” Lavrov said, insisting that Russia in no way wanted to drift down the path of nuclear strife with what he dubbed the Western “proxy” forces battling Russian troops in Ukraine. But he added that the risk was “serious, it is real.”

Oh, I see.  The Russian foreign minister says so, while threatening "nuclear catastrophe.  Anyone else besides the Russian foreign minister?  Not as far as I can tell from this article.  Of course, eventually, Tharoor gets around to admitting:

"Both Ukrainian and Western officials have been skeptical about the Kremlin’s interest in peace talks, suspecting that they were a ruse to help Russia retool for new offensives."

No shit, Sherlock.  How about speaking the truth:  Everyone on both sides of this conflict knows that Putin's peace overtures are totally insincere, and designed to do nothing but buy time in the face of his military humiliation, and make the world's remaining meager supply of fools, including apparently the editors at the Washington Post, believe that he has any interest in anything but naked aggression.

"What is not happening is any substantive process toward a diplomatic solution. Lavrov said current prospects for a settlement were “dismal,” pinning the blame on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a lack of sincerity in negotiations."

Of course, it is Zelensky's fault, for a "lack of sincerity." Zelensky is not willing to give away a large part of his country to criminal aggression, which is not even succeeding.  Only abandoning millions of his countrymen to a dictator, apparently, could show that he was "sincere."   That has to be the most ludicrous example of projection since Donald Trump accused the Democrats of trying to steal the 2020 election. 

What is also not happening, apparently, is any commitment from the Post to stand for democracy and against tyranny.  I suspect the Post's editors have decided that the American people have no taste for making any sacrifice- even temporarily higher food and gas prices- to stop dictatorship from sweeping democracy off the face of the earth.  That is certainly what the leaders of the Republican party decided long ago, and apparently, once again, the mainstream press is thrilled to join them in their depravity.


Bohemian said…
Unfortunately in order for people to stand for Democracy and against Tyranny would require sacrifice and unity of purpose. My grim observation about our Nation right now is people couldn't even wear a Mask to save themselves and any little inconvenience to the average privileged American is met with resistance becoz we've become so collectively spoiled and egocentric to a degree it's blinded us to the Reality that what we have could be so easily lost. Shit, it was almost given away when they elected IQ45 and now we've got his Minions and Sycophants of The Cult infiltrating every level of Government. Just look at Florida and Texas to name a few States where the Lunatic Fringe is trying to shove their sick agendas down the throats of all residents. Our own State of Arizona has elected the likes of Bimbo Sinema and Dumbass Ducey... and the wet dreams Fantasy of those who cannot appreciate what Democracy has afforded them and think Totalitarian Rule would be preferable is nowhere near what the Reality would be. I think we should have shipped all the Insurrectionists and their Supporters off for a Vacay in some Banana Republic/North Korea/Vlad's Russia, to actually EXPERIENCE the horrors of Nations led by powerful Lunatics for generations. Rant over, thank you for letting me vent.
Green Eagle said…

I am most sorry to tell you that I agree with you completely. The Republican party has actually (an I mean literally) found a way to neutralize both the intellectual capacity and common decency in half of our population. I don't know where our nation goes from here, but if the Democrats don't wake up and face the real problem in the next couple of months, we are doomed.
Grung_e_Gene said…
Since Nixon was defeated Conservatives screamed on every medium they infest (radio, TV, newsprint, internet, social media) that their enemies, those they truly hate, those upon whom they wish to exact violet retribution are Liberals (and all those who enable liberalism). They will thus ally with anyone and everyone who will aid them in their quest to neutralize the Left.
Green Eagle said…
The old Arab saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Standard doctrine for a thousand years in the Arab world, and look where it has gotten them.

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