Inevitably, Mainstream Press Turns on Ukraine

And here we go, down the rabbit hole of history:

"Opinion: A negotiated peace is the only way to end Russia's war on Ukraine...There is only one answer to the war in Ukraine: a peace deal."

By........, CNN.  And no, I will not mention the name of the writer of this sick opinon piece- let the entire network take the blame for it.  

"The two-pronged US strategy, to help Ukraine overcome the Russian invasion by imposing tough sanctions and by supplying Ukraine's military with sophisticated armaments, is likely to fall short." 


According to whom?  No mention of that, or why anyone would think that.  Let me point out that if our effort does "fall short," it will be because Republicans in Congress, in collaboration with their buddy Vladimir Putin, sabotage that effort. 

"What is needed is a peace deal, which may be within reach."

Peace deal.  No comment necessary.


"Yet to reach a deal, the United States will have to compromise on NATO, something Washington has so far rejected."

All we need to do to get Putin to stop his genocide is to "compromise on NATO," i.e. stab our NATO allies in the back.  Problem solved!  Oh, did I add that's all we need to do to get Putin to stop for the immediate future?  No guarantees about what happens next year, or even next month, of course, but then, why would we not trust Putin's word?

"Putin started the war in Ukraine and has said negotiations have reached an impasse...But before the war started, Putin presented the West with a list of demands including, most notably, a halt to NATO enlargement."

Most notably, giving half of Ukraine to Russia and then waiting while Putin slaughtered civilians until he could take the rest.  Oh, and don't forget the ever-reasonable demand for the number one source of opposition to this sort of behavior from Russia to just give up.

"The US, pointedly, was not willing to engage on that point. Now would be a good time to revisit that policy."

Maybe craven capitulation to a genocidal dictator is a good idea after all.  It has worked so well in the past.

 "Putin also would have to show a willingness to make concessions for negotiations to succeed."

Which will happen any day now.

"America's arms-and-sanctions approach may sound convincing in the echo chamber of US public opinion, but it doesn't really work on the global stage."

Except that it is working, far better than even many of its supporters ever thought it would.  So time to join the Republicans and just lie about it, rather than have a Democratic administration succeed.

"It enjoys little support outside of the United States and Europe, and eventually may face a political backlash inside the US and Europe as well."

In fact, it enjoys tremendous support around the world:

"During its 11th Emergency Special Session, 193 Member States adopted a resolution – drafted by Ukraine and 90 co-sponsors entitled Humanitarian consequences of the aggression against Ukraine – with 140 votes in favour, five against – Russia, Syria, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (more commonly known as North Korea), Eritrea and Belarus"

And note that this policy "eventually may face a political backlash inside the US and Europe as well."  Not that there is the slightest evidence of that, except for the "inside the US part," where Republicans will unquestionably attempt to destroy anything that makes Biden look good, even when it involves betraying our country to a foreign dictator, something which Republican leaders are fine with.


"To anyone familiar with the Russian war effort and the horror it has unleashed on civilians, it may seem obvious that Russia would be relegated to pariah status globally. But that's not the case"

So, because we haven't won 100% victory in a month, we should give up.  What follows is several hundred words of craven capitulationism, which I won't bother to repeat.  We'll take up this abominable article here:

"In short, many countries, certainly including China, will not back global pressures on Russia that could lead to NATO expansion. The rest of the world wants peace, not a victory by the United States or NATO in a proxy war with Russia."

Please note that, in this context, "the rest of the world" seems to include China, North Korea and Syria, and not much else.  If we are going to give a veto power on our foreign policy to those three countries, we might as well give up and bring Donald Trump back and get the whole Democracy is better than Dictatorship thing over with already.

"The key step is for the US, NATO allies and Ukraine to make clear that NATO will not enlarge into Ukraine as long as Russia stops the war and leaves Ukraine. The countries aligned with Putin, and those choosing neither side, would then say to Putin that since he has stopped NATO's enlargement, it's now time for Russia to leave the battlefield and return home."

Sort of makes you laugh.  The key step is for NATO to give Putin exactly what he wants, in return for a promise to leave Ukraine, which Putin will never do, if Ukraine includes the breakaway areas and Crimea.  And if it doesn't include that, Putin is not leaving Ukraine, which he has no intention of doing.  So, we are to abandon Ukraine for a promise from a dictator.  We know how that has worked out in the past, but hey, why not try it again?  And I hope you will admire my restraint in not posting that picture of Chamberlain again.

Let me be clear.  For a month, Putin's behavior has been so abominable that it has been impossible for the Republican party and their lackeys in the "liberal" press to press on with their real goal- destroying the Biden Presidency, regardless of the outrages that result.  Well, apparently, these people now feel that they have covered their asses, and can return to their long term program of reducing our government to permanent one party Republican rule.  You can expect to see more and more of them emerging from their bunkers to take up Vladimir Putin's side in the Ukraine struggle, rather than give Biden a shred of credit for the superb job he has done of creating a united front against Russian aggression.


Infidel753 said…
I read this piece of garbage on CNN's website and almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. It's a blatant call to repeat the appeasement policies of the 1930s that made World War II inevitable.

The writer didn't seem to make it clear whether his call to stop NATO expansion meant barring Sweden and Finland from joining, but it's hard to see what else it could mean, since membership for Ukraine isn't on the table at this point.

many countries, certainly including China, will not back global pressures on Russia

I'm sure Tojo's Japan wouldn't have supported putting pressure on Nazi Germany either. Birds of a feather. China opposes penalizing Russia for invading Ukraine, because it wants to invade Taiwan at some point.

giving half of Ukraine to Russia and then waiting while Putin slaughtered civilians until he could take the rest

Yes, this is pretty much what happened in 1938 with the Sudetenland and the rest of Czechoslovakia. It just convinced Hitler that he could do whatever he wanted because the democracies would never stand up to him, and the effect would be the same today.
Green Eagle said…
My sentiments exactly, Infidel. I was stunned to see CNN turning so completely on both Biden and our country. I'm afraid it is only a harbinger of what is to come. With the entire mainstream press, from CNN to the right, willing to sing their tune, it will be a frighteningly short time until Republicans abandon their pretense of the last month, of caring about Ukranian lives, and openly join with Putin. It's still hard for me to believe that half the country could join in on this atrocity. And as for the Sudetenland, of course that is why I posted that photo. I did not stoop to explaining what the photo represented, because anyone who doesn't understand it already has lost their human decency and wouldn't care anyway.

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