Ladies, It's Not About You

If you have ever heard the phrase "banality of evil" and wondered what it means, here is its face.

Many people on the left have been justly concerned about an impending "ruling" by a Trump appointed, Federalist Society groomed "judge," Matthew J. Kacsmaryk, in a case where he has a chance to decide, in his infinite wisdom and knowledge, that the 20 year old CDC decision approving, on the scientific evidence, of the drug mifepristone, the most common abortion pill, was "wrongly" decided, and banning this drug from the United States.  

Let us be clear here.  This guy is an ignorant cracker who is about to put his will above all the scientific evidence on which the pill was approved, and the twenty year history of its safe use.  He was placed on the bench exactly to make decisions like this, and has become a go-to judge for hardcore right wingers, who are able to file cases in his district, where he is the only Federal judge.  

In all of the voluminous discussion about this case, it has been assumed by all sides that this is part of the Republican assault on women's rights.  Nobody has suggested otherwise, but this conventional wisdom is false.  

Let's be clear about this: is there anyone out there who thinks that Donald Trump, or Mitch McConnell, or Ted Cruz, or virtually any other Republican leader, gives a God damn about abortion, except as a palliative to their voters?  Does anyone really think that the Federalist Society, which is paid tens of millions of dollars by sociopathic billionaires to serve as a conduit onto the Federal courts, cares about abortion, or "wokeness," or any other right wing social issue?  Do they think these billionaires have spent decades paying to place judges in the courts to push Evangelical Christianity?  Come on, nobody could really believe that.

In fact, this case is about something far more dangerous than the specific womens' rights issue involved here:  It is about the power of corrupt, criminal judges to overturn the entire regulatory structure of our government; in essence to destroy its ability to place any regulation on the rich and their businesses.  This is the holy grail that people like the Kochs and the Waltons and the Mercers have been seeking forever, and it may well be within their reach: a society in which nothing can interfere with the hungers of the rich.  

And I want to emphasize the word "corrupt" here.  Issues like this are so often couched in terms of liberals versus conservatives.  This is completely wrong.  We are faced today with a battle of honest judges versus corrupt ones: judges who will fabricate any fictitious grounds to rule in favor of their rich masters, and who may well end up destroying the ability of virtually every American to survive, in order to unleash the unbridled greed and cruelty of a handful of rich sociopaths, who have conspired with Republican politicians for decades to pollute our judiciary with their presence.

I need hardly point out the success that Republicans have had in polluting our judiciary up to the highest levels:  for decades now, we have seen a series of utterly dishonest decisions like Bush v. Gore or Citizens United or Heller v. District of Columbia, which are contrary to reason, legal precedent and simple human decency, and yet there is nothing that can be done about it.  There is no sign that this perversion, which has resulted in our elected government being polluted by totally open bribery, will stop until the ultimate right wing goal is reached.  And if you have any doubt about what that is, take a look at Germany in 1933.


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